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Фото инопланетянина?About 15 years ago a British police officer Phillip Spencer met, as he says, with the alien and photographed.

Spencer managed to do only one frame, because the creature immediately turned around and quickly disappeared over the hill

Case Spencer still considered Western ufologists one of the most reliable evidence of contact with aliens. However, disputes over the validity of the picture still continues to this day.


It recalls Spencer, on the early morning of 1 December 1987 he went through the Heather peatlands Yorkshire County to the house of his stepfather. The house was located a few kilometers to the North from Howorth, a small town known, perhaps, only by the fact that once there lived the writer Bronte sisters.

At the beginning of the seventh morning until the sun had not risen, Spencer said goodbye to his wife, and went in the way, hanged on the neck of the camera. He hoped to make a few photos of peatlands Ilkley moor, who achieve at dawn especially picturesque view.

When Spencer approached the trees that grew on the edge of peatlands to his ears heard the buzz, resembling the muffled sound of a jet engine. The sound was heard for several minutes, until Spencer came to the trees, and then ceased. At the very edge of the peat bog attention going attracted some movement to the left of the path. Looking closer, Spencer saw a small green creature no bigger than a meter twenty centimeters in height!

Being waved in the direction of the police, who quickly opened the lens of the camera and pressed the shutter. Spencer managed to do only one frame, because the creature immediately turned around and quickly disappeared over the hill.

The officer gave chase, but the creature was not seen anywhere. After spending some time in search of traces, Spencer suddenly heard the buzz. He looked in the direction whence the sound, and on the background of the novice to brighten the sky saw a silver disk is rapidly gaining height.

Photo Spencer had not.


Under the impression of unusual meetings officer decided to return home immediately to show the film. When he entered Hauort, surprised him unusually large for such an early hour the number of people on the streets. It seemed, was not more than eight in the morning, but actually turned out to be about eleven! Two and a half hours mysteriously disappeared from the life Spencer.

Does he really so long chased by a stranger? Maybe it's all it seemed to him? Or is he just suddenly lost consciousness and spends two hours in the woods?..

However, the film has dispelled all doubts. It was really sealed the stranger, standing, leaning right hand basely stone.

Two days later, Spencer has contacted the British ufologist Jenni Rendlesham and researcher of anomalous phenomena Arthur Tomlinson. Both were quick to arrival. Having studied the picture, the experts made a conclusion about its authenticity. Photo because of the lack of light was obvious under-exposure, and slightly blurred outlines. All spoke about the fact that the shot did lover, experienced besides the strongest emotion.


Photography was not only proof of the veracity of the story Spencer. His compass, regularly worked for many years, after meeting with "flying saucer" stubbornly showed to the South instead of North. First compass studied at Manchester University, where under the direction of Professor of physics ray Leonard, scientists were able to confirm the anomalous behavior of the device. Then sent to the laboratory of electrical engineering Professor ed Spooner. There was surprised to see that change the readings of the arrow could only powerful industrial magnets, and then only for a time. According to the conclusion of experts, compass Spencer got to the area of the magnetic-La incredible unearthly forces.

About a month after the incident on peatlands Spencer began to have dreams where repeatedly attended a dark sky with unfamiliar constellations. In order to clarify the possible causes of these dreams journalist Matthew hill invited Spencer practicing psychologist Jim Singleton.

During a hypnosis session cleared the mystery of the lost Spencer two and a half hours. It turned out, before you take a picture of the stranger, police went inside the alien ship!


That's what has been extracted under hypnosis from the subconscious Spencer. When he approached the tree, before it appeared alien, who offered to follow him inside a silver flying saucer. For some reason he unquestioningly obeyed. In the vehicle, as remembered Spencer, several alien explored his body illuminated by a beam of light that glided through the body, tickling the skin.

Then the guest made a short tour of the ship and showed on screen the distant Earth, hanging in space surrounded by stars. After that he was invited into the room to view "movies". In the middle of the room began to appear three-dimensional picture of the terrible environmental disaster, which, as explained aliens, will take place on the Earth two hundred years.

In the end Spencer returned on peatlands. There he woke up. And although remembered nothing about staying on the ship, still managed to photograph accompanying him the stranger. With the help of a hypnotherapist police officer was able to remember not only the growth of aliens. "They have large pointed ears, big eyes, small mouth, but not the nose, said Spencer. They have black skin that feels seems harsh and rough, big long arms with three thick fingers and funny, arched wheel legs".


Despite the objections Spencer, the story about the alien from Ilkley moor has acquired great fame. In may 1989 to study a photo of a British police arrived experts of the Japanese TV company "Nippon television". They confirmed that the photo is genuine. On a special computer equipment of the Japanese managed to obtain a clear picture of the mysterious figure.

Became even clearly visible rectangular object in the left hand alien. As suggested by the Japanese, this could be the device or weapon. In conclusion the Japanese experts made an unexpected conclusion. In their opinion, the bad image quality figures is explained by the strange properties of the subject.

Perhaps the creature was wearing a special camouflage suit, thanks to which it outlines almost blends with the surrounding landscape.

Examination "Nippon television" was not the only one. In 1990 influential "British journal of photography", known for exposing many fotomodeley, conducted its own survey snapshot and admitted that the photos Spencer's no sign of a mounting.

However, the experts of the magazine refused to answer the question, who is depicted on the photo: indeed, an alien disguised to a child or a doll. "This issue is not on our side", the experts said...

So the question of whether the British police has witnessed alien contact, or he simply wanted to be famous, remains open...
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