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Человечество и конец светаTo date, the people consider themselves to strangers, guests on earth, and they don't relate to this temporary for their lives house - Land. So they just take and take from it whatever they want, and even more, without thinking that instead taken by them, it is necessary to take care of her.

There is a predatory economic activities of people, because their philosophy long been known for their arguments boil down to one hackneyed phrase: after all, we live once on earth and want to live happily, after us the deluge. Hence their excessive rationalism and excessive materialism.

They are not accustomed to think seriously, their generations in the future on the earth, because they have, unfortunately, still dominates consumer thinking on strategic thinking.

It, consumer thinking, basically, and became one of the main reasons spiritual gap between the most part of modern humanity and the Lord God caused the majority of the existing ten main challenges of life on earth, one of which is already threatening the physical destruction of all mi-world community, as it has a planetary character. It is an ecological disaster, which was the judgment of the modern human civilization.

With the development of scientific and technical progress, especially in economically developed's countries, people became more self - seemingly less dependent on nature. Finally, there came the moment when excessive rationalism and excessive materialism has taken over, and then the man was proud, feeling the center of the universe instead of the Lord God is the king of nature, able to save and to protect yourself from the elements. Therefore spiritual degradation has become a major partner in life owls-belt of mankind.

Analysis of the true scientists have shown that people of the XX-th century and the beginning of the XXI was, unfortunately, not really able not only to control your life but the life of the planet. So today was a threat of self-destruction is confirmed as a chronicle of scientific facts, and the chronicle of the tragic consequences of the natural disasters that are constantly occurring on the planet Earth. And this is all because she, as a living organism, became seriously ill and therefore can no longer self-managing to cope with the purification of the air, water and land from industrial waste, etc., because of violations of the laws of balance in nature, and now she needs the help of modern humanity.

Today, many people in the world believe that the threat of the approaching end of the world comes not from within themselves but only from the Lord, which he had left them. However, surprising that they only lot and speak loudly about the end of the world in the media, but seriously to tackle this problem is still not considered necessary. For example, this confirms the absence of consensus (unanimity) at the meeting of the 190 countries of the world in connection with the problem of climate on Earth, held in December 2009.

As a result, it has not been developed and adopted stiff penalties for failure to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere by all countries in the world that could withstand the warming of the Earth by more than 1 degree Celsius. This was not developed and strictly individual approach to the reduction of the percentage you are of greenhouse gas emissions for each country separately. Essentially it was limited to only recommendations which did not force anyone to follow them. Apparently, people I still hope at random, i.e., the off-chance and nothing will happen. That's the psychology of suicide yet some people on the planet.

And yet, despite this, deep down, many people have a fear of possible threats to destroy ourselves on Earth. But all of this and more in detail tell 1st and 2nd part of the book.

And finally, today is the time when the wise people of the planet seriously thinking about possible ways out of modern humanity from the tragic situation on the Ground. Unfortunately, they alone write about it in their books and speak in the world press, while worldly power, mostly prefers to remain silent. To change the situation for the better on earth, in their opinion, need to have faith in God, strategic thinking and the collective minds of the world community - the scientific potential of the planet, religions, etc.

That almost do modern humanity on earth, the reader will learn in the 3rd part of this book.

The author believes that the reasons for 10 main problems of life on our planet, including planetary ecological disaster and permanent natural disasters on the territory of the globe, bringing grief, suffering and death to people, finally, will help to understand modern humanity, in which "perfect" world he has to live, and what bright future awaits it of its future generations.

There is no doubt that every next 5 - 10 years the relevance of this book will only increase - inevitably bring closer the time of the beginning of the end of the world as long as long as humanity fails to learn to manage not only your life but the life of the planet Earth. Otherwise, it will simply die.


Life IS the MIRACLE from
God loves.

The author.

According to the author, for the first time on planet Earth in the XX century and the beginning of the XXI-th arose ten major interrelated problems of life on Earth, which indi-vidually here and in a certain combination, or all of them together can lead humanity to extinction. While some of these are global problems, and the other - planetary. They, basically, and define each future world order and the corresponding world order on the planet.


