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Параллельные миры и как туда попастьThere is a view that the mystery of the alternative of being associated with a certain "fifth dimension". Allegedly, besides the three space dimensions and "the fourth dimension" - time there is one. Opening it, people will supposedly be able to travel between parallel worlds. However, head of the sector of interdisciplinary problems of scientific-technical development of the Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences doctor of philosophical Sciences Vladimir Arshinov am sure that today we can talk about a much larger number of dimensions: "is Already known about the model of our world, which contains 11, 26 and even 267 measurements. They do not see, and folded in a special way. However, they are present around us".

In a multidimensional space, according to the scientist, the possible things that seem incredible. Vladimir Arshinov believes that other worlds can be anything: "Options are endless. For example, one of them can be a Wonderland, as in a fairy tale about Alice. The fact is that in our world the truth, there is a lie. But this is perhaps the easiest option".

However, people are most interested in whether you "feel"of, to see these parallel worlds. "If you accept the existence of a reality mirrored us measurements, - says Vladimir Arshinov, - it turns out that, once there, you can, without any special effort, to move in space and time. It's worth going back to our world, and we will deal with the effect of the real time machines". To better understand this, you as an analogy to take a ballistic missile launch. They can not travel great distances in the atmosphere - fuel is not enough. So take a rocket into orbit, where it almost by inertia reaches a certain point, and then the "down" at the other end of the earth. "The same thing may be done with any subject, it is only necessary to move it into the alleged parallel world" - says Arshinov. The only question is how to make such a transition. That was the question excites today those who are looking for an alternate reality.

How to get there?

Existing laws of physics do not deny the bold assumption that parallel worlds may be associated quantum tunneling transitions. This means that theoretically you can go from one world to another, without violating the law of conservation of energy. However, for such a transition will require huge amounts of energy, so won't be in all of our Galaxy.

But there is another option. "There is a version that moves in parallel worlds hidden in the so-called black holes, " said Vladimir Arshinov, - and they may be the kind of craters, sucking matter". But black holes, by assumption cosmologists, can actually be some "kraevymi burrows" - ways from one world to another and back. "In nature could be one world linking with other spatial-temporal structure by type of mole burrows, - says senior researcher of the State astronomical Institute P. Sternberg candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Vladimir Surdin. - In principle mathematics their existence allows".

The possibility of the existence of "mole burrows" does not deny the doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences, Professor of theoretical physics Department of physical faculty of Moscow state University Dmitry galtsov. He confirmed "the Results of"that is one of the options of moving from one point to another with infinite speed. "The truth, " said physicist, - there's one point: "wormholes" no one has seen them yet to find".

To confirm this hypothesis could demystifying the emergence of new stars. Astronomers have long puzzled over the origin of some heavenly phone From the side it looks like appearance of matter out of nothing. "This phenomenon may be due to splashing out into the Universe of matter from parallel worlds", boldly implies Vladimir Arshinov. Then you can assume that any body can move in a parallel world.

Recently, the British medium Lady foresight made a statement, which shocked the English public. She said that she found the transition to a parallel world. Open it, the reality turned out to be a copy of our world, only without problems, diseases, and any hint of aggression. Krivozerkale Opening foresight was preceded by a series of mysterious disappearances of adolescents in the fair house of laughter in the city of Kent. In 1998, there came four young visitors. After three years lost two more. Then another. The police knocked down, but found no traces of child abduction.

In this story a lot mysterious. Kent detective Sean Murphy says that all the missing were familiar with each other, and the disappearance occurred in the last Thursday of the month. Most likely, there "hunts" serial maniac. According to the version of Murphy, the offender penetrated into the house laughing through a secret passage, which, however, was not discovered by detectives. As well as other traces of the murderer. After they searched the cabin had to cover. Anyway, and it turned out that fugitive teenagers almost vanished into thin air. After closing the mysterious areas of loss has stopped. - Exit in the world was in one of distorting mirrors, " says the report. To use it, apparently, only on the side. Probably, someone accidentally opened it, when the first missing was near. And then caught in this trap teenagers began to get back to his friends.

Crooked mirrors also observed during the study of Tibetan pyramids Professor Ernst Muldashev. According to him, many of these giant structures are associated with different sized concave, semi-circular and flat stone structures, which scientists have named "mirror" - because of their smooth surface. In the area of their intended actions of the members of the expedition Muldashev was not feeling very well. Some saw myself in the childhood, some were transferred to an unknown place. According to the scientist, through such "mirror"standing near the pyramids, you can change over time and to manage space. Ancient legends say that these complexes were used to move in parallel worlds, and, according to Muldashev, it cannot be considered a complete fantasy.

