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И снова шторм на Сатурне..The Jet propulsion laboratory NASA presented the confirmation of the next storm on Saturn.

It is good that we are now on Earth, not somewhere far on Saturn, because the weather there now are not new year. In the Northern hemisphere this huge planet, which is a gas giant, again great storm is raging. In support of this American researchers have provided us with a black and white photograph taken with a wide-angle camera spacecraft Cassini when using srednetemperaturnogo filter.

This photo was taken on Monday 24 December and transmitted to Earth at the Jet propulsion Laboratory on Wednesday. Well, today to contemplate it and we can.

We remind you that Saturn is a gaseous planet, which has no solid surface with Equatorial radius is equal to 60 300 kilometers. The mass of this planet and 95 times the mass of the Earth.

The upper layers of the atmosphere of Saturn are composed on 96,3 % of hydrogen and 3.25 % from helium. Found here and mixtures of methane, ammonia, phosphine, ethane and several other gases. The ammonia clouds in the upper part of the atmosphere is more powerful jupiterians. Clouds lower part of the atmosphere consists of ammonium hydrosulfide (NH4SH) or water.

Since 2004 on the orbit of Saturn is an American probe Cassini, who has been researching this sixth farthest planet from the Sun. This automatic interplanetary station worth more than three billion dollars not only studying Saturn and makes his pictures, but also its moons and rings.
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