Unfortunately, moral degradation of people became the main feature of the mankind in the XX century and the beginning of the XXI and is ranked among the 10 main problems of life on earth, as it is one of the root causes of the who incurred the negative effects of many other vital issues on the ground.
It is known that the concept of "morality" is morality, a special form of public consciousness and public relations (relations); one of the main ways of regulation of activities of the individual in society through norms of behaviour. Unlike simple custom or tradition, moral norms receive ideological justification in the form of the ideals of good and evil. In contrast to the law, execution of requirements of morality can be authorized only by the forms of spiritual impact (social assessment, approval or condemnation).

It should be said that there is a fundamental difference between the morality of society and morality of a person (an individual), based on the domestic law of the Lord God of conscience and the external law of our Creator - keeping His commandments, strengthening domestic law and preserving the lives of the people.

Everyone knows that morality is imposed on the person by the company, therefore, in different countries with different political and economic system, there are different norms of public behavior. However, as we know, these norms can be in conflict with the moral norms of behavior of people, formed on the basis of the laws of our Creator. And this fact cannot be forgotten.

The concept of "degradation" is a gradual deterioration, decrease or loss of positive qualities, decay and degeneration. Speaking about the concept of "moral degradation" of a person or of humanity", we mean the phasing out of compliance with internal and external laws the Lord God, and not of public morality of a particular country or civilization of the world. Therefore, readers should remember that only about this concept in question in SILENSTVI as the source of new world Outlook and way of life of mankind (see the book of the author "SALENTO").

In the modern literature on this subject there is a lot of interesting works whose authors deserve special attention and respect as the basis of their views was able to identify three main reasons for the moral degradation of the person and mankind. For this the reader is encouraged to get acquainted with 3 different works, but typical of most other researchers of this problem.


To do this, readers will be interested to get acquainted with the work of Professor H.E. of Podrushnyak, in which he accuses the person in his spiritual degradation. He expressed the opinion not only of his own and other scientists of the world, but many ordinary people of the planet, which they expressed in the press of different countries of the world to date.

So, H.E. Podrushnyak in his book "the DIALECTICS of LIFE AND AGING" (1993) with heavy grief and pain in the soul wrote: "...Life! What are you so complex and boundless nuances and content! The simplest organisms is life in reality; the most sophisticated form of motion and transformation of biological form of matter in malakopi-melting and at the highest level of a person's life with all its attributes: open system of energy consumption from outside, metabolism, polynucleotide and protein biosynthesis of cell elements.

all this life and communication, interaction of atoms and molecules in biological systems, cooperationof and interactions between organisms: animals, plants, animals - animals, humans, plants, human - animal human rights. Incalculable number of designs, shapes, means of communication, relations and interaction between them is life!
But there is another negative side of the relationship of these organisms... No, perhaps on earth more violent collisions than a person. War, war... the History of existence of human society knows very little of periods when there would be wars, fighting, hostile relations between people. Hundreds and thousands of wars in periods of different epochs.

...Today greed of man (Homo Sapiens), his cruelty, his crime, it seems, knows no bounds. Violated all the laws of Nature, creating this world and of man, all harmony of the human community because of the existence of religions, nationalities and ideologies that separates between people, leading to civil war and violence.
...All the diversity of violence and land occupation and enslavement of man by man, and other forms are based on the necessity to satisfy the growing needs of the aggressive nature of people.

In our days the man assaulted, offended, or for theft - judge him; in our days, the more people killed in the fight for the right cause him and give awards. Nagra-promote the highest awards of "scientists", even for the development and creation of weapons of mass-extermination of people, including elderly people and children. The more people will be destroyed, the more valuable weapon, the more honorable its Creator, the more rewards he awarded. That's what our society!
An example of this can be also the rivalry between the two powerful countries of the USA and the former USSR in the creation of weapons of mass destruction of people and all life.

...And now look what Outlook on a homicide inherent in the people Yes-easily the past. ... The most destructive weapons was once a bow and arrows; and when the battle one of the soldiers was offered a tripod for more accurate aiming arrow, the king had ordered to destroy it. Tripod appeared on the field of battle 200 years later. King Africa Shamba forbid the use of the dart during the battle. Leonardo da Vinci said the descendants of the "how and why I do not write about my way to stay under water for as long as you can stay without food. This is not made public and I do not announce because of evil men, that this method would use to kill at the bottom of the sea, through the bottom of ships and flushing them with trapped people" (Lazarski manuscript).

