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Взаимосвязанные действия НЛОIn a number of messages about UFOs were observed flying groups of these objects, which are sometimes viewed items relationships and organization. First of all it can be attributed group UFO clear structure with equal distances between objects that were supported throughout the monitoring and persisted when making turns. There was observed a variety build a UFO.

The most known examples of groups UFO flew "wedge" or "angle forward" .

In his famous book Donzella "flying saucer" published two photos taken in August 1951 over Lubbock, Texas), which captured two groups of 18 the UFO flying in the right line, in the form obtuse angle, and indicated that these groups were flying over Labakam toward Bermuda for several nights in a row.

In August 1965, radars air base on the Peninsula of Kanau (Michigan) has recorded 10 UFOs, flying U-shaped building on lake superior with a speed of 14 500 km/H.

In may 1969, Brasov (Romania) two eyewitness watched five round object with a diameter of half moon disk flying with great speed line in the form of the letter V. After some time, the last two of the object began to move in a zigzag.

In January 1974, the crew of the Swedish airliner, EN route to the East of Lisbon, watched a group of 15 glowing disc-shaped objects, which in U-shaped formation rapidly swept the horizon with a speed of about 12,000 km/H. it was evident that the two head of the object have been more than others, and the distance between all objects were very small.

Observations UFO flying U-shaped building, took place practically at all continents.

There are cases when the group flying UFO formed a rectangle.

According to the "Blue book" , in January 1947 on the base Rapidsite (South Dakota) intelligence officer of the 28th bomb wing mayor Smith observed 12 UFO ellipsometry forms, flying structure in the form of a flat rectangle. The objects were the size of a heavy bombers and glowed yellow-white light. They approached the airbase from the North-West , slowly dropped from 3,000 to 1,500 m and has made steady turn right at 110`, without disturbing the system, and then began to climb angle of 30-40` and, by increasing the speed, flew to the South-West.

In September 1966, were shot on film 45 torpedo-shaped UFOs, flying in a rectangular formation groups of nine objects (3 rows and 3 UFO) between Mannheim and Frankfurt am main (13).

In our country in August 1988, resident of the Aldan district of Yakutia EtherChannel observed from 15 to 50 unknown objects in the form of ellipsoids. One day they passed by the formation in three rows of 5-6 units (Week. 1989. 52).

Observations are known, when the UFO groups were flying one after another in a column, strung on a thin beam.

In June 1947, over Albuquerque observed 13 disc-shaped objects of silver, which was flying one after another, first South, then changed course to the East and finally turned to the West (41).

In August 1970 in Lazarevskoe near Sochi eight witnesses saw emerged from the sea 9 or 12 equal rectangular objects (each the size of a solar disk), who flew to each other in a column with the same distance between them is equal to double the size of objects. The movement was uneven, but all changes movement occurred in all objects simultaneously.

In cases like UFO flew expanded operation in one or two ranks.

In 1942, over 150 unknown silver objects were flown by several groups, one after the other over the Solomon Islands, and in each group had to 10-12 objects lined up in single file.

UFO-rank was also noted in 1944 in France (4), in 1950, over the city of Newport news (Virginia), in 1957, over Indiana, in 1966, over the city Ernstbrunn (Austria), in 1967 above the city of Veracruz (Mexico) and 1974 - on the state of Saskatchewan (Canada).

In some cases, larger objects as would escortrowley a few less.

In 1952, over Holoroom (France) slowly flew a large oblong object in front zigzag moved 30 pairs significantly smaller yellow disks with red domes.

In 1967 in Tuscany (Italy) was observed 10 discs flying operation in the form of the letter V. At the head of them flew the object of the big sizes (II).

In 1972 3,000 spectators at the stadium of Haitkac near Rio de Janeiro, about 3 minutes watched over them flew a large cigar-shaped object, followed by eight small round objects (II).

Similar effects were observed in 1952, over the French city Gilak (7 : 23), and in 1954 above Lancaster, England.

There is also the testimony of witnesses who watched the group UFO eyes rebuilt from one system to another.

In 1952, over Albuquerque 10 objects flying messy group, first of turned the corner ahead, and after some time in two ranks.

In November 1954 in London appeared 50 discs flying formation with the letter U, originally reconstructed in two rows, and then took the form of the letter Z.

