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Спальня – самое аллергенное место в доме!British scientists say that in his own bedroom we "sleeping with the enemy" in the literal sense of the word: in our bed full of potential instigators of allergic reactions.

Experts from the National charitable organization "Allergy UK (Allergy UK) argue that 77% of all Allergy sufferers experience the symptoms of an allergic reaction in the bedroom. And 41% of patients with Allergy report that symptoms significantly worsen as soon as they tread on the threshold of my bedroom. Experts want to help such people to learn to manage triggers of allergies to thus reduce the frequency of attacks.

They claim that most of the problems caused by the house dust mite: 92% of people respond just on the trigger. And when you consider that the average person spends 52, 5 hours a week in the bedroom, people literally sleeping with the enemy!

Bedroom is the most allergenic room in the house, simply because they did teeming dust mite. The fact that the bedroom is the most dead cells of our skin that is flaky, falls down and settles on the carpets, cover the floor. House dust mite is being kind Dermatophagoides, whose members primarily feed on such biological material. In addition to such "diets" dust mite needs in heat and humidity - and that it provide mattresses and pillows. Thus, the main causative agent of allergic reactions gets in the bedroom ideal habitat.
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