And, finally, recently, in 1775, the inventor Du Perron sought personal audience of king Louis XVI of France, to show him he invented a machine gun, increasing its ability to kill people, compared with a gun. This meant that France great victories on the battlefield. King cold interrupted inventor, was ordered to be removed, calling the Platform monster, the enemy of man-veschestva. Ordered to break up his weapon, put in the boat with all the materials, drawings, take them far out to sea and flood. Isn't it strange sound today such facts.
...Over 1000 years ago established the society of Ashoka (relatives of the Indian Emperor). This secret society nine unknown, the purpose of which is to prevent important information about the possibilities of mass destruction of people fall into the hands of the people. History tells us that this Ashok came when he saw the agony of 7,000 wounded and killed their opponents. Some believe that the company still exists.

...That's what our ancestors were, and what we have today! Ridiculous exists in the relations between people, what a paradox between the Affairs of man and defined his role as the master of the planet Earth. Violence, fraud, violation of all human values, greed, brutal killing each other, violence - all this in our day, with a tendency to increase. World call themselves civilized and, together with it, the society has created unprecedented mass killings, lawlessness, drug addiction, the Pro-Constitution ensures and different kinds of crimes. This situation is today, at the turn of the XXI century in the majority of developed countries of the world.

The modern "civilized" society has generated a lot of people who committed suicide, and in developed countries, cases of suicides of people more than in developing countries. Analysis of foreign and our data allows us to state that the roots of suicide people lie in the development of scientific and technical progress, in the complicated relations of production, the huge flow of information, rapid pace of life. All this leads to the destruction of the most valuable - the family and marriage. Various social psychological stress, trauma, to which the person turns out to be less stable.

Today man has reached the highest form of his blasphemy. On the one hand, for the same murder or knife wounds inflicted on a person-to-person - judged and thrown in jail or impose a sentence of capital punishment. And on the other targeted killings of many thousands and millions of people (war, shootings, sometimes unfounded) even encouraged, given awards. History knows hundreds and thousands of such examples: it is a war very different ideological nature, this repression and executions for a variety of motives, and more. And the thing is, paradoxically, is that along with such phenomena mock of conscience, large values of the same man is preached: "friend, comrade and brother", "there is nothing higher than service to the people", "everything for people" or "equality, fraternity and humanity...".
This hardening of the person observed over the last 100 years and more, is most likely due to the increase in population and a growing inability of extraction of power and energy to its existence. One can assume that if there is no positive changes in the nature and improving the production of the sources of human existence, if there will not be any social and environmental changes in human society, not a profound disasters and shocks, in the next 30 to 50 years, we can expect even greater negative acts of man to man, animals and plants. Due to the production of the same food - ordered energy for its existence.

Not in the history of human society of the period, when in the framework of the planet between people would be peace, harmony, ruled by the laws of conscience, humanity, humanity, and from this standpoint it is necessary to solve all problems.

...Hard to think and know about it, but of peace and harmony, no wars, robbery, causing each other offences, theft and deception, alas, will not, they never had before and will not in the future! At least, to address the problem of global sources consumption Biosystems energy. It is the need of an open system in consumption ordered external energy solves questions of love and hate, war and peace.

...All biological systems, like the man himself, are open systems with the consumption of external energy; this energy from the ordered material systems. Exactly, Nature has a way of existence of biological systems requires the animals and people including the need to constantly seek livelihoods, food, Naka-privati her, to make resources. If the animal, killing his victim or having some portion of food, eats only a certain part, and the rest leaves for the other, then the person is acting differently. He tried and, at best, will share with another person or animal. Often he kills animals - animals, catch fish, harvest of grain, vegetables so that they fester and become unfit for use.

Animal neither is what is needed, often only to eat. The man, except to eat, wants to live well and always wants to live better than others. And this... there is no limit. It always seems a little! Little meat, fish, clothes, money, gold, diamonds. His greed has no limits. And this is his tragedy. He would like to be the Lord of the whole earth. But this would not be enough; the Lord of the whole earth, system of the sun, galaxies! Yes that is the universe! Boundless greed, greed makes it an exceptionally cruel beast of all beasts of the Earth. He goes on all the fraud and treachery, murder, was set on fire, theft, rape, treason, family, neighbor, friend; for selfish purposes man is able to speak ill of the people, to kill people a sense of dignity, conscience, spiritual purity, blagovesti liability, violate morality. HERE an ALTERNATIVE to THIS "PERSON" MAN IS RELIGION."