In the same year over Rome two groups of 20 UFO flying towards each other wedge-shaped structure, connected with the blade and formed a figure from 40 sites similar to oblique cross.

Official recognition of the properties of UFOs to fly in formation contained in the Directive of the chiefs of staff of the U.S. 146-th, in the instructions of the air force 200-2 and in the questionnaire for U.S. troops, which are required to bring in what order was flying objects if there were some.

Also known rare cases when groups of objects

first flew in a certain direction, and then in the same order came back.

In August 1947 in twin-Falls (Idaho) group of eyewitnesses watched as 10 glowing UFO in a triangular formation flew in the North-Eastern direction. After 3 minutes, came three more objects, and after 5 minutes, six objects in a triangular formation. They all flew to the North-East. After a few minutes there was a whole fleet of UFOs in the composition of 35-50 objects, also flying a triangular formation. And in 20-25 minutes of all groups UFO in the same sequence went back to South-West.

In one of the February days 1978, a group of 50 unknown ellipsometry objects within two hours 10 times flew over the Argentine city Mercedes. After the last flight of the group was divided into two equal parts, which are then teamed up again and flew towards Chile.

A similar case was recorded in 1968 in the area of Targu (Romania).

There is also a lot of messages, indicating that the UFO, apparently, use light signals for communication purposes. Confirmation of this can serve as currency light signals between items. In one such case, the poppy-Campbell, UFOs, who was on earth, was on and off the beam of light directed upwards, and another object located at a high altitude, answered him in the same way.

A similar case took place in 1978, in the district of Termoli, on the Adriatic coast. In other cases, the impression was that the large UFO used rays for management of small objects.

In July 1975, near Shifnal Beauty group of witnesses watched hanging motionlessly luminous sphere with a diameter of about 18 m, around which revolved three saucer-like object blue, red and green with a diameter of 12 m Each of these objects were sent to the ball flashes of light are the same color as the facilities. Then the ball began to pulse and he was sent to "saucers" three beam of white color, which, falling into "saucers" , was painted in the colors. After that all three "saucers" rushed to the ball and disappeared in it. And the ball began to rotate, abrasives in different colors, and flew at high speed. All of the phenomenon lasted about an hour.

Sometimes to great interest from some distance away flew up small objects and began to whirl around large or hung next to them.

In October 1960, about Cressy (Tasmania) pastor Browning with his wife saw a big cigar-shaped object that was flying from South to North, and then hung motionless at the height of 120-150 m above the ground. Then from the clouds appeared six small

disks, flying leaps like stones, put on water. Pocruises around a large object, the entire group flew back to the South.

In September 1966, in Didode (South Dakota) two officers of the police and a number of other witnesses within 15 minutes saw in the sky a large fireball, hanging motionless. After some time to him with great speed flew from the North-West and North-East, two luminous object smaller and hung beside him. Then a big ball began to move along the trajectory, forming hand

square, directing towards the earth through identical intervals blue beams of light. These maneuvers lasted for 30 minutes, after which a large object retired and small lightning disappeared in those areas, where they have come.

It happened that the same objects, arrived from different sides, after vstrechi made joint flight.

In 1960 in California two police officers saw a big cigar-shaped object from the ends of the earth were aimed red rays. Their eyes to it joined the second exactly the same object, and then they both stopped for a while and began to rummage around the earth red light, and then together went East. Observation, in which took part the Sheriff, his deputies and

a number of other witnesses lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

on November 29, 1989 police patrol in Eupen (Belgium) was seen flying on a zigzag path round the object from which came the three beams covering the earth. This object is hung at the height of 200 m above the dam on the river Vedr and hanging for 45 minutes. Then it approached a disk with a dome, which were seen three portholes. Then both disappeared in a southern direction (working tribune. 1990. 11 Jan-


Very interesting occurred individual cases, when randomly moving objects suddenly, as if on command, gathered in a tight vertical column and flew away.

Two such cases were recorded in the "Blue book" . The first of them was the late autumn of 1936 or 1937 in Narragansett where Keller family watched in the sky 10-12 same disc-shaped objects, some of which hung motionless, and other abruptly rushed "back" . This went on for about 10 minutes, after that all UFO, as if on command, stopped abruptly and stood on top of each other in one place. Then they went straight up and disappeared.

