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Склад летающих тарелок13 February 1992, nearly 45 people went to the police with the statement that they have observed a strange object the size of a soccer ball (according to other witnesses, with the car), hovering at an altitude of 900 meters in the air somewhere between the towns Aldrich and Sutton Coldfield in the UK.

on 17 February the same year old resident of London, walk the dog in the Chelsea area, saw in the air cigar-shaped object, which then fell, rose and changing its shape.

In November 1989, the Briton, whose name is not disclosed, told about the meeting with a man who presented himself as a stranger from another planet. A fair-haired man with a Scandinavian accent explained that the conversation with the dugout very important for establishing contacts between different civilizations. The frightened woman ran away, when suddenly I heard the noise of engines and saw a large spherical design, which, with colored lights, soared into the sky.

The above three reports about the encounters with UFOs, randomly selected from thousands of testimonies that were administered by the British Ministry of defence. Once all of these documents were classified, but gradually military eliminate their neck and transfer to the National archives of the UK. On Saturday, March 21, the archive was awarded the third series of the securities. Seven voluminous pdf files contain a enormous amount of information about UFOs, collected in the period from 1987 to 1993.

The project on a full transfer of all the documents relating to the unidentified flying objects, National archive was launched in 2008. The defense Ministry expects to digitize and transmit to archive all remaining kilograms of relevant securities by 2010. In a message on the website of the National archives, notes that one of the goals of the project is to satisfy the public interest in UFOs. The military itself the interest to "flying saucers"seems to have disappeared long ago.

Numerous conspiracy theories suggest that the authorities are deliberately kept hidden from the public the information about the aliens. Adherents of the most radical of them are convinced that the governments of all countries of the world long run planet with aliens from other worlds. It is possible that it is so. But there is another point of view.

On the website of the National archives together with the documents of the Ministry of defence laid memo, written by historian and journalist David Clarke (David Clarke)who specializes in the study of evidence on UFO sightings. In the memo Clark describes a brief history of the study of unidentified flying objects in the UK and partly in other countries. The given information suggests that the government is engaged in this question not from a desire to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. The reason for increased attention to the strange lights in the sky is quite the earth.

All identified

Unidentified flying objects were first permanent topic for discussion in the UK in the early XX century. Before the First world war in the world grew increasingly tense, and the British authorities feared that the Germans can spy on their strategic objects using airships or other aircraft. Therefore, the reporting of any suspicious objects in the sky are thoroughly documented by the military. However, in 1916 the Ministry of land forces has released a report which said that the emergence of 89% of observed objects due to natural causes: bright planet, falling meteorites, the rays of searchlights. Spying foggy Albion enemy vehicles were found.

During the Second world war UFO began to notice more often, and the military has again engaged in the analysis of the received data about them. Especially with the growth of technical equipment of the parties to the probability of the launch aircraft spyware or attack aircraft has increased markedly. To create these devices theoretically could not only Germany, but also the Soviet Union. The special concern of the British Ministry of defense has sparked rumors of a ghostly missiles seen over Scandinavia. However, in the Ministry were skeptics who claimed that a mysterious objects is only meteorites, and rockets exist only in the imagination of people, frightened by the prospect of Soviet expansion.

In 1946 for the first time there were messages "flying saucers". And the first of them noticed the us military. It "plates" leaked to the press and attracted the attention of the public - scientific and non-scientific. Under the influence especially impressionable officials in the Ministry created a special Department that occupies exclusively "flying saucers". In 1951, the employees of the Department have come to conclusion, that dishes" does not exist. All noticed eyewitnesses of unidentified flying objects were bright astronomical objects, the result of an unusual incidence of light or disordered state of mind, if not fakes. Further study of the phenomenon "flying saucers" was considered impractical.

However, in 1951, the number of reports of UFO became avalanche-like increase in addition, "a plate" spotted the radar of the U.S. military. Their British colleagues found that the situation was much more serious, and ordered now classify all of UFO reports, and send them directly to the people of the specially established Department of the air force. Almost any documents about UFOs received from 1953 to 1956, has not survived. However, in 1955 the Minister of the air force issued a report made on the basis of these messages. The main conclusion of the report was the same as several years ago, 90 percent of the strange phenomena have a rational explanation. The remaining 10 have no explanation due to lack of information.

Last hope

And yet it is because of these 10 percent of the British Ministry continued to collect information about UFOs. The ratio between the explained and unexplained objects remained approximately the same - 90 to 10. Gradually the interest to eyewitnesses about the unusual lights and especially strangers claiming aliens, began to fade. The degree of secrecy of the relevant documents has decreased, and so, in the end, they decided to make public.

Despite such a prosaic explanation to the generosity of the military, which opened its archives, Amateur unknown got a great opportunity to delve into the reports of mysterious events. Most likely, they will find plenty of evidence that aliens exist. But it is even more interesting.

Irina Akulenko
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