However, from another point of view on this issue we learn from Paul Khlebnikov in his book "conversation WITH a BARBARIAN" (2004). In it on the example of the world of European civilization he tried to justify social factors of development of society as a cause of spiritual degradation of people. Of this we read the following: "I do not believe that all religions are of equal value, as well as I do not believe that all cultures are equal.

...Human history knows many great civilizations. But only one civilization European - were able to dominate the world.
...Why Europe? ...What could happen? Why from Europe WENT GLOBAL DOMINATION, not from China, India or Islamic Caliphate?

The answer is simple. Europe grew by Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity. These roots and secured her victory.
Some believe that the most important heritage of Greco-Roman civilization - modern science and rational thought. However, for Europe it was not a decisive factor for the Islamic world is also in a certain period benefited from technical and scientific heritage of Greco-Roman civilization, and China and India in General in the sphere of science was not inferior to anyone. No, the fate of Europe decided something different. She adopted from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome such a unique phenomenon as citizenship, legal awareness and democracy.

...Not less important and moral foundations of European civilization - Christianity. Christianity has created the basis for prosperity of person. It was Christianity that reflects the delicate balance between personal freedom and discipline (conscience), creativity and patience, hard work and reflection, self-determination and dedication. You can't imagine a better Foundation for the development of civilization. ...The fact that most Europeans sincerely confessed the Christian faith, has led to creation of the unique spiritual space in old Europe.

Where there are constant bloodshed, no surveys of culture or a challenging economy, no civilization. It was Christianity that allowed the European States to exist peacefully in accordance with the Christian concept of philanthropy, personal freedom and human dignity, which led to the prosperity of the European civilization.

...Christianity and European domination grew up together and together disappeared once went out the Christian faith in Europe, went out and Europe.
What is remarkable: the decomposition process was conceived in a moment of Supreme glory of Europe when the European civilization has rapidly developed. Apostasy from Christianity and faith in God first appeared among the aristocracy and intelligentsia France XVIII century, shortly before the French revolution.

In the XIX century atheism swept intellectuals other European countries and by the beginning of XX century took root in the General population. In the Supreme moment of his triumph Europe loses confidence. She ceases to be a preacher of the Greco-Roman civilization and Christianity, it becomes the world's hotbed of atheism and materialism. In Europe propagated the ideology of social-Alisma and Marxism.

Mad world war of 1914-1918 finally discredited old Europe. Huge victory scored in the world communism. Quickly and goes out and gets a godless nationalism fascists and Nazis. The Communist civilization, based on the denial of God, is empty and immoral and breaks up after seventy years after its occurrence.

...What today heard from most of Europe? There continues to dwindle faith in Christ and the veneration of ancestors. Drugged sweet life and intricate faceless bureaucracy, Europe has not said his word, and only imitates America. Not so long ago Europe, homeland bukovinskiy "Eroica", sought to glory, understood that such a feat...
Today Europe does not need neither fame nor asceticism - if only there was peace. Remember the words of Dostoevsky. "I want to travel in Europe... " says Ivan Karamazov, and I know that I will GO ONLY to the CEMETERY, but the most EXPENSIVE... CEMETERY, that's what! Dear lie there dead, every stone above it says so hot past life, such a passionate faith in his work, in his truth, in their struggle and their science that I know you drop to the ground and will kiss the stones and cry over them, is at the same time convinced with all my heart that all this has long been the cemetery, and nothing more".

Yes, from Western Europe really heard nothing. But the Eastern part of Europe (Rus) also silent.

Went out Christianity went out and Europe".
However, Paul Khlebnikov believed that: "Every civilization grows on certain moral and cultural values, as well as the denial of opposite values. When civilization no longer protect its values and plunges into complacency, it opens the way enemies. ...Therefore civilization need to be continually updated to experience again your truth and proclaim their values. As a rule, this rethinking is necessary for each subsequent generation.

