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Ящер из АвстралииThe small town of orange, located on the Western plains in New South Wales (Australia), known for its blossoming orchards. Most people don't even suspect that under the city at a depth of two hundred meters there is a large cave, possibly associated with the legendary underground Binomial.

According to the observations of the Australian researcher of the paranormal Rex of Gilroy, aborigines say about their ancestors as "the inhabitants peser under the mountains", referring to the mountains of the Great Dividing range. They argue that there is a system of interlinked peser and tunnels, stretching for hundreds of kilometers from Temuera to Canberra. In this subterranean world that indigenous Australians called Binomial are huge gaps, underground rivers and even the big lake.

Speleologists who were asked for advice Gilroy, admit the existence of such caves in Australia similar to those of similar systems in Kentucky (USA), Abkhazia and other places of the world, but experts do not know about. According to legends of Australians Binomio unusual creatures live - flying monkeys with large red eyes and a huge lizards, like crocodiles. There is historical evidence to these legends. During the Second world war, in August 1942, several prisoners of Japanese soldiers escaped from prison in Kabare (New South Wales).

Part of the regular troops of the Australian army were sent to the Western plains to find a runaway.
Among them was a detachment under the command of Sergeant Bertha Mack Corkindale. Squad Sergeant arrived by truck from Orange in the Garra. They had to search the wilderness to the North West from Harry.

The soldiers moved the line to the side of the hills, yet close to the unnamed stream not found the entrance to the cave. The entrance was closed by the bushes. One of the soldiers found him just because noticed in the thickets something flashed. Mac Corkindale decided that the Japanese could hide there. Barely squeezing through the narrow aisle, people were in a cold cave, when the light of torches blazed in the darkness, he heard a gasp of surprise. Stalactites bizarre forms hung down from above, to meet them rose stalagmites, on the walls dripping numerous streams. The cave resembled a fairy Palace. From the cave went spacious tunnel, and the commander ordered his men to move on. They were about two miles South-East direction. The tunnel as progress was becoming wider and wider. Doubt crept into the soul Mack Corkindale. No traces of human presence in the dungeon was not observed, and it is unlikely that the Japanese would go so far. And in General, what are these mysterious underground passages, where do they lead?

The tunnel ran into a huge cave. Light up lanterns were not allowed to see the ceiling. The men stood in amazement and fear. Where it seeped ghostly light. It turned out that the lime walls are covered with lots of small glowing worms, which produced a slight twinkle like fireflies. In a huge cave of stalactites and stalagmites were joined together, forming a kind of columns. Suddenly he heard a strange sound, resembling the siren of the steamer. "What is it"? - there was astonished exclamations.

Mysterious sound was repeated. Then they heard someone scratch the stone floor. Because of stalagmites rising up next to the wall, appeared a large ugly, covered in scales head reptiles.

Long thin language at times has seemed out of his mouth clicking on the lips monster. People were standing motionless, and the beast came out from behind the rocks. It was a lizard, very similar to goanna, when you lived in Australia, but much larger. The length of creation reached six meters from blunt muzzle to the end of a long, heavy tail. Lizard reminded of a crocodile. Color scales, publiskaja in the ghostly light shimmered from dark green to grey. Especially amazed huge yellow unblinking eyes. Men opened his mouth in amazement. Giant reptile as if descended from the screen horror movie.

After a slight pause monster headed towards the military, shuffling long claws on a hard floor. Those screamed with fear and, raising his rifle, opened fire. The monster stopped as if in astonishment, bent down his head and took a few steps forward, whistling even louder. "Aim!" - cried the commander of the group. The soldiers took aim. "Fire!" "came the following command. Stunned by the rain of bullets, which appeared not to cause him any harm, lizard turned around, ran back and disappeared into the side tunnel. The soldiers ran away from the cave. Only seeing the sunlight, they calmed down.

The report of the sortie squad Mack Corkindale Rex Gilroy found in military archive. Terse lines of military reports also showed that the military wanted to explore the underground caves more carefully and sent numerous group, seized with a powerful searchlights. But, despite all efforts, the soldiers, who had been under the ground, could not find the entrance to the cave, abandoned them in a panic.

Gilroy found in the local newspaper 1947 another interesting fact. In August 16 year old Warwick Bills collected mushrooms near Dubbo, town located North of Orange. The young man was in the desert hilly terrain eight kilometers from the city. On the banks of a small stream grew branchy oaks. Under one of these trees Warwick decided to rest, as suddenly noticed some ten meters laying in the shadow of the oak huge lizard similar to goanna. The length of reptiles grew four meters, scaly skin was grey with more light and dark spots. On stupid ugly face shone yellow fire big eyes. Bills noticed that lizard turned her head towards him and sat up on the thick strong legs, towering above the ground on two feet. There was a sharp whistle, and tailed beast rushed to the guy. He kept his head and instantly got up in a tree: fear gave him strength.

Monster stood up on his hind legs, scratching claws of the oak bark, he whistled loudly.

Warwick was sitting on a tree, clinging firmly to the branches and sweating with fear. Seeing the futility of their attempts, the animal slowly went away. The young man sat on the tree for about an hour, fearing that the reptile will return. Then he tears and all haste rushed to the city.

Gilroy found the daughter Billza, unfortunately, already deceased. She confirmed the facts reported by a newspaper article, telling that the father often told about the details of his meeting with the monster.

The researcher found another few people who remembered that in the forties of the XX century in the vicinity of Orange was a huge lizards, similar to goanna. Unfortunately, witnesses, personally watched reptiles could not be found. Perhaps scaly monster lives in underground caves, called by the natives of Binomial, and only occasionally comes to the surface.

After the Second world war, many regions of Australia, former till then wild, was intensively developed. Part of the land went under agricultural lands, were built new roads and cities.
Apparently, the advance of civilization scared underground inhabitants, and they ceased to come to the surface.
However, the system of underground caves still exists. Who knows how many of reptile monsters and other strange creatures living there?!
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