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Вся правда о "лице" следующего года. О змеяхSnakes are very secretive creatures around them so many different myths. Many believe that poisonous snakes much more, but in fact it is exactly the opposite. About 2800 known scientists snakes are absolutely harmless for the human health. 1200 species have venom that can be dangerous for human health.

Most people believe that snakes attack first, but few people pay attention to the fact that before the attack snakes take pose threats", thus preventing the aggressor about the possibility of an attack. Thus, snakes do not attack first, and their aggressive behavior is only a defensive reaction to external stimuli.

Also there is a myth that snakes pursue its potential victim. In fact it is not, because "pose threats", etc. is a way to scare the enemy. Only some members of the species that guard the laying of eggs, can some time to pursue the person. There is an assumption that the more poisonous snake, so it is more dangerous. This opinion is wrong because most effect on the human body depends on the quantity of the poison, and not on its toxicity.
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