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Cледы крушения «летающей тарелки» сохранились в каменном углеVladivostok resident found the rack metal, similar to detail from the microscope. Scientists have determined its age - 300 million years


The plot about which speech will go, began more than casually. Vladivostok resident Dmitry ordered coal for the winter. Whether in his place someone else, maybe just casually all this coal was burned. But then, throwing in the stove fuel, people noticed that in one of the usual pieces of coal shrunk something resembling or rod or a rod.

Deciding that himself to this task is not cope, Dmitry called the well-known Primorsky researcher abnormal phenomena, biologist Valery Whipcord. After finding it, he suggested that in the coal got a piece of petrified branches or ore mineral. But is it? Agreed that it is necessary partial processing of the rod and the collection of microsamples intestinal for analysis.

Gently breaking piece, took the rod of irregular shape, a little over 7 inches long, covered with a stubborn black coal. After controlling grinding under the scum discovered the metal of silver color. He did not magnetic, was soft and easy. The most interesting thing was that when cleaning rod was bared teeth and step-interval between them. Find looked very much like metal gear rail created artificially. It was like the detail that is often used microscopes, various technical and radio-electronic devices.


Coal this brought in Primorye from Khakasia, with Montenegrin field. Known the age of these coal - about 300 million years. Therefore, asked researchers, and shrunk it a metal part of the same old age?! But who could 300 million years ago, in the Carboniferous and prehistory, manufacture serrated "part"?

Partially deformed (explosion?) rake had in the section strange shape is irregular, with a displaced apex of the triangle. It was a strange and step between the teeth (they have survived only six, the other deformed) is unusually broad, ungainly in relation to the size of the teeth.

The answer to the question, what metal is made rake gave conducted by Valery Strong x-ray analysis. It turned out, the discovery made from very pure aluminium - c traces of magnesium only 2 to 4 percent.

This in itself was surprised because usually pure aluminum mankind applies very rarely. Basically alloys with manganese, silicon, copper. There alloys with magnesium, but it is usually up to 10 percent, plus an alloying agent of titanium, zirconium, beryllium. And this fusion is not like any other applicable in our time!

Once the composition of the rod, found the answer to the question, how could the item is saved millions years later: pure aluminum covered with a solid oxide film that prevents further corrosion. Besides, once in the coal, prehistoric item has turned into a "canned"that opened people in the beginning of XXI century in Khakassia. Access of oxygen to the "canned" was not, and the rake has not collapsed. Moreover, says the Strong, pure aluminum can point to the high technology of its production.

Another discovery: it turned out that the material contains from 28 to 75 percent of carbon.

- This was not to be, - says Valery Whipcord. - As aluminium receive electro-thermal method. It means that carbon could get only from coal through diffusion inside the crystal lattice of aluminum. The pressure of layers was huge. Carbon - absolute age verification details - 300 million years.

- A large amount of carbon is a very strange fact - supports colleague, senior research fellow, St. Petersburg Institute of nuclear physics Igor Okunev. Because aluminum has an incredibly chemically stable film on the surface section of the air - metal. It is strange that rake like the element of cog transmissions, although due to the softness and high smachivayasi aluminium be used in this way simply could not.

- The most interesting, scientist continues, " and if our earth, this aluminum? As far as we know today, science, there is extraterrestrial aluminium-26, which decays into magnesium-26. No space whether magnesium in Primorsko Nakhodka?

If a resident of Vladivostok and indeed found the part of extraterrestrial origin, then how did it get so-called rake to Earth three hundred million years ago? It was left to the aliens who have studied the Land long before the appearance of Homo sapiens? Maybe this is a rare artifact of the existence of ancient civilization upper Carboniferous period on our planet?

- This finding in coals made for the first time in Russia, - says Valeriy Whipcord. - One thing is clear: the rake is artificially created technical detail with great age. Completely excluded that it is a modern detail, which supposedly could get at explosions or machinery.


Forbidden archeology

Strange findings, extracted from the bowels during the extraction of minerals, fuels several conspiracy theories. One by one, in the distant past - the tens or even hundreds of millions of years ago the Earth was visited by aliens. On the other, on our planet already had a reasonable life. That is, there was civilization prior to ours. Therefore, items that look man-made, this is what is left or from "alien"or "early".

According to another theory, the representatives of the official science know about the artifacts, but hide them. Because finds really show that on Earth there was someone before us. And it does not fit in the modern understanding of the world. As a result there is the so-called forbidden archeology, in the secrecy of which is dedicated only for the elite.

Skeptics, of course, do not agree with the conspirators. Indict them either in the forgery of artifacts, or in scientific illiteracy, assuring that can explain the emergence of even the most seemingly incredible finds it quite natural reasons. Without the involvement of "alien" or "early".

In the Mineralogical Museum of the name of A. E. Fersman (Moscow) "KP" showed fancy gold bullion, as if mounted from a regular rectangular shapes. They looked parts of a mechanism. It turns out that such metal products, including the "pinks" and "chains", "grow" themselves in the cracks of mineral formations. One of the long crack - get the chain. Crack crosses the other, smaller, right angle - there's your "nail head", or a more complicated structure of the correct form. But most of all inclusions metals - from noble to rare-earth - is found in coal. Aluminum lath may be from the same breed.

Hammer? In some mines, mineral springs create a stone shell around dropped any subject within a few weeks. Museums even petrified sneaker.

Vase? The pitcher? There is no confidence, that these things actually exist. Many so called artifacts is presented only in the form of descriptions or photos.

The truth, of course, unknown. It's like a UFO. Some assert that it is the aliens come to us. Other no aliens, no UFOs do not believe.

Ostrovskaya Natalia

Vladimir ?AGOWSKIE, editor of science division of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
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