For many years is fatal struggle within Europe for cultural self-determination. On what are all the same now based European civilization? Liberals defend the principles of the free market, internationalism and basbousa and conservatives adhere to a rather traditional values, protection of the national and, as a rule, the Christian culture. In the West this struggle crops began in the 1960-ies, and in Russia broke out only with the collapse of communism and only now gaining strength.

The outcome of this struggle between liberal and conservative culture, will largely determine the essence of European civilization in the XXI century".

Finally, a third approach to the problem is proved Daniil Andreev, being a poet, a Christian and a deeply religious person. In his opinion, the old religion falls largely responsible for the spiritual degradation of humanity that occurred in the twentieth century.

In his book "the rose of the WORLD" (1991), he wrote: "the Turn of the twentieth century was the era when did the flowering of the great literatures and arts, great music and philosophy. The region's socio-political action involves - and more is yet to be seen more definitely not the most spiritual of the representatives of the human race, and just the least spiritual. Was formed by a giant vacuum spirituality that does not exist 50 years ago, and hypertrophic science is powerless to change it. If allowed to find such an expression, the great resources of human genius are not spent anywhere. This is the bosom of the creative forces, which Matures predestinated born human interreligi?".

And he further broadens and deepens his thought: "...the Task of transforming the social body of mankind do not set ourselves any religion, excluding medium to the ancient Roman Catholicism. But the papacy, stubbornly trying to close the feudal chaos Dame-the means of aerocrete, could weaken operation haves-nots, nor to reduce extensive reforms of social inequality, or to improve General welfare.

However, to blame the leadership of the Catholic hierarchy would be injustice: for such transformations have not been material resources, economic or technical. Not by chance the evil of the world was felt from time immemorial and up to the new time fatal and eternal, and Catholicism, in essence, are treated like other religions, only to the "inner man", taught personal growth. But times have changed, the material means appeared, and the merit of the whole historical process, not the Rose of the World is that it will now be able to look at social development strategies-education, not as an external doomed to failure and not worth the effort, but to put them in connection with the improvement of man's inner world: it is now two parallel processes that need each other to fill.

Often hear: "Christianity has failed. Yes, if it was all in the past, we could say that in the social and world-morally, it failed. "Religion has failed. Yes, if religious creativity of mankind exhausted that have already been created, religion in just mentioned sense really would not have been. And while it's fair to talk about this is the only way, to achieve a significant reduction of the social evil old religion could not, as it did not have the necessary material resources, and the absence of these funds has caused their negative attitude toward all such attempts. It was prepared irreligious stage of civilization.

In the XVIII century awoke social conscience. Social disharmony was finally felt and recognized as unacceptable, offensive, treba-abuser overcome. Of course, this was in connection with that began to appear not dostavanie for this material means. But the old religions have failed to understand it, did not want these means to use, did not want to lead the process of social transformation, and it is in stagnation, in this mental laziness, in this ideological immobility and narrowness of their heinous wine.

Religion has discredited itself with its centuries-old helplessness in this respect, and it is little wonder the opposite extreme, which fell Europe and other continents: converted from education society purely mechanical means in full refusal of the spiritual side of the same process. Nothing, of course, surprised and outcome: shocks, which have not seen the world, the scale of the victims which had never imagined even in his delirium, and to this reduction ethical level, the possibility of which in the XX century seems to be still many dark and tragic mystery.


Thus, the analysis of the literature reveals mainly three key cause of spiritual degradation of mankind:
1-I - in imperfection of the person,
2-I - in the development of the social factor of the society and the death of Christianity,
3-I - ignoring social transformation of society of all religions of the world.
These reasons have led to the spiritual death of a large part of humanity, which, in turn, has practically become the Prime cause of the emergence and many other heads of the energy problems of life on earth.


It is clear that among all forms of life on Earth, mankind is the highest form of life, so from its activity on the planet depends the life of humanity itself, all other living earth organisms and life of the planet Earth. However, global prosperity excessive rationalism and materialism and spiritual degradation of humanity (see above and below) have led to tragic consequences - planetary ecological disaster and significant climate warming on Earth.


