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Они были в городе на другой планете!Куили — город-лаборатория, носитель огромной информацииResearcher of anomalous phenomena Alexey Pryyma and the hypnotist Valery Avdeev conducted a unique experiment: put a regressive hypnosis resident of the Moscow region Zinaida Gavrilova, they received confirmation that it had hosted a contact with aliens.

Around midnight on a forest road before Gavrilova got a pillar of smoke, immediately turned into a woman nine-foot-tall, dressed in black and with a lantern on the chest. The woman repeated three times: "Come with me". What happened next, Gavrilova not remember. Woke up she only an hour and a half.

During a hypnosis session we Avdeev found that in mind Gavrilova there is a mental barrier - so-called "psychoscience"staged, as it turned out during the subsequent sessions of hypnosis, crew members "flying saucer". With great difficulty we managed to overcome this barrier in her mind. While under hypnosis, she said that twice already she was abducted by a UFO and brought to another planet in a town called Kweli.

Will fragment of the tape recording of this session regressive hypnosis.

We worked on the following scheme: Avdeev immersed contactor in hypnosis, then passed the so-called "contact report" to me, and then I had hypnotized Gavrilova on "the report". And she responded only to my voice.

-Do you know where you went? Yes or no?
- In another city.
He is on another planet?
- Yes.
- What is the name of the planet on which you visited?
- City Kweli.
"You misunderstand me. I repeat the question. What is the name of the planet on which city Kweli?
I don't know.
'Zina, now again you are in this city. Take a look around. What do you see?
- I go along the street. Home white, low and long. Very long. Many white rods above the roofs.
- Who, besides you, located on the street?
- Nobody. I am one.

Could be attributed the story to the category of fantasy "contactors", if not two "but". First, deception able regressive hypnosis almost impossible. Secondly, as it turned out, Gavrilov was not only our compatriot, who knew about the mysterious city Kweli.


Oxygen forensic Suite Diachkov investigate the circumstances of contacts residents IFM and M.I., who claimed that they had contact with extraterrestrial Intelligence. Dyachkov investigated map of the planet Ekran drawn up in 1980 /i.e. ten years before our sessions with Gavrilovos/ a channel IFM allegedly with the words and even with the participation of aliens from Ekrana. Map identified continents, rivers, deserts, mountains and city names. Now, on it, in the South-Western part of the continent called Gesagt, on the banks of the river Falls was listed city Kweli!

When there were publications about Gavrilova, "investigation" Dyachkova, I received several letters from people of different age, living in various parts of the country. All of them, surprisingly, concerned Kweli. In one of them , a resident of Nizhnevartovsk Aguzarova claimed that his son Denis, who is now seven years, even at the age of three talked about tall people from Space, about some city Kweli, described him and residents. Naturally, the parents were terrified, three years appealed to various authorities with "strange disease" son, but to no avail.

And here is what he told me pupil Maxim Vologdin from the village of Shelkino Crimea: ' I woke up in the night, as if something pulled me up from the bed. Went to the window - over the house hung two balls. They were connected by a thin line line. There was then a beam of light that struck me.. And I heard a strange voice: "Attention! Says the ship from Kweli". In my head something Titikalo... There is nothing vegorr is a noob".

Got something to come into confusion, if not to be terrified, as happened with Ibericum of the Kemerovo area.
"I am in a panic! - he worries. - Take some information directly into your brain. A strange voice sounds in me! I can write. Well, for example: "Kweli - city-lab, media huge information". I clearly heard and correctly recorded - "Kweli"...

Very interesting and testimony Mroboto from the town of Topki, Kemerovo region:

"Another planet... a Grey city... Remember bad, vaguely, as if something prevents me to remember. I follow some very tall, thin man. I'm scared, I don't want to go, but go. He turns around. His narrow face, which is huge, almond shaped, slightly slanted eyes. The man says imperative: "Go!" I say, "Where am I?" The man briefly throws in a: "City Kweli". And again I go as La Sonnambula for him... What happened, I don't remember. But here's "the City Kweli" remembered surprisingly plain".

Almost the same thing in a letter Vmedvede of Serpukhov, Moscow region: "Failure in memory... And suddenly, to his own amazement, I found myself in some very, very strange city. Remember the long white barracks along the street. While I was there, someone - no one knows whose voice is monotone, repeatedly and clearly repeated over my ear: "Kuili, Kweli, Kweli..." When I read the information about extraterrestrial city Kweli, obtained by you from one woman hypnotized me a little kick was not enough: "Goes, I also visited Kweli?!"

