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СЕКРЕТНЫЕ ОПЫТЫ ПО СКРЕЩИВАНИЮ ЧЕЛОВЕКА И ОБЕЗЬЯНЫCases of abduction of large apes women known in anthropology from the time of colonization of the Black continent. Poor girl in the harsh conditions of the jungle long lived. They died from brutal lovemaking males, either from hunger, because the grass and roots that feed on monkeys, there could not...

Oliver from the African jungle

"No one can definitely say that met offspring from the marriage monkeys and humans. But those people who happened to see a male chimpanzee, nicknamed Oliver, clear conclusion that the existence of such then-STV is possible."

This amazing creature caught in the early seventies of the last century in impassable jungles of the Congo and sold in South Africa couple of Burger that dressirovka-whether wild animals for different shows.

"Oliver was immediately struck by the imagination of the spouses. He only went on two legs, the balance was restrained behavior and amazing ingenuity. Chimpanzees so accurately copied the behavior of people that had the impression he did this OS-mentally. If Oliver gave a coin, he went to the machine with soft drinks and brought out a bottle of Coca-Cola. He fed the dog Bagirov, a big dog that belonged to him as a person. "

Even people noticed that Oliver smelled differently from his relatives. In the house he went to the toilet and pulled a water. Most liked the spouses, when Oliver as Frank Berger, sat in the evening in front of TV with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Copying the owner, he mixed alcohol with orange juice, sipping a cocktail in small SIPS and blissfully squinted, looking at the TV screen.

Outwardly Oliver also differed from other apes. Hairless head and chest, infra-red light than usual color intelligent eyes, uteulina lower jaw and ear, shaped more like a human, produced on everyone who saw its non-conventional impression. Even monkeys avoided Oliver, and he often sad si Affairs alone.

"Scientists have expressed great interest in the amazing chimpanzees. According to ha-Zeta Sunday Telegraph, the specialists of the University of Chicago did a blood test Oliver and were amazed that he had 47 chromosomes. It on the one-well chromosome less than usual in monkeys, but one more than the people. Bio-logs put forward several hypotheses about the origin of Oliver. Some said that this is a mutant, appeared in the result of violations of human ecology of Central Africa, others believed that unusual chimpanzee is the result of an affair pygmy and monkeys. "

In the family, spouses, Burger peace until Oliver has not reached sexual maturity. He began to take an interest not to chimpanzees, and to Jannet, Burger. On Oliver States were not worn. Jeannette saw that when it appears close to the males of all EU-testo rebelled. He quickly ran up to her, climbed under her skirt, tried powa-pouring on the ground. However, in the presence of Frank male behaved decently.

First, this behavior Oliver amused, but then not a little frightened. One-GDI night when Frank was not at home, Oliver penetrated through the window in the bedroom of his wife. She nearly fainted when, suddenly awakened to see Oska by mouth monkeys, already hitting her night clothes and spreading her legs powerful hairy legs. Jeannette miraculously escaped from inflamed animal-th.

After this incident, Margery sold monkey in one of medical laboratories in Pennsylvania, where it quite thoroughly studied. It is known that, after Oliver several times severely punished for sexual molestation of female-mu medical staff, he settled down, started the harem of the ten chimpanzees and gave birth to numerous posterity...

In search of ancestors

In the past, many people believed in their descent from animals. Small-Gashi, for example, their ancestors believed zebras, Guineans - big spider, t-Betty APE, dahomay - leopard.

"In horse ancestors believed Arkadiy, Hindus, and Tatars. The Chinese believe in their Pro-procession of the Union of the woman and the dog. According to an old legend Ainu: one of the most beautiful Islands of the Japanese archipelago was a young woman. One day, returning from hunting, she met the dog, who offered her to become her guardian, friend and lover. She agreed, and their Union were born ancestors of the Ainu people."

"The Indians of the southwestern Canada talk about Resund, a young woman, which was abducted bear, and she became the wife of the leader. At the time of marriage, described is called the legend, she bore him two cubs. Already before the death of the leader bears managed to magic sing the song that turned his two sons-the cubs people. Several years later, after the death of his mother, the guys came back to live among people. Their descendants are spread everywhere."

