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Современное рабствоThe subject of this article: "the Illusion of equality of the rights of people in the modern world". The illusion of the free world without slavery, which for some reason they all believe.

Slavery is considered a relic of the past. But is it? Do you feel so glorified, equality in rights with the rest of them? No matter how sad, slavery is still with us. Here, now. Someone does not notice that someone does not want. Someone is working very hard that would be all and osciloscope, on the full equality of people it never was. It is physically impossible. Someone is born 2 meters tall, with elegant appearance, in a good family. And someone is forced from the cradle to fight for their survival. People are different, and most of them are different, the decisions they take. The subject of this article: "the Illusion of equality of the rights of people in the modern world". The illusion of the free world without slavery, which for some reason they all believe.

Slavery is a system of social organization, where people (RAB) is the property of another person (the owner) or the state.

In paragraph 4 of the universal Declaration of human rights, the UN expanded the concept of a slave to any person who is not able on their own to refuse work.

Thousands of years mankind lived in slaves. The dominant class of society force forced weaker class to work for him in inhumane conditions. And if the rejection of slavery was not empty shaking the air, it would not have happened so quickly and practically worldwide. Simply, the authorities came to the conclusion that they can keep people in poverty, hunger and get all the necessary work for peanuts. And so it happened.

Basic family, owners of the largest capital on the planet, have not gone away. They remained in the same dominant position and continued to profit on ordinary people. From 40% to 80% of people in any country of the world live in poverty do not willingly or coincidence. These people are not disabled, not mentally retarded, not lazy, and not criminals. But they can't afford to buy any car or property, adequate protection of their rights in court. Nothing! These people have to fight for their survival, every day sticking for ridiculous money. And this even in countries with huge natural resources and in peace! In countries where there is no problem of overpopulation or some natural disasters. What is it?

Back to the 4th paragraph of the Declaration of human rights. Do these people have the opportunity to opt out of work, to move, to try myself in another business? Spend a couple of years to change the profession? No!

From 40% to 80% of people in almost any country in the world - slaves. And the gap between rich and poor people deeper and deeper, and this fact nobody hides. The ruling family's arm with bankers create a system aimed only to enrich themselves. But ordinary people are left out of the game. Do you really think that the property has so much cost in terms of working hours of the common man? I'm not talking about how many territories, in fact, idle practically in any country. And it's not overpriced property, in case a lower price of human life. We do not stand for our "masters". Living in slums or concrete multi-storied hen-houses. The sweat and blood of earning our bread, clothing and 1 short trip polubojarova holiday by the sea a year. While the privileged classes of people (for example bankers) draw it in the pocket of any amount by the simple stroke of a pen. Big business dictates the laws, fashion, politics. Creates and destroys markets. And what can be opposed to the corporate machine simple man? Nothing. In the presence of large capital you can lobby their interests in the government and to remain always win, despite the quality and nature of your activities. All these hopelessly flawed automobile factories, weapons companies, intermediaries in the commodity industry, all this feeders elite. We unanimously accepted and fill them.

The authorities send us to war, put in cells for debts, limit the possibility of resettlement or the right to have weapons. What are we like it or slaves? And the saddest thing is that we have ourselves to blame no less than those who

now at the helm. Blame in their blindness and passivity.

Modern slavery takes sophisticated forms. This alienation of the people (communities, population) from its natural resources and territories by unfair privatization (monopolization) rights to socially beneficial territorial resources (mineral resources, rivers and lakes, forests and land. For example, the laws protecting monopolistic ownership of enormous resources of the community, people (population) of territories, regions, countries, imposed by unscrupulous rulers (officials, "the chosen ones", Executive power, legislative power is a form of alienation that allow to assert about slave labor conditions and monopolies, oligarchy, in fact schemes of alienation and ownership being implemented through the "defeat the rights of the population and social groups. The concept of super-profits and inadequate remuneration of labour is a characteristic common and specific definition of slavery - the defeat of the rights to the use of natural resources of the territories and the alienation of the share of labour with inadequate payment. Such a defeat in rights by the courts apply in raids, corruption and fraud. For enslavement use of the traditional scheme of debt and loans under high interest rates. The main characteristic of slavery is a violation of the principle of equitable distribution of resources, rights and powers used for the enrichment of one group at the expense of another group and dependent behavior defeat in rights. Any form of inadequate application of benefits and inequality in resource allocation is hidden (implicit partial ) form of slavish position of certain groups of the population. None of the modern democracies (and other forms of self-organization of society) are not deprived of these remnants in the scale of whole countries. A sign of such phenomena are whole society institutions focused on the struggle with these phenomena in the most extreme forms.

And the situation is only getting worse. Even if we assume that you are satisfied with your position or you simply can't tolerate. To stop this system of enslavement is needed now, as your children will be even harder to do it.

Modern slaves are forced to work in the following hidden mechanisms:

1. Economic compulsion slaves to the permanent work. Modern slave forced to work without stopping to death because of Money, earned a slave for 1 month, enough to pay for housing for 1 month, meals for 1 month and travel for 1 month. Because there is enough money in modern slave always only for 1 month, modern slave forced to work all my life to death. The pension is also great as a fiction, since the Slave-pensioner pays the entire amount of pension for housing and meals, and a servant-pensioner no free money.

2. The second mechanism hidden forcing slaves to work is the creation of artificial demand for pseudonoise goods that are imposed on the slave using the TV-advertising, PR, arrangement of goods on certain parts of the store. Modern slave involved in the endless race for "news", and this is forced to work.
3. The third secret mechanism of economic coercion modern slaves is a credit system, with the help of which the modern slaves more and more involved in the credit bondage, through the mechanism of "interest rate". Every day modern slave has more and more, because Modern slave to pay off interest loan, is taking a new loan, not giving the old, creating a pyramid of debts. Debt constantly hanging over the modern slave, well stimulate the modern slave to work even for very low wages.
4. The fourth mechanism to force the modern slaves to work on the hidden owner is the myth of the state. Modern RAB believes that work for the state, but in fact a slave is running on the pseudostate, because Money servant go in the pocket of the slaveholders, and the concept of the state is used to confuse slave to the slaves did not ask unnecessary

questions like: why slaves working life and always remain poor? And why do slaves have no share of the profits? And who specifically lists the money paid slaves in taxes?
5. The fifth mechanism hidden coercion slaves is the mechanism of inflation. The growth of prices in the absence of wage growth slave, provides covert invisible robbery slaves. Thus, the modern slave growing poor more and more.
6. The sixth secret mechanism to make a slave to work for free: strip slave funds for relocation and purchase of real estate in another city or another country. This mechanism makes modern slaves to work on one of the city-forming enterprise and "tolerate" onerous conditions as Other conditions slaves simply no one to run away slaves nothing and nowhere.
7. The seventh mechanism that causes the slave to work for free, is concealing information about the real value of slave labour, the real value of the goods, which made a slave. And the share of wage slave, which takes the slave owner through the mechanism of bookkeeping calculation, taking advantage of the ignorance of the slaves and the lack of control of slaves above the surplus value, which the slave owner takes it for himself.
8. For modern slaves did not demand their share of PRandwere, not

required to give earned their fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, great-grandfathers, etc. Is the suppression of the facts of plunder in the pockets of slaveholders resources that have been created by numerous generations of slaves during the millennial history.
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