Hell tunnels

Australian parapsychologist Jean Greenbriar came to the conclusion that among the many anomalous zones in the world there are about 40 tunnels, leading to other worlds, of which four are in Australia and seven in America. Common to these "hell tunnels" is that from the depths heard chilling cries and groans and annually disappear over a hundred people. One of the most famous places - this limestone cave national Park in California, to enter into you, and to get there. Even a trace of the missing remains.

"Hellish place" is in Russia. For example, in the Gelendzhik is a mysterious mine that exists, according to local historians, since the XVIII century. It is a direct wells with a diameter of about five feet from the polished walls. When a couple of years ago in the mine dared to go down man, at a depth of 40 meters Geiger showed a sharp increase of the background radiation. And as previously from a strange disease has already killed several volunteers who tried to examine the well, descent immediately stopped. There are rumors that the bottom at the mine no, flowing there, in the depths, a strange life, and time in the depths of the mysterious education violates all the laws, accelerating its move. Reportedly, was down in the pit of one guy, and stuck there for a week, and came upstairs already grey and old.

Voices from the ground

Aged for a half hour and came out to the surface from a well and a resident of the village, located on the Greek island of Delos, the 32-year-old

Ioannes Kalopedis. Long since this well was considered to be bottomless. The water even in the heat was icy cold. And once it's time to clean it. To make this work and volunteered Kalopedis. A man dressed in a suit, and it was lowered into the mine. The work proceeded about one and a half hours. Three people from time to time, pulled up the bucket of slime. Suddenly on the surface heard frequent strikes on metal. It seemed that Kalopedis begged as soon as possible to raise it. When the guy pulled his comrades was almost speechless: in front of them on the ground lay a decrepit old man with a completely white hair on his head, a long beard and in the old, worn-out clothes. But what happened in the well - remained a mystery, as Kalopedis in a few hours he died. The autopsy showed that he died of old age!

Another eerie well located in the Kaliningrad region. In 2004, two of shabashniki, Nikolai and Mikhail, volunteered to dig a well in a village. At a depth of about ten meters the diggers heard from under the ground under your feet polyphonic human groans. In extreme horror diggers climbed out. Local residents bypass this "damn place" party, believing that that is where the Nazis during the war staged mass executions.

The disappearance of the castle

Ancient castle, located near the village of Komkrit (Scotland), has recently become a place of disappearance lovers of adventure.

The current owner of the lock Robert Mandorli acquired is not adapted for living the building for a song just for the love of the exotic.

Once I stayed in the basement, where they found an old books of black magic, until midnight, " says the 54-year-old Robert. - Twilight fell quickly, and it seemed to me strange blue glow emanating from a large Central hall. When I got there in person I hit a bright bluish-grey shaft of light coming from a three-meter portrait, paints day which seemed to be so worn that it was impossible to make out the figure. Now I clearly saw depicted on it upright man, clothing, which was clearly not the junction between the parts of the costumes of different epochs - from the XV to the XX century. When I came closer, in order to see better, heavy portrait fell from the wall and collapsed on me.

Alive sir Robert remained miraculously. But the rumors about the incident spread beyond the neighborhood, and to the castle began to flock tourists. Once inside penetrated two exalted elderly lady and got in a niche that was opened in the portrait after his fall. And immediately... they vanished into thin air. Rescuers have prostojali all the walls and passed all the rooms with special radar, but no one is found. Psychics, attracted as experts claim that at the castle opened "sealed" for centuries the door in parallel worlds, where and moved tourists. But to test this hypothesis and to enter niche neither psychic nor the police did not dare.

Of course, it almost does not fit in with the Big Bang theory, which describes the appearance of our Universe. This hypothesis is generally accepted, and it will remain until science can't prove something else. "The size of the Universe then zero - it was compressed to the point, says Vladimir Arshinov. - This condition is known as the cosmological singularity. But why, for example, now do not assume that this point could be not one, but many, and different ones, including hitherto unknown to mankind? And then you could be the beginning and the other worlds".

The theory of multiple worlds until just a model. Nothing more beautiful than a way to explain many mysterious things. To test it in practice, science still can not. But if we assume that parallel universes exist and inhabited as well as the physical world, then things, hitherto inexplicable, like various paranormal phenomena, and can clear up. However, for this you need at least wait for the new Giordano Bruno.

Confirmation of scientists

Albert Einstein in a lifetime trying to create a "theory of everything", which would describe all the laws of the universe. Did not have time.

