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Зачем землянам знания пришельцев?Canadian scientist and anthropologist Krista Henriksen said recently that the study of several dozens of people kidnapped by aliens she came to a rather unexpected conclusion: such experience, in some cases, is positive. Argentinian Ventura Maceiras, 73-year-old music guard from the city Tres Arroyos he saw a UFO when drinking tea before the guard booth.

"Suddenly I heard a strange hissing, " he said then. Like flies swarm of angry bees. When I found that the sound comes from above, then looked up and saw the object that hovered in the air not far above the eucalyptus forest in diameter he was not less than 20-25 meters. On the edge of it revolved giant glowing ring".

Maceiras, overwhelmed by it, picked up the gun and just in case sent him to the UFO. In response out of him flashed so intense beam of light that Maceiras was completely blinded. Following this, the noise increased notably, the light disappeared and the object disappeared from sight.

Maceiras felt no fear of the unknown object, and his cat reacted quite differently: uttered a cry of horror, she ran away. Only found it after 45 days. Across the back she had traces of burns.

But the most incredible was found several days later. Maceiras felt on his upper jaw, which had for many gaps, began to grow new teeth. It took a little time, and there are four of them: two cutter and two indigenous. In addition, Maceiras that was formerly semi-literate person, began freely discussing the philosophical, theological and astronomical topics.

Not less than therapeutic were cosmic ray and for the Aussie Jacob Bronson. One summer evening 2004 he sat by the lake and fished. The strike followed one after another, so when above the lake suddenly hung discoid UFO diameter of about 10-15 meters, Jacob was not frightened, but, on the contrary, rebelled, and in the heat of passion has lifted the rod that appears not to the time "plate": well, get out of here, and then all the fish will Repovesi!
In response from UFO fisherman hit bright blue beam. Jacob felt a sharp pain in his stomach and lost consciousness.

When after some time he woke up, the UFO had disappeared, and the whole surface of the lake was covered with dead fishes.

Jacob Bronson was stomach cancer, and several days later he had a complicated operation. After a rather unpleasant encounters with aliens Bronson decided to consult with your doctor whether to perform the operation almost immediately after a painful blow cosmic ray. Medic, of course, did not believe in ales" his patient, but, nevertheless, sent it for examination. The results caused by the surgeon real shock: fatal malignant tumor in the stomach Bronson the most improbable way resorbed!

UFO rescued from death

With a resident of the Lipetsk region Nonna Scar in his youth was an unusual event. "Until now, this picture is clear before my eyes, " she says, as if happened yesterday, but it took forty years!"

One night on the tractor-100 Nonna was boranova plowed field. Suddenly in the desert right in front of the tractor had a strange glowing ball. He then increased, decreased, emitting pinkish-yellow rays, and sharply, zigzag moved.
The frightened girl stopped the tractor. Ball slowly began to leave.

But she tried to start the engine, the ball again moved threateningly. Before dawn Nonna forever sat in the cockpit, trembling with fear. And in the morning he found that the tractor stopped just a few metres from the huge open, the bottom of which was barely visible at the bottom.
"If not this strange light in the sky, thought Nonna, I would have been living..."

Irina sees ghosts

Unusual gift awarded aliens professional photographer from Austin Sheila Kurrel. It can move things, not touching him. Psychic abilities opened her after she began to meet regularly with aliens from outer space. After their first meeting a few years ago she felt the ability to move things with your imagination.

After the fourth meeting with aliens Sheila has demonstrated his abilities to a friend. Shocked, she saw a salt shaker great slosh on the table, although no one had touched. Then Sheila moved look sousnitsu, Cup, bottle.

Sheila said she at first, his eyes closed, concentrating on the subject, and then just looks at him. The subjects begin to move, if it gives the installation in mind. She believes that the aliens may be trying to show us how you can use "sleeping" provisions of the human brain.

