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Камни, парящие над землей"...Lived four thousand years ago ancient cattle-breeders and hunters in Britain during the construction took into account that the Earth is not a sphere, but slightly splyusnuta with poles..."

Long time ago, back in my childhood, I had a chance to see the movie, which focuses on the ancient and majestic monument - Stonehenge. In memory etched shown close up two huge, as if carved of stone with a narrow space between them. The survey was conducted in the pre-dawn hours, and the position of the stones were dressed in the dark. What said the speaker, his excitement, solemn tone held the whole audience in suspense, waiting for something interesting and unusual. Indeed, suddenly in the gap between the stones began to appear rising Sun. And after while not touching the edges of the stones of the disk of the sun blinded eyes zamirovskiy amazement of the spectators.

Known in the world seven wonders of the world: the pyramids in Egypt, the hanging gardens of Babylon in Babylon, statue of Zeus at Olympia, the temple of Diana at Ephesus, the mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Pharos lighthouse on the island of Pharos. But in none of them the stone was not used so artistically, as in a stunning imagination Stonehenge. Since ancient times, amazed he people enormity of their multi-ton structures, which, it seems, could not be erected by human effort.

English writer E. Thomas, in his book "We are not the first" describes this phenomenon. In the Indian village of Shivapur near the local Church are two stones. One weighs 55 kilograms, the other is about 40. According to witnesses, at the touch of the stones fingers certain number of people and the speaking of the local priest at this melodious phrase on a strictly certain note both boulder rise into the air, as if someone suppresses gravity. It is clear that in such a miracle believe it is possible only then, when you see it. Although currently known so-called poltergeist when no visible external causes in themselves begin to move objects. But who knows, maybe shivapuri stones, Indian system of the account of time, which was used by the ancient Sumerians is the hint to decrypt a very important secret. And the key to it waits for us in the South of England, where gradually destroyed from time and pilgrimage for tourists majestic Stonehenge.

A serious study of Stonehenge began in 1801. Since then, his dug up and down. Archaeological excavations have allowed to establish the time of building of the complex - at the junction of the stone and bronze ages, i.e. about 4 thousand years ago, and the monument was erected for 300 years. Stonehenge was built in three stages. In final form, he has represented the right circles, delineated by shafts, holes, rocks. The size of the largest of them exceeded 100 meters. The most amazing part of the complex is five trilithons, laid out in the shape of a horseshoe. Each trilithon consisted of two 50-ton blocks from the bar at the top. Their height reached 8 meters. Horseshoe in turn is inside the ring, which is lined with rocks Sarsenova Sandstone. It is a stone round "fence" with a diameter of 30 meters and a height of 7 meters. It consists of 30 units weighing 25 tons and 30 put on their plates. Take an ordinary comb, take the ring - and you will get this circle. It was still a number of rings and closed complex Cretaceous shaft two-meter height.

Eighth wonder of the world - the so-called Stonehenge. At all times, disturbed he minds of the people as one of the unfathomable achievements of the past th peoples. About a hundred years ago a British writer Henry James has created one of the most insightful descriptions of the monument. "But, " he wrote, " the magnificent mystery of this place have not managed to unravel anyone. You can ask a hundred questions that roughly cut the giants leaning in gloomy contemplation over their fallen fellows and never wait for a response. At Stonehenge, there is something majestic n calming, and if you are inclined to think that life is shallow, these dark pillars will remind you of immeasurable depth of Time".

It is hardly possible to exceed this description. And yet today, with the opinion of James ' solving the mysteries of Stonehenge can not agree. Under the pressure of modern methods of research using computer Stonehenge already reluctant to give invested in it knowledge. Mysterious grandeur of an ancient monument, its grandeur and architectural simplicity indicate the greatness of the purpose and importance of sub-constructors in building information. No doubt it was meant one who'll ever be able to read it. Question - will? The matter is aggravated by the fact that Stonehenge fatally "unlucky". Every new word about it every time so went beyond the established "common sense"that was immediately rejected by the official science, but after a while, as a rule, were recognized.

