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Человек, который чувствует дыхание землиHappy parents named her son Fedor. He was born in a small village Kotovsky district of Volgograd region. And in school Fedor went learns already in Kamyshin, where his family moved after leaving unpromising village.

Fedor grew ordinary boy. As for diseases that had fallen ill, he is no more and no less than others - in spring and autumn enough cold in winter used Grippol. Well, chickenpox grabbed one day. But most of all parents puzzled that sometimes the boy lost consciousness.

This happened only rarely, and, it seems that only a mother gave it meaning. Neuropathologist nothing could say. - Healthy it on my profile! - said the doctor. However, it was the 1980's, when the province was not scanners. And, as it turned out later, not in the head Fyodor was the matter... One day Fedor fainted in Kamyshin nursery.

It happened on a school trip: class strayed away into the forest to where grow crooked trees. Residents of Kamishin know this is a strange place. Barely ran to gnarled, twisted trees, Fedor fell down in a swoon. Elderly teacher was not to panic. She slipped it under his nose ammonia, told the boys to catch a classmate, and they formed a cortege headed for the bus stop. As soon as the class went fifty meters, Fedor regained consciousness.

"You okay? How many fingers? - Teacher hurriedly began to touch the pulse, to show his fingers through his, unbuckling and buttoning clothing of the pupil. Fedor vaguely answered. Absently, but correctly. After two or three minutes he was able to run again, to joke and to have fun. Of course, the teacher told the child's mother about the incident. But soon everything was forgotten...

"I call it this way: "I feel the breath of the Earth," he told Fedor in the letter. (He lives in a small town in Primorsky Krai). - In Kamyshin (more precisely in the Kamyshin district) in school days I then fainted several times. The nursery was only the beginning. I remember vividly, because the number of children fainting, now do not tell anybody. Then my friends and I went to have a rest on the Ilovlya. There's a place above the village of nobility. We went for a walk through the fields... And I landed without memory.

Again friends made outside of this zone. And I am again on my feet. Then there was the mountains Ears same adventure..." "In General, I brought this theory: I feel some anomalies that affect my health, " writes on the author. - Specially the literature that on our planet there are many geopathogenic anomalous zones.

You may remember the "Devil's glade", which is 400 km from the place of explosion of the Tunguska meteorite: it grow ugly trees, people feel headache, nausea; their fear. And, for example, the dog stop eating, and even die. It is well-known anomaly. On my own observations of such zones, where the "breathing Earth", i.e. it is a cycle of energy, a lot. It's like pores on the skin in humans. Just people these zones often do not even feel. Well, little heart was beating faster than usual or in the eyes of off - and all! And so I immediately fainted...

After school I studied in Saratov on the scanner: with brains I have everything in order. And then all understand: if I constantly fell fainting is, of course, pathology, and I have this rarely happens. And then I always quickly get up on your feet. Besides, I always lose consciousness at a very strange places. Although few times this has happened in cities or in a coach.

But again except in the cities there are no places where "breathing Earth"? Yes there are, of course. And intersections of any road since ancient times, our people are considered "bad places". Like some portals or refuge certain forces ..." "that's how we live: we will go with friends on nature, and I am the corner of my eye I saw - normal grass, no curves whether the trees, there are other oddities... love Nature, fishing, Hiking, but I try, in General, to bypass those places where "breathing Earth", - finished his message Fedor.
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