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Каменные слезыAmong inhabitants of mountain villages of the Tien Shan mountains, located in Kazakhstan, long since there is a legend connected with the mysterious stone tears: "In ancient times lived on Earth giants - Deva, who considered itself to equal gods. Angered by proud of the Devas, the gods created man to be clever and cunning warrior, who drove the giants in the mountains. Thousands of years have passed, and the Devas turned into a large stone, which to this day concluded soul giants, the weeping of anguish".

Myths of different Nations

Retinoid, dark, and sometimes black, very solid, appearing on the stones, has many names. The Kazakhs call it tears mountains, Mongols and Tibetans - juice rock, Siberian peoples - stone oil. In Europe this substance is called mummy...

Mummy was known in Ancient Egypt with the III Millennium B.C. and was called the Illyrian resin. To extract the precious resin had a right only the priests that manufacture from it for the pharaohs miracle cures. Illyrian resin was also used in modifitsirovanie deceased rulers.

After death of Pharaoh was adopted together with the embalmed body be placed in a pyramid and Illyrian resin. It was believed that after the resurrection of the soul Pharaoh it will help to recover his physical shell. According to some Egyptologists, it is the presence in the tombs of pharaohs substances mummy and was initially a cause of their plunder. Demand among the robbers used even resin-impregnated fabric, which would wrap the remains of the deceased, as well as the mummified body buried.

In Ancient China to use stone oil could only members of the Imperial family. Under the fear of death miners mummy was forbidden to sell or transfer it to someone else.

The high price of mumie - one gram of pure gold for one gram of juice rock - dictated sustainable beliefs about his unbelievable, almost magical healing properties. There were legends that Tibetan mages, some of which served in the court of emperors, use the tears mountains for the preparation of the elixir of immortality and the so-called "flying ointment"in which people can travel by air.

In addition, in the East it was considered that Shilajit helps to expel from human evil spirits sources dangerous diseases, promotes even at a very old age male potency, mortal wounds heals and protects from poisoning all known poisons.

In medieval Europe among alchemists for mummy was a real hunt.

According to ancient treatises survived the fire of the Alexandrian library, it Illyrian resin was the main component in obtaining the famous philosopher's stone...

In Russia about mumie learned under Vasily III, which this miraculous substance brought Venetian merchants. With the beginning of development under Ivan the terrible huge territories in the East behind the Stone belt of delivery mumie to the Royal court have become regular.

In the XVIII century Peter I by his decree ordered that from Siberia stone oil delivered for state pharmacies, thus it opened up the possibility of purchase to the General population.


For many centuries does not stop the debate about the origin of this mysterious substance. Thus, in ancient Persia believed that Shilajit is a child of the Earth goddess and the God of the Sun. For this reason the collection it was only the priests dedicated to the cult of the sun God Mithra. Solar origin Illyrian resin adhered to and the Egyptian priests, who saw in it the gift of God RA.

The ancient Greek sages and philosophers believed that drug resin has congealed blood mighty Titan Prometheus was chained to a rock, but continuing, despite suffering, to help people. For this reason, the pieces of the precious resin even offered as a sacrifice to the gods of Greek and Roman pantheons.

Residents of Burma, Tibet and Mongolia until the middle of the last century believed that the Blood of the mountain appears in habitats of the mountain spirits. Because of this, often on the mountain slopes, which made the production of this resin found sanctuary in which before the beginning of mumie collection was conducted ritual performances.

Indigenous representatives of mountain peoples of southern Siberia, Altai, Buryat, Khakases, Tuvinians, as well as people of Transbaikalia - sure mumie is excreta Bigfoot. According to local hunters, often near the places of occurrence of valuable resin they sometimes find traces of giant relic hominid, which for already a century unsuccessfully hunt scientists, as well as pieces of wool this mysterious creatures...

In recent decades prevailed among scientists hypothesized that the source of origin of mumie is the so-called mumadona mouse living in the mountains of Central Asia and Tibet, and pika (or sanatauca), living in the Altai and Sayan. Under assumptions of some biologists, waste of life of these rodents, feeding as herbs and minerals, and is a valuable resin, which includes almost all the elements of the periodic table.

However, such a "biological" hypothesis of the origin of mumie seems to be wrong, if you carefully study the geography of its appearance. Traditionally extraction of precious resin were produced in almost all mountain regions of the Eurasian continent: in the Caucasus and the Urals, in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Sayan mountains, Transbaikalia, and the spurs of Apple ridge. Many of these regions are not habitats manyeneng rodents, but nevertheless miners found in these mountains precious raw materials.

Secrets of the miraculous properties

Modern scientific research has shown that stone oil is a unique product that stimulates the enzyme all the processes occurring in the human body. This is largely due to its unique chemical composition. Shilajit contains calcium, copper and iodine, which is so necessary for bones and thyroid, gold, silver and platinum, promoting regeneration of biological tissues of the body. Iron contained in the mummy, restores the processes of synthesis of hemoglobin and relieves fatigue, and phosphorus stimulates the brain...

Quarried stone oil easy way scraping healing resin with rocks. Among the experts the most valued mumie built on the South, the Sunny slopes and especially in dry years. After that raw is subjected to a special heat treatment methods which have long been kept in the strictest confidence. Being very tender and capricious substance, even with a slight overheating mumie lose almost all its valuable properties. Now is considered the most traditional way of processing of stone oil, popular in the Middle East, where water solution mumie slowly evaporated on fire or steam bath. After a long, which sometimes several days, procedures of raw receive biologically active concentrate yellowish or greenish color, ready-to-use...

Since the nineties of the last century many psychics and representatives of alternative medicine people often talk about the amazing property of Stone oil to influence energy-informational structure of the fields that surround the human body, including on his aura, damage, which often are the cause of many mental illnesses.

The parapsychologist Elena Rank from Semipalatinsk in 1998-2000 conducted a series of experiments with one of the patients in mental hospitals, suffering from an incurable form of schizophrenia. The doctor forced patients to take baths with dissolved in them concentrate mummy, and they put on their belt, impregnated healing resin. As a result, patients Rank first began to see beautiful and positively charged dreams, which after enthusiastically told. And soon the doctors began to celebrate in their patients a strong tendency to return consciousness into reality. At the end of the experiment, all six patients suffering from malignant schizophrenic disorder, were discharged from the hospital with a careful diagnosis sluggish schizophrenia...
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