The first explanation was that the building was used for conducting religious rites of the ancient Britons. Conducted further research led to unexpected and amazing discoveries. It turned out that the design of the complex has a strict geometric proportions. The builders had to have some sort of technology for breaking and processing of huge stone blocks, transporting them to the place of construction of the water to the land of stone quarries, separated for several tens and hundreds of kilometers. For different rings of the complex was chosen different minerals. Adjustment and installation of the stones was implemented with an accuracy of centimetres. English scientist Gerald Hawkins, using the computer, brilliantly proved that Stonehenge can be used as an astronomical Observatory, allowing for all foreseeable period of time with amazing accuracy to determine the azimuth of all major positions of the Sun and moon, to predict the date of eclipses. The placement of the stones, as proved by new Zealand astronomer beach, helped in ancient times to predict the tides. Nonrandom was the choice of the construction site at latitude 51 17'. The randomness of the selection is ranked as one ten millionth! But more striking another. It appears, as it was established, the ancient hunters and herders, choosing a point for the construction started and took into account the fact that the Earth is not a perfect sphere, and slightly splyusnuta with the poles. In case of ideal spherical shape of the Earth the place of construction would be shifted somewhat to the North-East to latitude 51-degree 23, i.e. to the value, which is 7 times less angle of 360 degrees. Surprisingly, the value of this latitude coincides with the basic angle at the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

In the 70-ies of the mystery of Stonehenge interested in mathematics Valentina Tereshina and candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences Vladimir Avinskim. By studying charts and plans of buildings, they found that in terms of the complex is hidden a few polygons, of which the most interesting wrong Pentagon - the pentagram is built on the basis of inscribed in a circle 11-gon. The sheer number 11 when designing played the role of a special digital module. Put a pentagram on the plan of the complex, terioshin and avinsky convinced that this figure is in the basis of his plan.

As it turned out, each of rings of complex models with a precision of up to 2% of relative sizes of the planets of the Solar system. But this was not all. If Stonehenge transmits information about width of the planets, is it possible to obtain data on the distances to them? It turned out! Using the pentagram as a unique nomogram, I managed to solve this problem. And, as the analysis has shown, the boundaries of the Solar system are not limited to orbit the farthest known planet Pluto. For Pluto, according to Stonehenge, should be two more, yet unknown planet. The radius of the orbit farthest from them 60 times the distance from Earth to the Sun. And all the planets must be 12. Taking into account Phaeton, perhaps, were on the spot modern asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, the result is exactly the same number. Indirect confirmation of this hypothesis give flights American spacecraft "pioneer" and Voyager". As it approaches the boundary of the Solar system, their trajectories increasingly deviate from. Two American scientists Harrington and van Flandern conducted calculations on computer and showed that these unplanned deviations can be caused by an unknown beyond Pluto a planet with a mass of 10 times the earth. It is of interest that extant evidence of the Sumerian civilization is also called the 12 planets in the Solar system. The pentagram "said" and about another amazing things. Once the Earth "should have been" to be 12 million miles farther from the Sun than it is now. If to consider the plan of Stonehenge as the Land in the cut, then found a relative correspondence between the size of the circles and the size of the earth's shells, which includes the crust, mantle and core.

Unexpected by results of the analysis was an attempt to analyze with the help of a computer the distribution of the number of holes and stones in choosing a particular way sectors. The resulting series of numbers was synchronous with the series of numbers that play a fundamental role in nuclear physics. As "prompted" the pentagram, the number of all elements in the periodic system should not exceed 120. That is not contrary to the modern assumptions.

Few researchers Stonehenge was not trying to solve the mystery Sarsenova rings, consisting of a palisade huge hewn stone and located behind the trilithon. Everyone gave their tolkovaniethat is, for Example, is. Lived a few thousand years ago in England hunters lured Buffalo to round the fence. Putting his face in a narrow crack between the stone blocks, trusting animal could not stick it back. Then the hunters, who were hiding inside the ring, with glad cries and humming from pleasant excitement had climbed onto the crossbar and successfully completed the hunt.

Famous Jonathan swift, who knew long before the opening of the satellites of Mars about their existence, gives us another hint, another key to understanding the mysteries of Stonehenge. His contemporaries knew him as a satirist, author of pamphlets and epigrams. But worldwide fame he brought "Journey of lemyuelya Gulliver in some remote countries". The third Gulliver's travels - flying on the island of Laputa - very different from all others. It abounds scientific and technical details that are not typical for swift and completely pointless and unnecessary from the point of view of artistic creativity. It is more like a technical report after scientific visits.