It happens sometimes that after meetings with aliens contactees and get a real healer. In one of the villages of the Bryansk region (Russia) lives-old Lena (excessive popularity she wants, why he asked journalists not to specify its name), which treats people.
About his gift Lena found out by accident when jokingly began treating hands grandma's eyes. To everyone's surprise, the next day the woman took off his glasses and since then does not need them. The girl thinks that his phenomenal abilities required to aliens, which met when she was 13 years old.

That day she and her friends were walking home from school practice. Walked through the field, past the lake. And suddenly on the road ahead seemed car, similar to the car "ambulance", only without the doors, cut front and with a red glow from the inside. From the car went out of five of human creatures, two of which went towards the girls.

Aliens, according to Lena, were very high growth as significantly towered over ripe rye, while an ordinary man hiding in it. One of them spoke with girls dwarfish voice. He explained that they flew to measure radiation, and showed a device that looked like a gun with a wide muzzle.

Lena strange creatures, to the amazement of her friends, not scared and even touched one of them. Then the aliens came into the car, and she silently flew over the field.

Since then, for more than ten years, she treats the hands of the people and believes that this gift she received it once touched the stranger.
However, according to the UFO practice, not every space gift can be used for the benefit of people.

In 1988, during the month the people of Stavropol observed in the sky unidentified flying objects. Recently, a reporter of one of the Stavropol Newspapers managed to talk with Irina Model, which contacted then with uninvited guests from space, but completely forget. Only 20 years later she thought about what happened in the late eighties.

"With her husband at that time we lived in a private house in the street in Sochi, - says Irina. Next, a few minutes walk, Cold spring. That winter evening my husband and I did not hit it off. He understood my condition, and went outside. I spread bed, and suddenly sash window opened silently in some strange way. Came into the room people...

Surprised that the feet have no feet. They are tall, under two meters, and the feeling is very strong. But to say that beautiful is not similar to the plasticine mass children building.

I want to ask: why through the window? But dumb language! I sat on the bed, state - as if floating. The one that was the second fingers took me with their tentacles, as chewing gum, soft, like a stuck. Understand that lead away from home, and winter in the street. Behind the fridge stood galoshes, said, "Let even to wear galoshes".

Had a Cold spring. There, look, the plate is the same color as the costumes alien, and as if hanging a little in the air, no Windows, and then trap no steps were put forward, and I need it to rise. Quite suddenly thought of a quarrel with her husband and tried to explain to them, can't say, that's the way to go, I today my husband had a fight... for the reconciliation should. Only spoke these words - all! Feel at home, lying on the Palace, in the middle of the apartment. Is the husband, stroking my cheek.

Recovering himself, he began to tell him about the incident. He didn't hardly believe it, but when he saw the icy FAI nightgown and full galoshes snow, understood that telling the truth".

The next day Irina else could tell about the night affair, but after this incident seems to have erased from her memory. Only recently did it in detail again remembered this strange story, and they have finally realized why it was sometimes to see... ghosts!

This is with Irina, as a rule, at the cemetery. Here in front of her eyes often arise figures of dead people, as familiar to her in life, and completely unknown.

Alien from the planet Hynix

More terrible gift has Nadezhda N. from, Vologda. She feels the approach of death. She's given with incredible accuracy to predict who, when and what is going to die. She knows who "tenant"or "not alive", and may specify when and under what circumstances each of us to be on his deathbed. The hope is enough to look into the eyes of a man to say how many steps he remained until the end of the earth.

Nadezhda says that it all started ten years ago. She was involved in a severe car accident. The girl was taken to hospital with severe head injury the skull. In a coma she spent eighteen days. And when, thanks to the efforts of the doctors came to herself, completely lost his memory. Hope didn't remember anything from his past and did not recognize his relatives and old friends. At this time, as she said in her possessed by the alien. He said my name - Varry-gon - and said that it came from a distant planet Hynix.

"Hynix is in another Galaxy, " says Nadezhda.

- And they filled me up because I was between life and death. The inhabitants of this planet are constantly come to our Land.
When Varrigan moved into my body, he began to give me a description of people who were in my field of vision. And these descriptions were very detailed, we can say intimate. He told me what is wrong with these people, what is their nature. He revealed to me their innermost secrets".
After Hope came out of a coma, all thought she would be mad. Frankly, girl, and she believed it. She felt the presence of someone outside and heard in my voice. Only then learned that it was the voice of Barrigona.

