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Апокалипсис много тысяч лет назад. Геофизика конца света!Whether after the earthquake to receive the "pillar of fire, veiled by a cloud, sea of burning brimstone, and how to go toxic hail, causing people ulcers, poison the water, giving them a taste of wormwood?

Those who have read "the Apocalypse" (one of the works included in the Bible and written according to the tradition of the Apostle John the Theologian), it is easy to guess that we are talking about the characteristic signs of a global catastrophe, which supposedly will mark the end of the world and will forerun the second coming of the Savior.

There is a stable version that "the Revelation of John" (as it is also called "Apocalypse") - not imagination that they describe real events that have ever occurred in the past. For example, the American Bible Expositor AP-Lam Barkley came to the conclusion that the prototype of the Apocalypse was the eruption of Vesuvius in August 79 ad or volcanic activity Santorini, which in 196 BC emerged island PA-Laya Causeni. However, do not find explanations fiery angels burning sea...

Means to search the prototype of the Apocalypse need among catastrophes of a special kind. What was it?

Geophysics know that earthquake, the epicentre of which falls on the shelf (continental Bank), accompanied by landslides and collapsing strata of sedimentary rocks. And they contain flammable gases - methane and hydrogen sulphide. The slightest spark-and in its exit place above the sea rises flame. Heated moist air flows over the torch to meet with top colder layers of the atmosphere, water condenses. So we see "the pillar of fire, clothed with a cloud".

Burning hydrogen sulphide. Apply suffocating smell of sulphur ("angel overthrew the censer"). But the paralytic gas and also a very strong hallucinogen. People poisoned by hydrogen sulfide, increasing physical activity, and at high concentrations is paralysis of the respiratory organs.

At combustion of hydrogen sulfide is obtained di\oxide sulfur. The same, combines with water, it forms sulfuric acid. So, over the torch accumulate pair of sulfuric acid!

From the sulfuric acid clouds poured out "the Cup of God's wrath". And, of course, water poisoned with sulfuric acid, become "wormwood". It is clear why the comet, which predicted the Apocalypse, called Wormwood star...

It may be objected that wormwood bitter taste, not sour, but this should be considered the conformity of language books. "Wormwood bitter," is the standard biblical expression, has many meanings. To call the water sagebrush means in this case that it was poisoned.

Let us dwell on the description of turning angels ox sea in the blood. How can you interpret it?

If hydrogen sulphide comes to the surface is not enough that it was a fire, I can feel only bad smell and the water turns red. This color give it rapidly breeding species of phytoplankton. The sea became blood, covered with dead bodies of fish, the decomposition of biomass and water even stronger poisoned released during this hydrogen sulfide. ("Red tide" is often in the coastal areas of Peru, as well as at Cape Wal-fish Bay in Namibia.)

Poisoned by hydrogen sulfide and the Red sea, even to a greater extent than our Black. That is why in the old Testament God was in the habit of" down to earth on mount Zion, near the red sea coast. The descent is usually accompanied by an earthquake - "the Earth is utterly broken, the earth is falling apart, the earth is badly shaken. Unsteady Ground like a drunkard and swings like a cradle, and the iniquity of her drawn on it" - and by the combustion of sulfur-"...and I will rain upon him, and upon the many peoples that are with him, vsepotoplyayuschy rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone".

If you rely on the biblical text (remember - hailstones, fire), you might think that this mountain is the volcano. However, neither Zion, nor any other mountain in the Arabian Peninsula was not active volcano at least several million years.

Apocalypse in the Black sea and the fate of Mithradates VI Eupator

So, we came to the conclusion that in the "Apocalypse" described the catastrophe of a special kind-hydrosulphuric. But what when it provoked? I think you should pay attention to uskolzauschuu previously out of sight scientists earthquake in the Black sea area.

John the Theologian could not hear about this disaster (it is dated 63 BC), which became one of the causes of the decline of the Pontic state, at that time not less powerful than Rome. After all, the Theologian - resident Asia Minor. This follows from the fact that the Church, which he sends the manuscript of the Apocalypse, are in the Asia minor cities - Smyrna, Ephesus, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Lodi-Chia. Previously, the Peninsula was part of the Pontic state, and he took the above cities.

The Pontic Kingdom is not defeated famous Roman generals - sulla, Lukull and even Pompeii. The head of it stood Mithridates VI Eupator, who conquered

Bosporan Kingdom and other black sea area, constantly threatened by the invasion of Greece and Rome. A quarter of a century, with small intervals, were Mitridat wars. On the Eastern borders of Rome was milled best legions of the Empire. And here at last, the third, the war of Pompeii were victorious in the battle of Nicopolis, not far from amasium - the capital of the Kingdom of Pontus.

Is 65 year B.C. Before the earthquake left at least two years. On the background of any other event which it occurred.

