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Инопланетяне легли на дно?Our planet on the right had to be called not the Land, and Ocean, because two thirds of it is just salt water. To penetrate the mysteries of the seas and oceans extremely difficult - if only because at a depth of enormous pressure - hundreds of atmospheres.

Only special submersibles, which on the Ground units, capable to deliver researcher at the bottom of the ocean to search for Atlantis, or in Chilean deep to try and find the true creators of the stone statues of Easter island...

It is not surprising that the truth about what is happening under the water often mixed with the most incredible rumours and speculation. About it our page.

"Parisian" testifies about Atlantis

On Atlantis and Atlantis made a PR dozens popularizers of history. The last theory - Atlantis is located near the Spanish coast in the Bay of Biscay. Theory satisfies "boundary condition" Plato's Atlantis is, as he wrote, for Gerkulesovy pillars (the Strait of Gibraltar). The idea is not worse and not better than many other zero archaeological evidence, tons of inventions and advertising.

But the problem is, in all probability, has been solved long ago! Almost all historians agree that Plato's Atlantis is the Minoan civilization of the Aegean sea center on the island of Santorini (Thira). In this case, archaeological sites just mass - beautiful frescoes in the Knossos Palace on Crete, ceramics and building foundations in Santorini, quarries and bronze products.

Known and the cause of the destruction of civilization - the explosion of the volcano in Santorini and monstrous tsunami that struck coastal settlements of the Atlanteans. Geological evidence about the catastrophe numerous and indisputable, many are deeply under water.

There is, however, and aesthetic proof. Everyone who has seen the fresco "Parisian" age of 3.5 thousand years, will agree that it could only be Atlant.

Not so Loch this Nessie

Recently in the history of known plesiosaurus Scottish Loch ness there was a funny turn. A gentleman suggested a new interpretation of mysterious objects observed by local residents and tourists. Classic photo long neck with a small head sticking out of the water, in the opinion of the interpreter, is a photo of the trunk of an elephant that escaped from circus and tried to swim across the lake.

The humour of the new theory should not make us have in advance skeptical attitude to the phenomenon of Nessie. Why, in fact, separate representatives floating dinosaurs not be saved in the remote corners of the Earth? Have found their contemporaries, live fish Alacant, about Africa. Another thing is that many of the expedition, tens of years worked at the lake, found at the best pair flooded logs and no plesiosaurus.

Actually the strongest argument against Nessie is in the area of population biology. Namely, for the conservation of species over millions of years - since the time of the dinosaurs is necessary, of course, not one single individual, but a few hundred or even a few thousand individuals. And only such number of plesiosaurs, transforming a small Loch ness in the likeness of soup with meatballs, no notice would have been simply impossible.

For the sake of justice we should add that the supporters of the existence of prehistoric Nessie recently invented a counter-argument - it turns out that the lake is sometimes reported to the Atlantic ocean, where and crosses the main part of the family of the plesiosaurs, and the ocean to see it again. Alacant, too, found only in 100 years after the first message aboriginal about the amazing lobe-finned fish!

Aliens lay at the bottom?

Reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have begun to arrive from the late 40-ies of the last century. Modern science does not say that they do not exist or that UFOs are not aliens. But science doesn't take anything on faith and requires serious evidence - and there is no.

But except the UFOs can in fact exist and NGOs - unidentified submerged objects, messages about which too abysmal. While NGOs often do not see, and hear, acoustics submarines, automatic buoys tracking naval activity of the various States.

In 70-80-ies of the last century in the USSR was even a special programme and the Commission to study the mysterious underwater noise, however, is not issued exactly any results. And then the noise is gone, but questions remained.

- The acoustics of the ocean we know is bad, - said the chief researcher of the Institute of Oceanology of RAS, doctor of biological Sciences Vsevolod Belikovich. - Systematic research of the technical acoustics, offshore acoustics, but bioacoustics studied in "three plus".

The thing is that such work was carried out mainly by the military, and they are only interested in a specific sounds. And even the famous "the song" humpback whales were identified by accident - in the American Navy was two scientists.

As for suspicious noise, it was discussed their relationship with acoustically active buoys that the Americans had set for detection of our submarines near Severodvinsk. And these buoys could really change the nature of their acoustic behavior at the approach of the submarine.

There was another hypothesis - noise could make some kind of living organisms. Do you have at the bottom of the ocean NGOs aliens - who knows, maybe something is.
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