The same picture was observed by a number of witnesses minutes 20 in December 1957 near Mexico city.

Interest and examples when UFOs for some time chased each other at high speed, making a breathtaking maneuvers and making circles around one another. Examples of such actions, reminding aerial combat between two fighters of world war II, a lot.

In November 1948 in Japan on the screens of the American radar station was observed two UFOs, manegerussia similar way around one another over an hour.

In February 1963 in Magna (North Carolina) also long been observed typical dogfight between a flat metal object, which then hung motionless, then rushed at each other with great speed.

In early 1978, the inhabitants of villages located near Acapulco (Mexico), watched as two small disk chased large and tried to block his way. And when they approached him at a very close distance, large disk turned into a ball of fire and broke up into pieces that seem to have evaporated. While pursuing disks flew back and disappeared.

Mutual maneuvers UFO, reminiscent of the air battles, was also observed in 1947 over the state of Massachusetts, in 1950, over Farmington (new Mexico), 1952

over the airbase Hamilton (CA), and in 1955 - above the town of Joseph city (Arizona).

Of special interest reports of alleged cases that are difficult to interpret differently than the existence of mutual assistance between UFOs.

One occurred on June 21, 1947 in the Gulf Puget Sound, 3 miles from Tacoma (Washington). Officer of the coast guard del son and two team members boats patrolling near the island Mauri, seen from a dense cloud, hung over the island, there was a group of six disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 30 m each. The objects looked metal and each of them along the perimeter

were visible symmetrically located portholes, and at the bottom of a big black hole. With this Central UFO hung motionless at a height of 600 m, and the other five slowly flew around Pego. Then the Central object, moving erratically and rotating, dropped to a height of 150 meters, and it became clear that in a dark hole, located in the lower part, sometimes flashed a bright light. After 5 minutes, one of the five UFOs, krajevscaia at a height of 600 m, fell onto the Central object, and both of them for a few minutes remained United, and then descended UFO again separated and got up at the same height. Soon inside motionless disk began to be heard blows, deaf explosions, and it fell down hundreds of small, seemingly hot, debris disk, which, falling into the water, forming clouds of steam. And

finally, inside it there was a strong explosion. After this explosion, emergency stationary UFO lit up again ascended, joined five other objects, and they are all at high speed flew towards the ocean.

A special Commission found on the island a few molten residues of some details. Careful analysis showed that these are not fragments of cars and at the same time, it is not like the fragments of an aircraft terrestrial origin. They contain calcium, silicon, aluminium, zinc and iron.

A similar incident occurred on the night of November 18, 1950 in Challange (Denmark), on the North sea coast, where the locals Sanderson saw above the sea two flying discoid object with bright domes. The first of them was flying at an altitude of 500 m, somehow uncertain wiggling back and forth, and then suddenly fell to a height of 150 M. the Second disk, flying at high altitude, it seemed, had expected maneuvers bottom of the drive

and after his fall quickly went down and lay on the disk crashed. Both discs remained in the United position for a few minutes, after which the top drive again rose up and disappeared from the field

view Sanderson, and the lower drive exploded.

An interesting case of a UFO crash in the air occurred on December 14, 1954 in Southeast Brazil over the city of Campinas, with 250 000 inhabitants.

On this day, many residents of the city have seen strange maneuvers three disc-shaped objects, one of which, apparently, was in a difficult position. This disk is heavily swayed from side to side and seemed

couldn't hold on to its height. Two other object circled around him, and seemed like emool and could not. When swung the disc fell to a height of 90 meters, many witnesses heard heavy thuds, which was heard from him, and coincided with his rocking. Then two healthy object approached very close to the damaged disk that suddenly took a vertical position and started to move short spurts, and from the bottom of thin sprayed jet of some silvery substance. Soon this CD again was in a horizontal position, in issuing this buzzing sound, after which all three of the object began to move up and disappeared in the clouds. The authorities urgently investigated area, which fell this silvery substance. It was found on the roofs of houses, streets and sidewalks. After a few days the government representative at the conference said they were zinc, and gave no explanations Are some signs of intelligence in the behavior of UFOs when these objects were acting as if "themselves" , regardless of human activity.

Even more interest are targeted actions the UFOs different way connected with human activity. Them too much.
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