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Найдены пульсары, пожирающие звездыFor the first time by the staff of the Pulkovo astronomical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences found evidence of the presence in the accretion flow of star systems in a strong magnetic field. Previously, this was only about to neutron stars and black holes.

The pulsar is a neutron star that emits a narrow streams of radio emission. Pulses of pulsars are formed as follows: the stream comes into the view of an observer at equal intervals of time due to the rotation of the neutron star.

There are also sources of periodic x-rays, which are called the x-ray pulsars. X-ray pulsars and radio, are neutron stars, only strongly magnetized.

Unlike radio pulsars, which spend on radiation own energy of rotation of the x-ray pulsars emit the energy at the expense of "devouring" substances stars-neighbor, neighbor at that time becomes a white dwarf under the action of a pulsar.

In the end, the mass of the pulsar slowly increased his speed and moment of inertia, while radio pulsars, on the contrary, over time, slow down. And if the usual pulsar makes a turn at a time from a few seconds up to several tenths of a second, the x-ray pulsar makes hundreds of times a second.

X-ray pulsar industrial 1062, which is the "retarded" remains of a supernova and is located in the remainder of the explosion of a plasma cloud was discovered by astronomers in 2011 - but only recently have scientists figured out what was what.

Under scenario magnetic accretion appearance of such a pulsar becomes quite natural. This is due to the fact that the influence of the magnetic field of the accretion flow is changing not only the structure but also the mechanism of interaction of the incident matter with the magnetic field of the star.
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