This legend is like another, Danish, tells about the animal ancestors places-governmental monarchs. And in this case, a beautiful young woman was carried miedwie dem. After a few years of marriage with the beast, she gave birth to a young bear with human traits. Her husband is a bear was once killed by hunters and women on with his son returned to the human society. In memory of his father, the boy was named Ursus. He later married and had a son by the name of Olso, which in turn became the father of Swain, the first king of Denmark.

In Ancient Greece, the famous mathematician Thales advised his master the Periana-other, so that he did not trust the sheep of his flock unmarried shepherds, if he wants from running the birth of the centaurs.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the goddess Aphrodite used often as Liu-bolnikov lions and horses. And Pasiva, wife of king Minos of Crete, so hopelessly in love with the bull that this passion was born Minotaur, half-man and half - polubit.

In the image of the snake Zeus seduced Olympia, the daughter of king Philip of Macedon, and so was conceived future conqueror Alexander the Great.

"Plutarch in Paradoxes tells this story: a Young shepherd showed me the baby, which he had from his Mare. Upper body newborn th was human, and the lower - horse. A child was crying, as usual newborns established."

With the spread of Christianity about sex with animals changing Nilos. It began to be treated as a serious sin, but despite taboos and prohibitions, co-pulizia with animals continued to be widespread both among women and among men. And in this regard, throughout the middle ages and ages Who-born people believed that ugly offspring is a consequence of such unions.

"Paracelsus, Fortunio Liceti, Italian obstetrician XVI century and the kind of pain-trolled the expert in the Affairs of the children-freaks, listed numerous cases of human birth children, animals and the birth of animals or hybrids women. Fathers were, as a rule, horses, dogs, lions, and even unicorns. The famous physician Ambroise Pair in his memoirs says, as in 1274 in Verona Koba-La, fertilized his master, gave birth to the centaur. Also quoted the case of a woman who gave birth to a child with the dog's body below the waist."

In 1685 the great anatomist a Fetus claimed that he had seen a woman who after having sex with the cat gave birth to a child with a cat's head.

Even in the late nineteenth century, some British researchers considered probable and wrote about that of a black woman, married with gorillas. Women supposedly teach-do monkeys to apply fire, and perform many simple home Affairs. And their children - half men and half of paleobotany - were even able to speak...

" The creators of ball"

"The first attempts to implement what is considered impossible, newsest-Ukraine, invalid, in Soviet Russia have been made already in the first years after the October revolution. It was at this time gained strength campaign on the so-called rejuvenation. In the hungry, the poor country, exhausted by the citizens-Russian war, matured grandiose plans of the victory over the old age!"

"In 1923 the newspaper Krasnaya Niva was informed about the fantastic success of the domestic Noi science transplant sex testicles chickens, Guinea pigs and dogs: The old chicken was restored egg production, and old cavies was the who-vremena the capability to reproduce!"

But what is the chickens and pigs in comparison with the closest relatives of four-rights - primates?! And the Soviet scientists a new temptation: to cross the person with a monkey!

" The pioneer in this hitherto unexplored area became Professor Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. No, he was not a charlatan, rather, a genius. This, by the way, he thought artificial insemination mammals. "

About how long and hard Professor Ivanov hatched his dream, as was burning it, shows its Memorandum to the people's Commissar of education Lunacharsky:

"The method of artificial insemination gives the opportunity to rise to the question of the origin of man. From the first steps of scientific activity I tried implemented enact conducting experiments crossing of man and the anthropoid apes. At the time I was negotiating with the former owners of the famous zoo, a former Trustee of the Institute of experimental medicine del Toboso. However, fear PE-ed by the most Holy Synod was stronger desire to meet this beginning of...

At this time, for the production of these experiments lack of money. Assume that the Soviet government would in the interests of science and propaganda naturally-century historical worldview to meet thism fact and issue, if not all, a considerable part of this sum. I should add that I have received the offer from the Pasteur Institute for final negotiations and implementation experiences. It would be a shame if this work took place without the participation of the USSR."

Professor requested him to experiment 15 thousand dollars.

