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Wikileaks: Идет тайная война с НЛО в АнтарктидеDuring the last occurrence of water UFO 40 people died.

Anticipating the new release of "leakage", Julian assange said that they will touch the materials, related to UFO writes ufodigest. So recently, in the message Wikileaks contained allegations that the us military may be in secret war with UFOs.

According to sources, the command of the military space forces announced the alarm in connection with the emergence of a large fleet of UFOs, up in the air from the bottom of the southern seas in Antarctica. This Armada of unknown objects went to Guadalajara, Mexico.

The US launched military aircraft and involved all the radars on the incoming targets. After that, allegedly, many flotilla organized sank to the bottom of the Antarctic ocean. The incident occurred on 10 June 2004.
Recently been registered another massive appearance of unknown objects that were headed towards the southern tip of South America and flew over Chile. Experts say that the immediate threat to these numerous huge create objects when they arise out of the water, resulting in the formation of dangerous waves. They are able to prevent ocean traffic and flood cargo and other ships.

The most recent emergence Armada UFO from the Antarctic ocean led to the fact that one ship with 160 people on Board almost turned over, and the other with the crew of 60 people were overturned. Only 20 people were saved, and they were still alive
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