Today astrophysics suggest that the best candidate for this theory is the theory of superstrings. It not only explains the processes of expansion of our Universe, but also confirms the existence of other universes that are near us. "Cosmic strings" is a distortion of space and time. They can be larger than the universe itself, although their thickness does not exceed the size of an atomic nucleus.

However, despite the amazing mathematical beauty and integrity, string theory until he found the experimental confirmation. All hope for the Large hadron Collider. Scientists expect him to not only open Higgs particles, but some supersymmetric particles. It will be a serious support of string theory, so, and other worlds. Meanwhile physics build theoretical models of other worlds.

1950s year s. Worlds Everett

First of parallel worlds in 1895 earthlings reported fiction writer H.G. wells in the story "the Door in the wall". After 62 years a graduate of Princeton University Hugh Everett struck colleagues theme of his doctoral thesis about the split of the worlds.

Here is its essence: every moment of each universe splits into unrepresentable number of their kind, and in the next moment, each of these newborns split in exactly the same way. And in this great multitude there are many worlds in which you exist. In the same world you are reading this article, take the train and in the other - flying in an airplane. In one - you are the king, the other a slave.

The impetus for the reproduction of the worlds serve our actions, explained Everett. We do not have a choice - "to be or not to be", for example - as in the twinkling of an eye from one universe got two. In the one we live in, and the second in itself, although we are present there.

Interesting, but... Even the father of quantum mechanics Niels Bohr left then this crazy idea indifferent.

1980-ies. Worlds Linde

The theory of mnogoborya would be forgotten. But again to help scientists came fiction writer. Michael Murkock on some whim put all the inhabitants of the magical city of Tanelorn in the Multiverse. The term Multiverse immediately flashed in proceedings of the serious scientists.

The thing is that in the 1980s, many physicists already had a strong belief that the idea of parallel universes may become one of the cornerstones of the new paradigm of science about the structure of the universe. The main advocate of this beautiful ideas became Andrei Linde. Our former compatriot, the employee of the Physical Institute. Lebedev Academy of Sciences, and currently a Professor of physics at Stanford University.

Linde builds its reasoning on the basis of the Big Bang model, which emerged at lightning speed of an expanding bubble - Bud our Universe. But if some cosmic egg was capable of creating the Universe, why not assume the possibility of the existence of other similar eggs? To solve this question, Linde built a model in which inflation (inflation - mA-tion) universes arise continuously, budding from their mothers.

To illustrate this we can imagine a tank filled with water in all possible States of aggregation. There will be a liquid zone, lumps of ice and vapour bubbles - they can be considered as analogues of parallel universes inflationary models. It represents the world as a huge fractal, consisting of homogeneous pieces with different properties. When walking through this world, you will be able to move seamlessly from one universe to another. However, the journey will last long - tens of millions of years.

1990-ies. Worlds Rice

Reasoning is Professor of cosmology and astrophysics, University of Cambridge Martin Rice is about the same.

The probability of the origin of life in the Universe priori is so small that it looks like a miracle, argued Professor Fig. And if not start from the hypothesis of the Creator, then why not to assume that Nature randomly generates a lot of parallel worlds, which serve as her field for experiments on the creation of life.

According to the scientist, life appeared on a small planet, revolving around ordinary stars one of ordinary galaxies it is our world for the simple reason that this is favored by its physical device. Other worlds Multiverse most likely empty.

The 2000 year s. The Worlds Of Tegmark

Professor of physics and astronomy of the University of Pennsylvania Max Tegmark convinced that other universes may vary not only by location, cosmological properties, but also the laws of physics. They exist outside of time and space, and it is almost impossible to portray.

Consider the simple universe consisting of the Sun, Earth and moon, offers a physicist. For an objective observer the universe represented by the ring: the orbit of the Earth, spread out in time, as if wrapped braid - it creates the trajectory of motion of the moon around the Earth. And other forms represent different physical laws.

His theory scientist likes to illustrate the example games
"Russian roulette". In his opinion, every time a person clicks on the trigger, his universe splits into two: where the shot had happened and where he was not. But he Tegmark does not risk to conduct such experience into reality - at least in
our Universe.


Andrey Lindentree Linde - physicist, the founder of the theory of inflatory (inflation) of the Universe. Graduated from the Moscow state University. Worked at the physics Institute. Lebedev Academy of Sciences (FIAN). Since 1990 - Professor of physics at Stanford University. Author of more than 220 works in the field of elementary particle physics and cosmology.

Gurgling space

Multiversum has a rather complicated topology: there are many independent universes, bloated to cosmic sizes, with their own laws of nature. Illustration: archive Andrei Linde - Andrey Dmitrievich, in which part of a diverse Universe "registered" we, earthlings?

