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Медведев: «Президент знает про существование инопланетян». У Владимира Путина другое мнениеThe sensational statement of Prime Minister of the Russian Federation has sounded on air after his interview to the Federal television channels on 7 December 2012


Distinguished Russian channel REN-TV and its journalist Marianna

Maximov. After the interview, Dmitry Medvedev gave the Federal channels 7 December 2012, answering the questions of TV presenters, she approached the Prime Minister and started a separate conversation.

Marianna Maximovskaya (on the face joyful smile):

- There is an opinion that once a person becomes the President, he shall bear the folder labeled "top secret" and it was there all the mysteries of the world! (Medvedev chuckles). And what do you know absolutely everything (nods, still smiling). Well, now, for instance, flew whether on the Earth by aliens? Those green men?

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (serious face):

- It is clear. So, to tell you the first and last time. Together with the transfer of the case with the nuclear codes to the President bring a special folder. It says "top secret". And it is entirely devoted to the aliens who have visited our planet. (Marianna, smiling happily). At the same time is provided the report is totally private - security services that are engaged in the control of aliens on the territory of our country. Hence, these two folders are transferred together with nuclear suitcase. After the termination of the powers of these folders accordingly transferred to the new President.

More detailed information on this subject you can get by looking known documentary film "men in black", was released several versions. (Marianna smiles again. Medvedev is serious).


- How many among us?

Dmitry Medvedev:

- How many among us will not tell, because it can cause panic.


In may 2005 "Komsomolskaya Pravda" celebrated its anniversary - 80 years.

The editorial office was visited by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Newspaper journalists have asked him questions. And also 7 years ago - it talks about the aliens. Naturally, after a serious conversation, which was before.

Nikolai Varsegov - our "Enchanted wanderer":

- Mr Putin, you are not in Africa live, so you know that in recent years, the country drunkard, degrades. What should we do with this?

Vladimir Putin (sighing):

- There are a lot of problems associated with poor-quality alcohol products. I just discussed this issue with Alexander Zhukov, he told me the government on this issue. In General, compared with Soviet times alcohol we really produce more, and he became cheaper. We must find a solution to this problem.

Vladimir ?agowskie, editor of science "Komsomolskaya Pravda":

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, my question is more serious than about vodka. I want to ask about aliens (Maximov in 2012 was not the original).

Vladimir Putin, President of RF:

- You not only tell it to those who vodka interested in.

Vladimir ?agowskie:

Yes there is some connection. And yet, since in our country there presidents, there is a legend that each newly elected leader of the country devote some terrible secret. It is that the Earth is visited by aliens. The Americans for their presidents allegedly lead to a kind of "green room", which stores the frozen body of aliens. To look, to make sure that we are not alone in the Universe. You dedicate this?

Vladimir Putin:

- Hmm, say, room - green? It is clear... notice that I don't drink strong drinks. When I was in the States, the President of the U.S. me in any "green room" was not invited. They say that he himself has long tied... I Assure you that I am in any secrets of this kind are not dedicated. All that is connected with UFO - such themes at the government level, at the level of the President does not exist.


Now the Internet and print media, especially in the West wonder: where is the truth? Medvedev was just kidding? Or disguised as jokes revealed "the mystery of the century"? Allegorical reported that aliens exist? Or the truth is that the newcomers do not speak in the top echelons of power? Then where is Mr Medvedev drew on the information to his story, as told on TV? And why he rasskazal? Or for 7 years something has changed? Ufologists are worried.
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