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Ледяной терминатор живет на ВенереVenus is traditionally considered to be "hot" planet, because it has the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and the hot surface. However, recently space probe Venus Express has revealed in the upper layers of the Venusian atmosphere is an area where the temperature is from -175 to -73 degrees Celsius. This is very strange, because Venus is much closer to the Sun than Earth.
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Роскосмос объявил об изучении спутника Юпитера и мониторинге астероидаIts grandiose plans shared with journalists "Roskosmos". Representatives of this organization said that by 2022 they are going to launch the spacecraft in a relatively deep space, namely to Jupiter. More precisely, not back to Jupiter, and one of these called Galilean satellites, Ganymede. The head of Roscosmos told that the spacecraft will descend to the surface of Jupiter's moon, and the other space probe will set the beacon on the asteroid Apophis. This asteroid has a high probability of threat to Earth, but because the Federal space Agency wants to monitor its status.
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Если на Европе и есть океан, то очень глубокоThe machines that go explore the huge subsurface ocean, possibly existing on Jupiter's moon Europe will have to drill very, very deeply.
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Спутники Урана решили выяснить отношенияThe discovery of new satellites orbiting Uranus, forced scientists to return to the study of old problems. They try to understand whether the system of this gas giant stable - and how likely collision with each other. What can happen as a result of such a cosmic accident? There are a number of alternative versions.
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На орбите Урана может пролиться кровьWhen Cupid and Belinda will meet, on the stage there will be more dead bodies than in the final of "hamlet". And they will meet, in this case the researchers of the orbit of Uranus no doubt.
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Юпитер превратится в раскаленный адGas giant Jupiter is not among the hottest of the planets of the Solar system. However, in a few billion years, the picture could change dramatically, American astrophysicists believe the Nikko Madhusudhan and David Spiegel. Jupiter close to the Sun and heated up to enormous temperatures. However, the Land that time, most likely, will disappear.
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Луна токсична?Those short stroll on our only natural satellite, which was carried out by the astronauts during human lunar expeditions lasted no longer than two to three days. Effects of prolonged exposure lunar conditions on the people still have not been studied in depth, and it is possible that in fact the Moon can be toxic to people.
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Tireless space telescope Hubble discovered the fifth moon of Pluto, which was designated as P5, according to NASA. She's just a crumb - diameter P5 is from 15 to 24 kilometers.

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Океан на Титане больше земного?Sometimes our blue planet Earth called the ocean. But this name corresponds more interesting enough Saturn's moon Titan. It was water covering the surface of the boundless ocean. Perhaps it is there now under the orange atmosphere and under thick ice crust, in the depths of the cold waters emerging life?
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Проект 'Юнона' выяснит наличие воды на ЮпитереWater - the cradle of life. Its properties are striking biologists and biophysicists, and their study is rapidly developing in our time. But for the average person consumption of water is urgently needed. Therefore, in the study of planets and small bodies in the Solar system, scientists are primarily interested in: there is very necessary for life stuff?
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Южный полюс Луны оказался безводнымThe planetary community from the USA studied the bottom of the large crater Salton at the South pole of the moon by using tools of automatic station LRO, and found that water reserves, the existence of which was pointing to data from terrestrial telescopes and space probes, according to a paper published in the journal Nature.
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Туристов отправят к Луне в старых шпионских капсулах.Полететь к спутнику Земли можно будет уже в 2015 годуTourist flights to the moon intends to organize by 2015 British company Excalibur Almaz. The price of the journey to the Earth's $150 million. To deliver tourists will be old Soviet station intended for espionage, writes The Daily Mail.
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Луна хоть и не магнит, но примагничивает...Recently it was discovered that the Moon also have magnetic properties. Data obtained with robotic probes, told the researchers that the solar wind flows around the moon and interacts with it completely wrong, as with Land, because she, unlike our planet, does not have its own magnetic field. But it absolutely will not stop...
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Частный корабль собирается изучать внутренности спутника ЮпитераPrivate space company swung at interplanetary flights. The author of another audacious project wants to scrape the Jupiter's moon Europe. Specialists told the details of the mission. and also explained why choose such a clever way perforation ice shield and what do you get if you act in a more effective way.
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