The doomed man Hope can select among thousands of people. Perhaps, say experts who have studied the phenomenon of Hope, by reason of its abilities are some external features of a doomed man - his skin color, facial expression, painful view - after all, even Chinese healers said, man is doomed when the disease came out. However, the Hope with such "diagnosis" disagree.

"I am not a doctor, and it's hard for me to judge how skin color corresponds to the state of health. I may not see the man's face. However, once you close it, you will feel that close to me, excuse the vulgarity, "the living corpse". Examples? Them as much as you want. One day at work during the lunch break met a strange young man. Previously, he was never seen. Detained look only for a second. And immediately felt like "bounced" heart. Thought, not the tenant, his days are numbered. And help no one can. And it turned out he died two months from the blood cancer".

"I am never wrong"

Hope sometimes accused of being one, to give a man the date of death, she makes his life miserable. That woman always answers about the same thing: "And imagine how I feel. Because I have relatives, acquaintances, friends. I love them. And I want to live as long as possible. But I know that my friend will die in March. And I can't help it. Believe me, this is a real torture to meet man, joke, smile, and know that his days are numbered. All these years I had "bury" hundreds of people. I knew about their impending doom and was silent. I try never to reveal to which unwittingly managed to touch. It's not easy. Imagine that your eyes drowning man, and you can't save...
One day on the street I met a long time ago. Exchanged news. And again felt the pierced heart. I myself did not believe. I have the right not to believe? Young, blooming woman. Such men admire it. She does think about death? Thought, only scare, 'll bring you with doubts. So they parted. And the same night she was murdered by her husband."

When sick mother-in-law of Hope, she went with her husband to the hospital to see her. The nurse informed the diagnosis of pneumonia.
They met in the corridor, and Hope not learned Nina Vladimirovna. It seemed to her that meet is lifeless body.
And then it was pierced by a sudden thought: "she cancer".

Mother-in-law was very happy with the coming of the son and daughter-in-law. They said that he feels well and even went to see them at a bus stop. But when the Hope of a grass-snake sat in the bus and looked at Nina Vladimirovna from the window, unknown force made her exit and again to say goodbye to her. "I will never see. She will soon die", is circulated around Hope in my head.

Then she went to the trip, and there she had a dream: the mother-in-law lies in the room, head to the door. Near all of her children. She looked at them and said, "Well, it all came to me to say goodbye, only Nadi no". Hope woke up in tears, and when they returned from the trip, I learned that Nina Vladimirovna was liver cancer with metastases in the lungs. And before her death, she said the same words as in a dream: "All of them came to me to say goodbye, only Nadi no".

Very often the Hope of people who come to show her abilities selfish, so to speak, of interest.

One day came "fully Packed” ignoramus from a rich family and was asked a concrete question: how long does stayed father. Hope didn't understand. Then he realized: we were talking about inheritance and, without thinking, banished him.

Another time in her apartment burst into four shaved bald "Kachkov". Dressed immaculately. The bandits are not gangsters, hustlers not businessmen. Hope did not understand. They were interested in the life of one high-ranking official. For the information they offered a lot of money. But she had refused. She said she didn't feel. But when they began to threaten, promised to inform about them such that "pitching" immediately burst out of the apartment.
At the beginning of his difficult journey that Hope was doomed to an alien intelligence, she often offered work in different medical institutions, but the Hope has not taken any suggestions.

"My abilities do not give me a chance to heal people, " says Nadezhda. "I could not help even to his father, though he knew exactly when he will die. Now I know the day of death of the mother. And so sometimes I think life loses any sense to me. I know when I die myself: could you name the exact date and the circumstances under which this happens. Today they seem incredible. I can't believe that ever find yourself in a similar situation. But... I never wrong...".

Source: "Interesting newspaper. The Oracle" №10, 2012
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