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Предсказание индейцев майя: мир движется к своему концу?On this Mayan prediction that appeared in the middle 70-ies, which happily writing media over the last 2-3 years, soon the world will die from the planetary catastrophe, humanity will reach the Apocalypse...

So this incredible story, as if issued from the pen of Orson Welles or h.p. Lovecraft, became one of the most popular on the Internet, attracting "clientele", greedy for the thrill. There was this crazy theory, of course, in the USA in 1975. In 2009 went disaster movie "2012"based on the bestselling book by Stephen Altena "Testament Maya". The film was a worldwide success. And then this theory has ceased to be a fairytale and has become almost a reality. Pray, ladies and gentlemen!

Research conducted by the Agency "Ipsos"show that 10% of the inhabitants of the Earth - as much as 600 million people - believe in the prediction that we should disappear December 21, 2012. But this study also shows how great the human craving for a terrible, terrible.

The theory of the end of the world has always enjoyed a great success. France is no exception. In France has its own "national product": Nostradamus, and still intriguing researchers of his quatrains.

In the 80-ies of the doomsday scenario assumed the outbreak of the 3rd World war against the USSR and countries of the Warsaw bloc. Now at the forefront of the confrontation with the Muslim world. Each epoch has its own specialists on the interpretation of quatrains, although neither of them managed to solve their secret (and does it exist?) Humanity miss the sensation.

's famous extravagant couturier Paco Rabanne predicted in 1999 that the station "World" will fall straight to Paris, killing thousands of people. But actually, all these gloomy predictions is a good business that generates a lot of revenue: sold and amulets, and atomic shelters, special equipment and saving the stone from the village of Bugarash in France. For traders supernatural came the Golden age.

Look through any free newspaper, read ads shamans, sorcerers and magicians, who just a few euros promise you happiness, love and wealth. This is not the Mayan calendar, threatening to send us all to hell. But there is one place which residents, according to the Franco-French legend, will be spared this terrible fate. We are talking about a tiny village Byugarash in the Department of Ml. 189 its inhabitants (according to the 2007 census) would have done without such advertising. Probably, in the evening of 20 December their number is expected to grow dramatically!

Indeed, swooped hordes of curious. So much so, that the inter-Ministerial Commission for vigilance and fight against sects started this peaceful village.

Someone already said that the Mayan calendar misinterpreted what happened mess in dates, as in the interpretation of Nostradamus. But Americans have built shelters with food and everything necessary for survival, being consoled by the fact that, if now the world will not end, it is possible tomorrow... or the day after tomorrow?

Laurent Briar
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