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Всё о планете МакемакеThe size of the dwarf planet, makemake are carved on rocks is not more than two third of the size of Pluto. Also, scientists assumed that it has the same atmosphere as Pluto, but after researching new data became clear that this opinion is erroneous.

A group of astronomers to study dwarf planet used three telescope, located in Chile. It should be noted that the makemake are carved on rocks is farther from the Sun than Pluto, but much closer than Eris. In recent studies it was found that the planet has no significant atmosphere. Also, scientists were able to determine the amount of light reflected from the surface. Albedo amounted to about 0.77. Such conclusions were made by astronomers because of the passage of the planet in front of the star, causing a blackout. It is these phenomena give an opportunity for the scientists to do research and get more detailed information about the bodies in the solar system.

The head of the group of astronomers says that Pluto, Eris, makemake are carved on rocks are one of the many examples of the location of icy bodies away from the Sun. Recent studies are, in his words, the big breakthrough in the study of this phenomenon.

The makemake are carved on rocks (136472 Makemake catalog CIP) - the third largest dwarf planet in the Solar system. Refers to transneptunian objects, plutoids. Is the largest of the known classical objects of the Kuiper belt.


Although the makemake are carved on rocks is quite bright subject and could be open much earlier, for many reasons this did not happen. In particular, discover a TRANS-Neptunian object when you search for asteroids and comets is unlikely, because the speed IDT against the stars is extremely small. But makemake are carved on rocks for a long time couldn't find anything in the search of Pluto in 1930, when neither specialized search IDT, which began in the 1990s as searches of the small planets are mainly relatively close to the Ecliptic, that the probability of discovering new objects in this area maximum. But makemake are carved on rocks has a great mood at the moment of its opening, it was high above the Ecliptic, in the constellation coma.


The makemake are carved on rocks was opened by a group of American astronomers. It consisted of: Michael brown (California Institute of technology), David Rabinowitz (Yale University) and Chadwick Trujillo (Gemini Observatory). The group used the 122-cm telescope named Samuel Osina with 112-CCD, which is located at the Palomar Observatory, and a special program to search for moving objects in images.

The makemake are carved on rocks was first noted on 31 March 2005 at the photo taken at 6:22 UTC of the same day with a telescope named Samuel Osina. At the moment of opening in March 2005 he was in opposition in the constellation coma and had a magnitude of 16.7 (compared with 15 in Pluto). Later the object was found on the photos made in early 2003. Application for opening was officially published on July 29, 2005, simultaneously with the application about the opening of the declared about opening another dwarf planet Eris (.

Всё о планете Макемаке

The orbit of makemake are carved on rocks (blue), Haumea (green), associated with the orbit of Pluto (red) and the Ecliptic (grey). Perihelion (q) and aphelion (Q) marked with the date of passing. The position of the planets in April 2006 marked areas showing the relative size and the difference in albedo and color

Всё о планете Макемаке

Picture of makemake are carved on rocks, made on November 26, 2009 through 61-centimeter telescope (magnitude 16,9m)
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