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Ричард Хогланд был прав - его "сломали"Richard Hoagland wrote an article in which he writes that the Rover Curiosity ("Curiosity") became the main character of the grandiose performance NASA. According to him, in order not to show us the real picture of what is happening on Mars, the leadership of NASA will soon adjust its "break".

Richard Hoagland was right - it ' broke"

And so on December 11 experts from NASA reported that technical problems of Curiosity Rover, question the expediency of continuing research mission on the red planet. The problem, according to the chief engineer of the machine, Rob manning, is in electronics allegedly drill at work may refuse and take out the whole the Rover.

The "fix it for a couple of months before sending Curiosity from the station in Florida, but by the time of the fault detection to change anything it was too late," said manning.

Earlier, from NASA got the message that the drill Rover not passed due process of disinfection before the flight to Mars. This caused unrest among experts regarding the possible contamination of the red planet earth bacteria.

But to survive in a hostile environment they will be able only in case, if the Rover will find water.

Curiosity was launched on November 26, 2011. on 6 August it reached the surface of Mars. His mission has cost the record for the research programmes of $2.5 billion
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