ECOLOGY (from Greek oikos - house, dwelling, residence and ...logy) - the science about relationships of plants and animals and they formed communities among themselves and with the environment. The term "ecology" was proposed in 1866 E. Haeckel. Objects of ecology can be populations of organisms, species, communities, ecosystems and the biosphere as a whole. In the XX century due to increased human impact on the nature of the environment has acquired a special significance as a scientific basis for rational use and protection of living organisms.
Since 70th years of XX century consists human ecology, or social ecology, which studies patterns of interaction between society and the environment; includes various philosophical, social, economic, geographic and other considerations (e.g., the ecology of cities, engineering ecology, environmental ethics, and others). In this sense, talking about the "greening" of modern science. Environmental problems caused by the temporary social development, has caused a number of public political movements ("Green" in the West, and others), anti-pollution and other negative consequences of scientific and technological progress.

However, in order to demonstrate the consequences of the economic activity of humanity on earth, for example, look what they once were in the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). It will allow readers to a certain limited extent, to compare the ecology of the environment of the past (see below) with the ecology of the environment in which they live.


In this connection the author considers expedient again to quote some fragments of the works of Professor H.E. of Podrushnyak (1993), for similar views expressed provide most other honest scientists of the world. So, he wrote:


Unfortunately, like Chernobyl, "ozone hole", or rather huge areas deprived of the ozone layer around the earth, are also using the mind of a man's hand. Ozone is a gas with a characteristic smell, is formed of oxygen, air, by electrical discharges and under the influence of ultraviolet rays of the Sun; constantly contained in the atmosphere, reaching the highest concentration at a height of 20 - 25 km above sea level.

Ozone ball - reliable shield the perpetrator of formation and existence of life on Earth; its quantity around the Earth about 3 billion tons; it reliably protects living biosystem from exposure to life-threatening Space ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ozone in small quantities is contained in all layers of the atmosphere, and in the spring of more than at other times of the year. UV radiation in certain limited concentrations bombards atoms siminovich relations DNA and destroys them, forming a very strong covalent chemical bond - Timanova dimers.

From now on, unless there is a restoration of communications, DNA is unable to perform its biological function. Therefore, the gap in the ozone layers of the Earth and education of mone-pokilometrovym holes can cause hard penetration of UV radiation from Space, which is extremely dangerous for living organisms. "Ozone hole" are, in fact, part of the fundamental physical forces of nature, as its presence or the absence can dispense receipt of UV radiation from Space to the Earth's surface.

About 10 years ago, the researchers first noticed the decrease in the ozone concentration in the near-earth space. It has been suggested that this is the result of air pollution with nitrogen oxides in the result of nuclear tests; after their termination amount of ozone increased.
In 1987 from satellites found that over the Antarctic was created huge "ozone hole", which covers nearly 5 million square kilometers, and its boundaries in places apart even beyond: towards Australia, South America, Africa. If she appeared above the equator, it would have led to an increased incidence among the population and other disadvantages-of favourable consequences for living beings. UV radiation from space as a result of destruction of the protective layer of the Earth increases; short-wave solar radiation will cause numerous mutations in animals and plants, will increase cancer and to GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE. Everyone who was suffering from sunburn, well imagines consequences expressed UV radiation.

In the Northern hemisphere ozone layer continues to decrease every year by 1.7%to 3%. The ozone hole, probably, will not disappear until the chlorine levels in the atmosphere are not reducing zitsa to indicators 1960 - 1970s. The U.S. Agency for environmental protection has established that by 2050 will occur in 50 % loss of ozone, and this will cause 160 million cases of skin cancer among the population born between 2030 and 2074 years.
Some experts say that the productivity of agricultural crops will fall by 30%; almost gone plankton is the primary food for marine life. With the increase of the "ozone hole" in plants, including in terrestrial crops, according to the American researchers, dramatically reduce the formation of a plant protein, which will lead to significant reduction of yield. It is necessary to urgently develop means possible inhibiting the processes of decline of plant protein biosynthesis in agricultural plants.

According to D. Pits (University of Houston), Earth's ozone layer was reduced to 10%, resulting in the intensity of solar radiation blue and ultraviolet spectrum has increased; increased risk of eye disease, as well as the formation of premature aging of these tissues.
...Some specialists without special anxiety is related to the reduction of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Today over the European part of the former USSR has already decreased the power of the ozone screen on the average on 3%. This means that in Moscow and the Crimea, the intensity of the Earth's surface insolation is equalized.

Lisitsyn V.Y.
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