My work with the method of artificial insemination mammals, wrote Willow-the new leaders of the Soviet government on may 27, 1925, of course, led me to the idea to make experiments breeding through artificial insemination between different species of apes and between the latter and the human-century. These experiments can give extremely important facts to clarify the question of the origin of man. Getting hybrids between different types of anthro-paigow more than likely. You can almost count on getting these new forms. The birth of a hybrid form between man and Anthropoides less likely, but the possibility is not excluded. My attempts in pre-revolutionary time to do the work in this direction with no success. On the one hand, prevented religious prejudice, on the other - for the organization of these experiments required an exclusively furnished and heavily...

"After just four months, 30 September 1925, the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences re-than that the expedition of Professor Ivanov in Africa for the organization of experiments were dying-realizatsii on the anthropoids must be found worthy of great attention mania and full support."

Genius, flying down with brakes

"In the French Guinea Ivanov left in the summer of 1926, but here it was waiting disappointed-Russia: Experience of crossing had not yet begun, so as to find for a fee of women tuzemak so far it has not been possible, " he wrote in Moscow. - Because of this, I conspired, and has received the consent of the doctor to make experiments in the hospital that it would be easy to do... "

But the Governor said that fundamentally he agrees, provided that the experiments will be placed with consent of patients. This condition has made the production of these experiments, based on already established, it is extremely difficult.

"This is why I attach great importance to the sending of pygmies from Rabona, because with them the above-mentioned problems should arise..."

However, in the new allocations for experiments Ivanov was denied. But the Professor did not give up and immediately prepared a draft resolution, which was to break through the Commission, created by the scientific Department of the people's Commissars of the USSR. Here are just some of the points of this project:

"Joining the resolution of the physico-mathematical Department of the all-Union Academy of Sciences of September 30, 1925 relatively large scientific meaning is scheduled Professor I. I. Ivanov experiments on interspecific hybridization on antro-podaj, the Commission believes that:

1. experiments interspecific hybridization on the anthropoids should be continued Professor Ivanov in Sukhumi nursery of monkeys, as between different types of monkeys, and between apes and man,

2. experiments should be furnished with all the necessary precautions and to proceed in the conditions of strict isolation of women, eliminating the possibility of natural-governmental insemination,

3. experiments should be put on the greatest possible number of women..."

"Naturally, senior academic Commission draft bold innovator approved and already in August 1927 the Red newspaper article in the Future monkey house in Sukhumi wrote: it is Supposed to put here artificial seeding of the apes different species among themselves and with man. As experiments will be delivered IVF women from apes and monkeys from the man on the way Professor Ivanov."

"This publication caused a stir abroad, and Western scholars called for an immediate halt immoral experiments. The public abroad hastened to reassure, saying it was a misunderstanding, and no experiments breeding in Russia are not kept: in Sukhumi on monkeys experience a new drug and advanced methods of treatment."

" The mystery of the Yeti"

However, Ivanov from Sukhumi does not gone, just its program is strictly classified.

"Intensive experiments breeding humans and apes continued in the nursery until 1932. Having received the first encouraging results, Ivanov re-elected to make them accessible to the academic community. But in the Soviet Union attempted to publish them even in the closed scientific editions have not crowned success. Then-when he tried to transfer them to their foreign colleagues. The attempt failed. Ivanov was arrested, accused of treason and in the same 1932 shot."

Unfortunately, further traces monstrous inherently experiments are lost. Lee Bo experiments were terminated, or, more likely, they are so classified that to this day they are a mystery.

"But as you know, every veil of secrecy is that from time to time priotkryla is. In the book zoologist B. Heuvelmans the Riddle of the frozen man has reported an appeal of one of his friend, trust worthy, as the author notes, that in 1952-1953 she met at a friend of a Russian doctor who escaped from the Siberian camps. This Russian said that he was arrested for failure to comply with orders: it was required to produce fertilization women Mongolian race sperm goril crystals."

The experiments were conducted in the hospital management of the Gulag.

"The Russians received, thus, a race of APE people: they have a growth of 1.8 m, covered with fur, work in the salt mines, have stained force and Trodat by almost without rest. Grow faster than men, and therefore quickly become under-qualified for the job. The only downside is the inability to reproduce. But researchers are working successfully in this direction."

"After reading such sensational rows in the head inevitably creeps wild, at first glance, the idea: what if all these artificially created obesa-naydi and elusive Yeti - came from one lab? Official science relict hominoid not recognize, however it regularly see in different parts of the world. Does this mean that the experiments breeding of humans and apes were carried out not only in Russia?"

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