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Инопланетные цивилизации создали человека как своеобразного работникаToday one of the most popular topics of UFOlogy is the theory of paleokontakta, during which some alien civilization has created man as a kind of worker, mining gold for the needs of the "masters". His "interpretation of events" has offered the researcher, writer, author of the book series "proto-language" Vladimir Degtyarev.

- Vladimir Nikolaevich, do mankind truly a product of gene experiment aliens?

- We can say that the current view of humanity is not the product of evolutionary development. So Darwinism, many decades taught in schools and universities around the world, can be considered pseudoscience. I believe that Homo sapiens was established alien beings "in his image and likeness" of about 400 000 years. Moreover, it must be stressed that aliens called by ancient people "gods", appeared on our planet long before the "Assembly", so "aliens" rather be called people.

- What was our creators?

- They can be "gods-civilizatory". This species is outwardly very similar to us, only more advanced technologically. They appeared on the planet Ki (with the Sumerian the Earth millions of years ago. I'm in my works are based precisely on the Sumerian cosmogony, and Egypt, yucat?n and Indian sources. According to my research, and to us on Earth already had some entities created by aliens. Many well-known collection of Peruvian stones IKI collected by Dr. Cabrera. The people depicted in the company of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Occurs in two versions: or the modern man lived 65 million years ago (date of extinction of the dinosaurs), or giant reptiles were delayed on the Ground until the late Paleolithic, namely that date from the period stones from South America.

- Do and dinosaurs created the "gods-civilizatory"?

- Of course! That is, dinosaurs and whales, baobab and apples, potatoes and grapes, cows, horses, sheep, and other animals and plant entity is largely genetically modified creatures of ancient generations "alien". Therefore I say: people - product of genetic engineering aliens. First, they created the Earth from the big water of the planet Tiamat, which revolved in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. And then they came on our "ball".

- With what purpose they conducted an experiment on creation of man?

For them it was not an experiment, I believe, but an urgent necessity. Today we can talk only about the last period of the Land described in the ancient texts, and it is about 400 thousand years. Initially, the "gods" on our planet was only three. This is the famous Anunnaki, called in the Sumerian texts as Enlil, Ninlil and Enki. As to work aliens categorically opposed, they had to create "the younger of the gods", called in ancient literature discordant word "igihe".

The newly created employees mined metals, including gold, produced food products and in General everything that is necessary for life "watchmen" from the planet Nibiru, the homeland of the Anunnaki. Hard work, despite all the "divine" machinery obviously tired of the "younger"and they obviously have rebelled. Then came to a decision to replace the "juniors" biological copies of human.

Alien civilization has created man as a kind of employee

- But gold. Why do the aliens took so much precious metal?

- Energy! Through the possession of its origins, today there are numerous military conflicts. There is a version, if produced on the Land of gold "gods" made for his home planet a cocoon, composed of tiny platelets, with the aim of preserving the planetary heat, since Nibiru very far away from the Sun - the period of its circulation around the sun at about 3 600 earth years. I incline to another interpretation: civilizatory Land used the yellow metal as we use oil, gas, coal and uranium - as an energy source.

- And how did it happen technically? Getting energy from metal?

- Today in electronic devices, on TVs, computers use gold, though in microscopic doses. In the past, when dominated the tubes in the USSR for their production annually spend up to twenty tons of gold. It ensured a constant speed of small currents, and hence stability in the transmission of information. In the Mexican Tehuacana not so long ago discovered the pyramid whose base was put powerful capacitor - two thick layer exceptionally pure mica. Analysis of the structure (under the guise of restoration) were engaged in a "representative of the authorities".

Mica he pulled out and sold. She went on conventional capacitors. Then the pyramid came archaeologists who discovered the wreckage and gave them for examination. The result was surprising: on the studied samples were detected particles of gold alloy very high order. Gasket between layers of mica in the huge and powerful condenser served exactly the yellow metal. This "design" recharged by the energy, which is enough in the atmosphere. Well, the whole "extracted" from the pyramid of the precious metal, of course, floated away in an unknown direction.

- And what did this capacitor?

- Apparently, was a food source for many electrical appliances aliens. Giant porphyry and granite blocks used in the cyclopean masonry their structures, it was necessary to cut, put some machines. All this needs is a colossal energy. And this is only a small part of life "gods." In addition, the pyramid could be part of some big transmitting and receiving systems. Probably the same there were exchanges of information between the earth colony and the metropolis on Nibiru. Sort of a satellite dish, simply put. That is, the pyramid was versatile enough technical object.

- What texts, artifacts rely your "Golden" theory?

- Today has survived four "Code Maya" (one partially), which contain information on the "Golden question." There is a description of "the divine" gold mining in the Mesopotamian clay tablets. Kept a lot of written and material information, but it mostly concerns of our time, the Fifth civilization, age of which is approximately 12-14 thousand years (after the Flood).

A vast array of artifacts hidden from prying eyes on the coast of the Arctic ocean, in Urals mountains and in Siberia, but that's another topic that describes still, the antediluvian world. There you can find a visual confirmation of my conclusion that the "gods" of the precious metal was interested, first of all, as a source of energy.

- Why gold mining "gods" was terminated, or is it still being played?

- This question is of interest to many researchers. According to written sources gold mining has stopped many years ago. And only then it became a metal kings, and then and commoners. Before that gold was banned for domestic trafficking, it involved only in the altar tribute to the gods. This is clearly seen on the example of the ancient graves of the "important people"where necessary, in one form or another, there is gold. Senior dead after death "hoped" to get preferences from the higher beings. Why production was stopped as the issue even more complex. Perhaps for thousands of years they have accumulated sufficient "stocks", and maybe the Earth and primitive human beings are just bored with the representatives of high intelligence?

Interviewed by Dmitry SOKOLOV
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