"Flying island has a good range of diameter 7837 yards. The height of the island 300 yards. The lower part is smooth diamond plate of thickness 200 yards. On the island there are 4 symmetrically located basin with a diameter of approximately half a mile. They are located 200 yards from the centre. In the centre of the island is mine. But the main attraction of the island, which determines his fate, is a huge magnet, located at the bottom of mine. It is shaped like a weaver's Shuttle. The magnet has a long six yards. In the middle of the thickness of it was three yards. Magnet this fortified with very solid diamond axis passing through the center. He turns to her and hung so accurately that the slightest touch of your hand can turn it. Magnet suspended within a hollow diamond cylindrical ring located on eight diamond supports a height of six metres. With this magnet island can climb down and move in the air. When the magnet is placed vertically and its magnetic pole faces the earth - the island is omitted. When directed upwards - island rises. At an oblique position of the magnet island is also moving in a downward direction, for the strength of the magnet always act on lines parallel to his direction...".

Immediately raises a number of legal issues - what was the type described swift flying Islands with its fantastically powerful even in the modern view of magnetic engine, from what sources the village priest drew described in detail in the book, and, as it turned out, not random exact numeric parameters of the ship and the engineering and physical information about the mechanism of its movement. The key to answering them you can find in the medieval Chronicles. It contains descriptions of unknown flying ships, as well as decrees of the French kings Pepin the Short and Louis Kind, threatening punishment to those subjects who dare to visit them. His book swift wrote in 1726, when not only there were no engines, but even was no concept of the engine. And about magnetism really wasn't nothing known. After mappings, and geometric images of all blocks and elements flying Islands in the drawing clearly stood out plan... Stonehenge! A detailed analysis of geometric compositions of the island, comparisons of the size of the circles and units has allowed to make the paradoxical conclusion - in proportions considered fabulous Laputa was used numeric language of real Stonehenge. At the heart of it are numbers 9 and 60. But suspended magnet in the form of Shuttle can be associated with lying in the centre of Stonehenge Altar stone. Its terrain is unclear, moreover, it consists of other mineral than the whole complex. And the word "Stonehenge" - (Stonehenge) - in translation from English means "limbo rock". Engineering-physical analysis of the principle of magnetic motor Laputa in a magnetic field of planets in comparison with quantitative and symbolic information included in Stonehenge, allows us to assert that the Stonehenge can be considered as the layout of the aircraft, the unknown earthlings. In the propulsion system of the device is put electromagnetic principle of using the energy released by nuclear fusion, and the phenomenon of superconductivity. Separate fragments - blocks of this ship are on the ground in the form of auxiliary buildings, which can be regarded as a kind of working drawings.

Computer of the stone age - paradoxical interpretation proposed by Hawkins in the 60-ies, it was no surprise. Especially after stunning results obtained after 20 years, and also by computer Moscow academic A. Zlobin. He was able to prove that unknown designers 4 thousand years ago were geometrically formulated on the terrain most important differential equations of mathematical physics. About such contemporary mathematics can only dream of. Moreover, with the help of computers was received a number of nested in a planning video. Identified the principle of videos is a new and far more concise and succinct, and informative than the currently used. Leaving the Solar system, the spacecraft "pioneer" carries on Board to send the unknown distant mind all the information about the man, the Earth, the Solar system. It took a long painstaking efforts of many scientists that all this vast and diverse information be encrypted using modern numerical code and to the limit compressed form to record on a metal plate and place on Board. Recording system already read the information at Stonehenge, its conciseness, precision and scope head and shoulders above the earth message.

In 1987 at the next international Congress on paleoastronautics (section UFOlogy, studying contacts Land with extraterrestrial civilizations in ancient times) foreign researcher Faksom was reported to work devoted to different results decrypt the information contained in the Stonehenge. Based on the analysis of the structure of the complex was obtained numerical astronomical information that points to the star beta virgin, separated from us at a distance of 32 light years. Detected signal frequency request in the direction of the star corresponds to the emission frequency of hydrogen.

After the publication in 1988 of the stated results of the U.S. firm General Dynamics involved in the production of space equipment, invited to work on the task of Stonehenge specialists of higher qualification, specializing in various fields of modern science and technology.
The position of our academic science (despite a number of our successful performance and support Central media) with respect to our research about Stonehenge, was formulated at the conference in may 1990 at the Institute of history of natural Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR as "is not odobren!".
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