Is it possible somehow to install, reliable if the testimony of the people that claim they had had contact with extraterrestrial Intelligence? And that they had visited the city Kweli? Is there a reliable, repeatable experiments the method of confirming the information received? There. This is regressive hypnosis.


Mysterious planet Piran and a city Kweli bothered me. But as luck would have any new information about them could be located. And that's...

In early 1991, we Avdeev and psychiatrist Lydia Krapivina conducted a series of sessions regressive hypnosis with Muscovite Zinaida Alchevskiy. According to her, in the early 50-ies, the period of youth, she had two amazing meeting with "luminous being located in Sunny shining, transparent cocoon".

Hardly we Avdeev introduced Alchevsky in the state of hypnosis, as there was found in her mind "psychoscience"similar to the one that was in Gavrilova. Overcoming, we unexpectedly came in direct contact with the "being". Revealed: "it" a woman from a parallel world. Her name is Loo, and Zinaida Elshevskaya throughout life, that not suspecting, is under its constant supervision.

During the session I asked Alchevskiy questions, and she was mentally forward them Loo. Then he told me the answers. Once Zinaida was in deep hypnotic trance, suddenly tense and trembling, and said, is not his voice. We heard that Loo tired of intermediary in the person Alchevskij, so it "disabled" psyche Alchevskij and now her mouth speaks to us personally.

It looked impressive - hypnotized Elshevskaya broadcast horrible, inhuman, echoing deprived tone of voice.

Then I had the idea to ask Loo about the city Kweli. Frankly, I experienced something of a shock, having received the affirmative answer.

Here is an excerpt of the tape recording of what was told to the Loo:

"This is...- Loo for a few seconds thought. Is on the artificial celestial body. There live people there. There settle the highest substance of people from other planets after a course of finding a live shell. But to get there, we have to deserve it. Surveillance and with them is in contact Supreme mind of the world. Sometimes their representatives sent back to the planet to adjust the existence of matter on these planets".

Therefore, the artificial celestial body...

Not about whether the reported under hypnosis and Zinaida Gavrilova? According to her, the sky above Kweli was "in some strange" and evenly lit, but there was no sign of the sun disc. The sky glowed as if by itself, and Gavrilova have the impression that it "was made, artificial", "this is an artificial planet".

And according to kostromich Diachkova a contactee IFM, being on the planet Piran, noted, "illumination was a natural and high, sky - light greenish, without clouds and clouds, stars could not see".

In the correspondence with the estimated contactees I managed to establish that the three had been, according to them, in Koili "under a green sky" and "it was not the clouds and it was not visible solar disk". In other twelve such communications from different towns of the country, which does not mention the name Kweli, speech, however, is about a "extraterrestrial the city, the streets of which the sky is "green", "the gray-greenish" or "blue-greenish int, "the brightness of the sky, no".


In a similar expressions describes seem to be one and the same phenomenon with a sustainable external signs. For example, it is a city of Purchase, located on the planet Piran, the card which equaled kostromich IFM But data on Kweli and contain a lot of puzzling contradictions, discrepancies. According to one group of indications (seven posts), Kweli - city with quite a "real", which, so to speak, to feel, to touch it. According to another group of contactees, in Koili live only "psychic essence of people", "the soul" or "spiritual substance" (three posts). Data about "psychic entity" applies, in particular, and the statement of alien Loo: "There living creatures there. There settle the highest substance of people". However, it owns and the phrase: "Earthlings there were". That is, we must understand, in the flesh, "live", as for example, Zinaida Gavrilova?

What, we ask, to believe? Let us ponder the message YOU Artikova from Novokuznetsk: "Kweli - city-lab, media huge information". Could this be the key to complex contact phenomena with "inhabitants" city of Purchase, which can be briefly hit, never parting with his physical body, or in the form "mental substance" to stay there forever. As it is controlled, according to the Loo, "the Supreme mind of the world" and there "settled higher, the substance of the people", obviously, after their physical death? Not all, says Loo. "To get there, we have to deserve it".

Clearly, it's just speculation. But anyway, today we already have some information about the mysterious Kweli.

The reader can refer to the above, as he pleases. But, once again, the method of regression hypnosis, allowing "get" of human consciousness hidden information, recognized and used all over the world. I am also concerned about the question: what is the purpose of the aliens trafficked persons in the city-the laboratory? Alas, he has no answer yet. More specifically, the answers there are many, as scientists from different countries examined dozens of similar stories. Maybe someday this mosaic will form a solid picture, and we'll know why the aliens visit Earth and for what purposes trafficked its inhabitants in mysterious city Kweli.
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