- Depending on where we were. The universe can be divided into large areas, each of which for all its properties looks locally like the huge universe. To each of them is enormous. If we live in one of them, then we won't know that other parts of the Universe exist.

- The laws of physics are the same everywhere?

"I think different. That is in fact the law of physics can be the same. It is like water that can be liquid, gaseous and solid. However, the fish can live only in liquid water. We are in a different environment. But not because other parts of the Universe is not, so that we can live only in a convenient for us segment of "the many faces of the Universe."

- What is it like this our segment?

- On the bubble.

- It turns out that people, in your opinion, when is appeared, sitting all in one bubble?

- No one was sitting. People born after inflation. Then the energy that was responsible for the rapid expansion of the Universe, has passed in conventional energy of elementary particles. This happened due to the fact that the universe has boiled, have any bubbles, as in a boiling kettle. With tenke bubbles hit each other, had contributed their energy and allocating energyGiya were born normal particles. The universe was hot. And after that there appeared people. They looked around and said, "Oh, what a great universe!"

- We can get from one universe bubble to another?

- Theoretically Yes. But on the way we will come across the barrier. This will be the domain wall, energetically very high. To reach the wall, you have to be a survivor, because the distance to it is about 10 million in the degree of light years. And in order to cross the border, we need to have a lot of energy to properly dispersed and jump through it. While it is likely that we shall die, because particles on our earthly type in another universe to fall apart. Or change its properties.

- The emergence of bubble universes is constantly?

- It is an eternal process. The Universe will never end. In different parts of face different pieces of the Universe, of various types. It happens so. There are two bubble, for example. E ach of them is expanding very quickly, but the universe between them continues to swell, so the distance between the bubbles remains very high, and they almost never collide. There are bubbles - and the universe even more expanding. In the part of these bubbles, there is no structure is not formed. And in another part of these bubbles have emerged galaxy, one of which we live. And these different types of the Universe - somewhere in 10 thousandth degree or 10 in decimal. Scientists are still considered.

- What happens in these many copies of the same Universe?

- The universe is now embarked on a new phase of inflation, but very slow. Our Galaxy is so far not touch. Because the matter in our Galaxy's gravitational very much to each other tight. And other galaxies will be to fly away from us, and we will not see.

- Where will they fly?

- To the so-called horizon of the world, who from us is at a distance of 13.7 billion light-years. All these galaxies will stick to the horizon and wasting away for us, will be flat. With ignal from them there will be more to come, and will remain one of our Galaxy. But it lasted not long. With time energy resources in our Galaxy quietly runs out, and get the same tragic fate.

- When will this happen?

Fortunately, raspadaetsya we not soon. After 20 billion years or more. But due to the fact that the universe is self-healing, because it produces a new part in all possible combinations, the universe in General, and life in General will never disappear.

Vice chair Alexander Bolonkin, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, member of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization "the International space Agency":
- On the theme of parallel worlds and science fiction authors write a lot, and scientists argue, but no evidence of their existence there. In humanitarian terms, you can fantasize about everything, anything, but physics is unlikely there would add something. There is not a single scientific fact which could confirm this. Physical laws are associated with certain values of the constants interactions. However multivers - hypothetical set of all possible universes, including one in which we exist, is unlikely, and there is no reason to believe that other worlds exist. And if there is, then why are they different? On the whole, by this theory, I have a negative attitude.

Yuri Gnedin, Deputy Director of the Main astronomical Observatory of RAS, doctor of physical-mathematical Sciences:
- Theory of the existence of parallel universes possible. And it's not just faith, but the assumption is based on the scientific results. It does not contradict any basic physical laws. Everything is born from its original state due to random deviations from the average values of physical quantities. Such deviations can be many, and each is able to receive private universe. Moreover, each of them can be inhabited, but the problem is that we'll have no way to contact. We are not able to reach the nearest stars, and "mole burrows" certainly. This possibility is ideally there, but we cannot imagine, how to implement it. Technical capacity is not enough, though, in the future, maybe they will appear.

Russian scientist, Professor of the Pulkovo Observatory Mykola KOZYREV argued that there are other universes, our parallel, and between them there is a tunnel - "black" and "white" holes. On "black" of our Universe goes in parallel worlds matter, and on the "white" from them we receive energy. However, the idea of the existence of a parallel world owns a man from time immemorial. Some researchers believe that the CRO-magnon believed that souls of the dead compatriots and died on hunting animals go exactly in these worlds, which is reflected in their drawings.

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