After the battle of Nicopolis has not yet defeated and became more cautious Mithridates retreat on the Eastern shore of the Black sea. He lures Pompey on the territory of the Armenian Kingdom. Pompey have to overcome a mountain, he loses strength in battle with the Armenian king Tigran and in constant skirmishes with the mountaineers. Tactics of Mithridates turns out to be true. Pompey are in retreat, and then, leaving hope to catch you Mithridates, is sent to conquer Judah.

What happens next? Mithridates, taking advantage of the respite, is in the Bosporan Kingdom is the capital of Panticapaeum (it was situated on the place of modern Kerch), overthrows the throne of his son koyomi is given the task, which declared independence from the father forces him to commit suicide. Now Mithridates collects forces for the invasion of the Roman Empire. He 36 thousand soldiers choicest troops, trained by Roman model, he enters into a Union with the Scythians, he is sure that during the campaign will join Celtic will come-niskie tribes that hate the Romans.

The threat is serious, given that frayed troops of Pompey are somewhere in Judea and Rome can oppose Mithridates only hastily collected and paleobotany legions militias. The Senate sends the message to Pompey, trying to force him to stand in the way of Mithridates, but Pompeii is trapped in a rich and defenseless Judah.

So what prevented the Mithridates to fulfill his plan and may be extended the life of the Roman state for many centuries? Historians say the uprising, first in Fanagoria, on the opposite shore of the Kerch Strait, and then right in Pantikapeum. The reason, according to them, was exorbitant military extortion and brutality of Mithradates. But what had happened the day before the earthquake usually is not even mentioned, as if it has no relation to the case.

It is impossible to agree with such estimates. I think that prevented the Mithridates it is the earthquake. Geological evidence suggests that it was the largest earthquake, power not less than 9 points. Cities of the Bosporan Kingdom were only partially, others completely destroyed. Archaeological excavations have shown that in Panticapaeum after the earthquake was newly built buildings, and made alterations terraces on the slopes of mount Mitridat. It is quite possible, and was "mos" disaster, the extent of which is difficult to recover.

And, mind you, it happened earthquake during the festivities in honor of Demeter goddess of earth and fertility! The mention of this is in "Semicycle" Paul Arose, historian of the fifth century. "At that time, as Mithridates celebrated in the Bosporus and the feast of Demeter, suddenly there was such a strong earthquake that, they say, followed him great distress to towns and fields. Fantastic coincidence! Note the religious, the mentality of the time. You can imagine how Mithridates (he is a king, and therefore the chief priest), demonstrating blagochestivaya, when the people offered sacrifices De-meter, prays, probably, the goddess that she helped him in the future campaign. And suddenly... Naturally, the inhabitants of the Bosporan Kingdom decided, Lemaitre angry with Mithridates Gods on the side of Rome! Rise Fanagoria, Panticapaeum. Mithridates will fortune of his soldiers. It gives even the son of Parnach - on-Lednik and associate of Tsar, he moves to the side of the rebels. What remains Mitridat? He asks his son to save his life, but he knows that please him in vain, and commits suicide...

Environmental mos Apocalypse"

And today, as two thousand years ago, predictions "Apocalypse" facing the future. Due to the fact that the threat of ecological disaster is becoming more real, they get an unexpected poignancy. Part of the environment can be a disaster mos.

The ability paid little attention, considered less dangerous than, for example, the depletion of the ozone shield or global warming associated with the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the planet...

3.5 - 3.7 billion years ago (the early Precambrian) servedrodnye zone covered the entire World ocean. As the Earth's atmosphere was saturated with oxygen decreased. The penetration of atmospheric oxygen in the water of the oceans intensified the activities of bacteria in an oxygen-enriched water oxidized sulfide. This process continued for hundreds of millions of years.

Nowadays the situation is changing. Global pollution, poisoning of the waters of rivers and seas waste promyshlennosti and agriculture lead to the fact that the hydrogen sulfide zone already went on the offensive., still slow but noticeable. Celebrated their expansion in the Black sea near Odessa, which led to the death fisheries, was observed in the output of sulfide off the coast of Bulgaria on the Golden Sands. The cause of the pernicious phenomenon of the decline in sea water of oxygen In water polluted by industrial wastes are dying algae and plankton - the main suppliers of the life-giving gas

Many scientists believe that in the next hundred years will be poisoned by hydrogen sulfide entire World ocean, if humanity continues at the same pace contaminate the environment if more will be spent oxygen at thermal power plants and other industrial facilities.

I would not like to think that we will see an "mos Apocalypse". But the events now are developed not for the better.

Our ancestors considered: when the gods are angry, they send a natural disaster because people are sinful, depart from the rules of religious morality. Now we act as a vengeful deity, own hands pushed nature to environmental Apocalypse. And they play the role of victims.
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