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Зачем мы нужны Богу?For most people, the subject of the title will be unexpected. They - on the basis of their original self - think quite the contrary: do I need God?, why should I have the sense to take Him in my Outlook?

And someone decides that it is not necessary: if He rules everything, then why on Earth so many troubles, suffering and injustices? So, God not at all, or is He ever is, but so cruel, that to me He is not needed!

But these are the conclusions of those who have no understanding of either about God, or about himself and his purpose here on Earth.

Other people agree with the belief in the existence of God, but not based on sound reasoning and knowledge, but only as a result of the "herd instinct". That is, if all people around me believe, you and me, so, too, must believe, and so, as do all around me.

Reasonable widely thinking person, studying the many variations of faith among representatives of various large and small religious movements, has every reason to be surprised and wonder... a man and now worship false "gods" of folklore, see their "duty" in the making "religious" bodily movements, are involved in meaningless rituals... But, most importantly, they all beg God various benefits for themselves... They perceive God as a powerful servant who is allegedly supposed to please them in every possible way... And that the "servant" heard my prayers - we need to pray more and more...

But God is not a servant for us! We ought to feel His servants! (But for this it would be good to understand His Will with respect and humanity in General, and in relation to themselves specifically).

And an amazing paradox is found intellectually insightful followers of religious sects! This paradox is that God does not need any ritual ceremonies and prayers of people! God wants from us something quite different: we have to become better - in accordance with His Teachings! Our spiritual efforts should be aimed at improving ourselves in the intellectual, ethical, and psychoenergetical aspect of development! Also - on a real service to Him through, first of all, helping other people in their evolution: in their harmonious complicity in the flow of the Evolution of the universal Consciousness.

... To the present time God not only known representatives of science, but also sufficiently explored. This information is published in printed books and on the Internet. His Teachings are summarized and presented in a systematic way that is most convenient for study. [1-20] And now it is advisable to make this knowledge accessible to the entire population of our planet. Let atheists will receive full and clearly set out the information about God and the place of each of us in the implementation of His Plan. Absurdly distorted ideas about It could not satisfy the intellectual development of people, that is why they are atheists... And the followers of different religious movements would be able to correct their understanding of God and his life...

Studying these materials can imagine how they would change for the better the lives of all people, if they knew the true meaning of their lives and opportunities of its implementation!

* * *

The topic we have covered in great detail in many different angles in previous editions. And now I only briefly repeat the main thing.

About God in the aspect of the absolute can be described as the Universal macro-Organism, Which is continuously evolving, multiplying Its Perfection. It is multidimensional, i.e. it consists of layers with differing levels of subtlety-coarseness. A thin Layer is the Main Essence, Which is called by people in different languages Primordial Consciousness, the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao, Ishvara, Jehovah, Svarog, in other words.

Paradise is the layer (EON, Loka), adjacent to the Primordial Consciousness. It is the abode of those who have reached a high level of refinement of the consciousness, but not yet developed all the qualities required for entry into the EON of the Creator.

At the opposite end of the scale of subtlety-coarseness is hell - the abode of those who cultivated in vices, such as malice, aggressiveness, irritability, and similar qualities. Hell is a "dump" of the Evolutionary Process. The life in there is the nightmare of permanent stay among similar primitives.

The evolution of the absolute is accomplished by creating Them "islets" of matter in cosmic space, where, when there create favorable conditions, "inoculated" rudiments shower that will grow step by step in vegetal, animal, and then human bodies. Reaching success in its development souls settle first in heaven and then in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, entering into Its Single "We".

Those who cultivated the opposite quality, "rejected", going into "outer darkness" of hell.

Another important detail to answer any question those who have not yet thought deeply on this subject: why does God need such "complexity", why not create right away perfect soul? Cannot. Creation of matter and the creation of the energy of consciousness is different. First for the Creator - easy, the second - the same, but applied only to the rudiments shower. And then - souls will grow long and hard in a series of many incarnations.

An individual consciousness (soul) with the ability to grow quantitatively - through the power of material food and transmutation of its energy to the energy of the consciousness. Only this way can grow the energy of the consciousness. Moreover, having free will, the soul can cultivate both positive and negative qualities. But only those who have succeeded in accumulating a positive qualities, including ethical perfection, wisdom, and strength - Supplement the Creator.

The main positive attribute developing shower is their subtlety. It should become saturated with wisdom and strength.

Refinement of consciousness grows through the cultivation of the emotions of love: tenderness, affection, admiration for the beautiful and attuning with him. "God is Love" - God teaches people through Jesus Christ, Sathya SAI Baba, and other Representatives of the Creator [7-10]. And the "organ" of spiritual love, without which the development of the true love cannot be, is the spiritual heart. The development of the structure of the soul - in the best case scenario is achieved by the methods of psychic self-regulation, about which we spoke in detail in [8] and we created the film.

* * *

Now we understand why we need God? We are evolving particles of God in the Aspect of the absolute - with the aim of filling up the most Perfect Part, Which He Himself calls the heart of the absolute.

Each of us should learn to operate in joint business with any partners, not from personal primitive egocentrism, and taking into account the interests of the partners and for the success of the common cause.

Let God be the Main Partner in the life of each of us!

And if you are living according to His interest - only in this case we can achieve real success also in your own life!

Vladimir Antonov
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