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И снова шторм на Сатурне..The Jet propulsion laboratory NASA presented the confirmation of the next storm on Saturn.
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На Титане имеется свой НилAnother surprise for the participants of the project "Cassini" was presented to Titan. On this moon of Saturn detected river valley, very similar to the direction of the earth Nile river, only in miniature. It stretches for 400 kilometers from its source to the sea Kraken. This is the first major river system, found in space. Moreover, it managed to capture high resolution.
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Меркурий в прошлом мог стать объектом столкновения с астероидомAstronomers believe that the planet mercury in the past could become the object of a collision with an asteroid, which affected the orbit motion of this planet. According to astronomers, now the orbit of mercury is atypical and to explain its movement can only any unusual factors.
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На Титане обнаружен аналог НилаThe project staff Cassini saw miniature extraterrestrial a copy of the Nile river valley on Titan, a moon of Saturn, which stretches more than 400 km from the "sources" to the great sea. For the first time on a celestial body found such a large river system. Besides sealed with unprecedented resolution.
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Вулканы не дают Венере спокойно спатьFor six years, between 2006 and 2012, the spacecraft "Venus-Express" (Venus Express ESA) found large changes in the content of sulfur dioxide in an extremely turbulent atmosphere of this planet. These variations in the chemical composition can have only one very intriguing explanation - on Venus from time to time occur volcanic eruptions.
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«Кассини» рассмотрел резкую перемену в атмосфере ТитанаData spacecraft Cassini linked seasonal shift in sunlight with a full change (and unexpected heights) circulation of the atmosphere of the moon of Saturn the Titan: at the South pole on change to a recent upwelling came lowering of air masses. Thus the key to circulation of the atmosphere of Titan was it the sunlight, underlines the study's lead author Nick Tenby from Bristol University (UK).
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У Плутона мощная атмосфераAs shown by a new simulation of the upper atmosphere of Pluto, it goes so far from the planet that some stray molecules can fly even to Charon. The thickness of the atmosphere dwarf planet estimated at approximately 10 390 km, that is about 4.5 diameter of Pluto, which covers the distance to Charon more than half.
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Всё о планете МакемакеThe size of the dwarf planet, makemake are carved on rocks is not more than two third of the size of Pluto. Also, scientists assumed that it has the same atmosphere as Pluto, but after researching new data became clear that this opinion is erroneous.
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Космическая "Илиада" на задворках ЮпитераRecently specialists from NASA conducted in-depth study of asteroids, doing libration in the vicinity of their Lagrange points, near Jupiter. They are traditionally referred to as "Trojan" and "the Greeks". The results were interesting: first, scientists have discovered more asteroids than expected, and secondly, defined their composition.
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Астрономы обнаружили странную активность на ПлутонеAstronomers have discovered a strange activity on Pluto Specialists of the American space Agency using orbital telescope "Hubble" managed to register on the surface of Pluto strange activity.
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Луна не нашаMany years have passed since that day, as astronaut Neil Armstrong saw on the moon alien ships. And although later he did was justified in saying that he was misunderstood, but the word is not a Sparrow...
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Гигантов в Солнечной системе было больше?In the Solar system's four gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune), which, according to scientists, there used to be much closer to the Sun than it is now. David Nesvorny from Southwest research Institute (USA) and Alessandro Morbidelli from the Observatory of the Cote d'azur (France) believe that the giants were more than five or six.
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В Солнечной системе, вероятно, был ещё один газовый гигантNow the basic theory of the evolution of the Solar system is a model of nice. It is expected that after the dispersion of the original protoplanetary disk four giants - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune turned on nearly circular orbits at a distance of 5.5-17. that is from the Sun, and not in 5-30 as now. Beyond the orbit extreme of these planets were large dense disk of stone and ice planetesimals. And he stretched up to 35. that is from the Sun, beyond the current orbit of Neptune.
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На Титане нашли гору, напоминающую английскую пасхальную булочкуSpace probe "Cassini" transferred to Earth image of the moon of Saturn the Titan, which, in addition to the coastline of ancient seas, viewed education almost perfectly round shape, resembling in appearance giant Easter bun (hot cross bun). According to scientists, on Titan processes, analogous to the baking of these products from the test.
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На Титане обнаружена пасхальная булочкаRadar images taken by the spacecraft Cassini, have revealed new oddities on the surface of the mysterious Titan, a moon of Saturn, including almost all education, which resembles a giant Easter bun (hot cross bun), and the coastline of ancient seas.
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