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Психолог: "Конец света" может случиться, главное - чтобы при этом не было конца газа"Today" asked psychologist, what can turn the hype about the end of the world, which included Ukraine

Oksana Investigation, associate Professor of the Department of pediatric, social and forensic psychiatry National medical Academy of postgraduate education named P.L. education told, what are the possible consequences of a wave disturbing news about "end of the world", more than just sick of modern Ukrainians and how to notice psychological trauma in children.

- Oksana Ostapovna whether "end of the world" can lead to real mental disorders Ukrainians?

Such alarming message may affect sensitive people, but I don't think it will cause mass psychosis. In the media about the so-called end of the world is not always thoroughly and competently. There are sources that excessively talking about this subject. However, there is the position of the Church, which debunks the myth about the end of the world. Most astrologers also deny such forecasts. Even if some people are overly imbued with this idea, who would support him? "The law of the crowd" only works when people are together, and in everyday life, this effect will not occur. The majority of Ukrainians actually perceive "end of the world" with humor.

- And what about the people who buy candles, build bunkers?

- Somebody wants to hold on December 21 in the bunker? Well, why not have some fun. You know, I really like the story of the Mayan Calendar. Sit wife with her husband, he says, "my Darling, I'm so tired to create this calendar!" (attaching stones) And she is "Yes throw this case, to whom it after so many years will it take"


- A serious mental illness can happen? In Russia on this ground were even ritual murder

- Ritual murder and serious mental disorders are often not the same.

When it comes to serious mental disorders, not only wave disturbing news, a person must be a specific set of genes that lead to psychosis.

When it comes to murder, they often develop on the background of the character pathology, with not so much genetic factor is important as a combination of genetic, psychological and social factors.

To hysterical and other maladaptive personality reactions may be inclined only 2-3% of people. But this does not mean that all they have such reaction in one day. Lighter, neurotic reactions typical for 10 - 12% of the population. But these people are rather worried about personal problems: work, family relationships

- And is there any difference in terms of frequency of mental disorders between Ukraine and Western Europe, USA?

- Mental disorders depend on a number of reasons: biological nature, psychological and social. Biological aspect, genetic in particular, is no different in different countries. On the psychological component is affected by the attitude of people to each other, attitude to children, parents, and the availability and accessibility of information.

Because of globalization and the Internet, our people receive the information that was unavailable in the Soviet times: knowledge about different psychological directions, adopt a culture of relationships. In more democratic countries people have a more developed sense of dignity, they are less hope that someone will bring on the plate for a better life. Probably, we have a few percent more neurotic disorders and depressive levels, since more difficult material conditions, many of the desires of the people are not implemented. Often this can be seen with the naked eye when we rarely see the smiles of our compatriots.

- What mental problems most frequently encountered Ukrainians?

- Patients with serious disorders which require hospitalization, less than 1%. At 6 - 8% of people arise periodically neurotic disorders. Most often Ukrainians and other Europeans have neuroses, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthenic syndrome.

The latter is connected with depletion of the nervous system: when the body lacks vitamins, when a person beset with problems of a big city, is experiencing stress. Neuroses usually occur when a person is experiencing the trauma suffered internal psychological conflict, he often begins in early childhood.

- What child is experiencing psychological trauma?

- In a very early age Psychotrauma makes itself felt through somatovegetative bodily symptoms: fever, a breach of appetite, that is through bodily functions. From 4 to 7 years, mainly through physical activity, thus the hyperactivity or less - motor block. For this period overlaps the other - from 5 to 10 years, when many Psychotrauma reflected in emotional reactions. Their children "demonstrate" through sadness, hysteria. With only 11 years, the response goes on cognitive, intellectual level.

- And you can help children cope if the alarm "surpasses"?

Now every school has 6 - 8% of children with borderline compensated disorders: anxiety, asthenia, mild depression.

To help these children can and should be. Unfortunately, the parents are not always try to help them. If a child is ill, he receives a small book, and in socially difficult families is part of financial income. And if a child has a neurotic condition, it often hurt - peers, teachers, parents, as a rule, it is less time, and he is considered "lazy", "slacker"angry for his bad behavior, behind which we can often detect a protest little man who understands much more than can be expressed in words. He can't have a good answer gets a bad grade, but sometimes understand the subject better than others.

It is very important for the mental health of children to change the attitude to them is to find individual inclinations, to contribute to their successful social self-realization, to work on improving their level of development and education, as it facilitates social adaptation of children.

On the theory Simonov (information theory emotional response), the more one knows, the less inappropriate reactions. It can be seen even when comparing the behaviour of pupils. Children who are given a heavier study - have more emotional conflicts with parents and teachers, they are more likely to develop neurotic reactions and behavioral disorders.

- That is, the environment scientists who have a wider knowledge, respectively, in big cities, where there are research institutes, lower risk of panic?

- Not exactly. In the village there is just sensible people, and among the scientists there are accentuate subject to neurotic reactions. For mental health it is important to have a good level of communicative abilities, intelligence, emotional adequate level of response.

Here great role is played by genes and psychological atmosphere in the family, and social conditions. But the intellect yet smoothes the situation.

But for people with a particular mindset plays a big role competent submission of information. Therefore, in the press is reasonable to predict the possibility of "end of the world", but only if you add that this option will be in the event of heavy snowfall, when not withstand the wire. The main thing that it was not "the end of gas, wood, or for a light quickly repaired. I hope you understand that this is just a joke about how can think of some people.
Source: A "Today"
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