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Кладбища инопланетянRecently we talked about the mysterious mummies found in the mountains of Peru. Scientists do not exclude, that this is the mummy of aliens who once visited our planet and for one reason or another, remaining in it forever. Continuing this theme, we offer to your attention the material from which it is clear - the burial of strangers meet throughout the Earth.

Space "gramophone records"

At the turn of 1937-1938 in one of the remote regions of China, in the mountains Bayan-Kara-Ula near Tibet, archaeologists have discovered an unusual ancient burial. In a vertical rock wall straight rows blackened holes burial crypts. Found in them remains seemed archaeologists very strange. They were like men, but had enlarged skull, thin limbs, and at length reached only 110-120 cm. Instead of inscriptions and drawings on the walls of tombs were carved the point size of a pea, which is kind of a "dotted line" portrayed the Sun, moon and constellations.

The most amazing discovery in these tombs were stone discs with a diameter of 30 cm and a thickness of about 8 mm, with a small hole in the center. All of these drives were found 716. In appearance they resembled gramophone record from the center hole to the edge spirals went tracks with small hieroglyphic text. Archaeologists have solved, that in the rock buried representatives of some extinct species of mountain monkeys, which as deities worshipped lived here in ancient times the population.

At the same time studying mysterious drives has been a Professor from Beijing Cum Mind the absolute. In cooperation with geologists, he found that the stone plates contain cobalt and rare earth metals in high concentration, which is not typical for stones. While research on the oscilloscope revealed in the disks of the increased rhythm vibrations, which suggests that once they have been processed under high voltage. But the main thing is to 1962, after more than twenty years of hard work, the Professor managed to read the ancient texts on the disks.

Academicians in Beijing declared the report of Professor flawed and unscientific, and it was banned. And no wonder: according to the conclusions Cum Mind nua, X Millennium BC in the mountains Bayan-Kara-Ula and landed on an alien space ships!

The ban coincides with the start of the "cultural revolution". Skeletons and CDs were destroyed by the red guards or stolen. Cum Mind the absolute went to Japan, where he died in 1965. Before his death he had time to recover and to publish its report.

In it he States: in the inscriptions on the disks said that the air ships of a nation, called drop, several times fell in the mountains Bayan-Kara-Ula, and their visits here were not always peaceful. After the next landing ships was not able to fly up, and drop had to stay here forever. They tried to improve relations with the locals, but they chased and killed them. Ancient text breaks off in these words: "Ten times men, women and children of the tribe Kham were hiding in caves before sunrise. Finally they realized that this time the drop came in peace"...

The report Cum Mind Noa was published in Japan and Taiwan, and then find out about it in Europe. Academy of Sciences of China was silent, and at the request of one of the Western researcher said that does not know no Professor Cum Mind nua.

Chinese "pygmies" comes from Sirius

The story of the disks from Bayan-Kara-Ula would have stayed dark spot, if not an Austrian Ernst Wegerer interested in the history of ancient civilizations. During his trip with his wife on China in 1974, he suddenly saw these disks in the local history Museum of the city of XI'an. The Museum was built quite recently, on the site was excavated by archaeologists settlements of stone age. Watching the exposition, guests from Austria not believe their eyes: in the glass-case were two stone 30-centimeter-length disk with holes in the middle! On their surface was seen spiral grooves, going from the centre. Small writing on them accrochees and was barely visible.

The young woman, the Director of the Museum allowed the Austrians to photograph disks, but about their history and how they were in the Museum, nothing to say could not. According to her, these things are extremely ancient and have religious significance.

On his return to Europe Wegerer told about his discovery Peter KRASS, author of several books about the mysteries of ancient history associated with alien aliens. In one of them - "When they came yellow gods", Crassus mentions the disks from Bayan-Kara-Ula.

In September 1994 Crassus yourself managed to go to China and visit the Museum in XI'an. But nothing like the mysterious disks he did not see. The Museum staff were unable to give him any explanation. The former headmistress was fired in the middle of the 1970's-obviously, immediately after visiting the Museum Austrian couple. The current Director, van Gijon, said that drives long removed from the Museum as "alien elements"exposure and their fate he neizvestnym follows the trail of a mysterious disk again broke.

In 1995, the associated Press has informed the world that the Chinese Sichuan province (in which there are mountains Bayan-Kara-Ula) found hitherto unknown tribe. The average growth of its members does not exceed 1.1 meters. Some researchers have suggested that this may be the descendants of the alien nation drop. Chinese ethnologists hastened to explain the presence of "pygmies" increased concentration of mercury in the local water. But Western experts is not convinced. Soon after the mentioned message the associated Press in the English archives found the materials of the expedition Dr. Carey-La Robin Evans, who has visited these places in 1947. It turned out that Lavra discoverer tribe stunted people should go to the British researcher. The people he encountered, lived in a remote mountain valley, virtually no communication with the outside world, and its representatives called himself dzopa - because the scientist wrote down the name.

Robin Evans spent with mountain hermits six months. He learned to understand their language, got acquainted with their history and traditions. According to Zope, their ancestors came to Earth from Sirius. Fly back home they failed and forever remained in the mountains Bayan-Kara-Ula...

The telepaths with radar in my head

Disposal of unusual creatures, presumably the alien invaders, also found in Central Africa. This was announced in 2009, the Swiss anthropologist Hugo Children.

- We still have unearthed 200 bodies, " said he at a press conference in Kigali (Rwanda). - Surprisingly, they are perfectly preserved in humid climates. The age of the finds is estimated approximately in 500 years.

Led by a group of anthropologists stumbled upon an abandoned cemetery in the Rwandan the jungle in 2007. Then the scientists decided that found the remains of an ancient settlement. But in 2009, when they started regular excavations at this place, it was found that about people and their everyday life needless to say.

Found the remains belong obviously anthropomorphic beings, but in their structure too many unusual to recognize their people. First of all surprised by their growth. All he nearly the same - about 2.2 meters. On the disproportionately large heads are missing nose, mouth and eyes. According to the Children, being communicated with one another via telepathy and moved as bats, using some internal biological radar. Perhaps it's participants alien landing, which, after landing on the Earth caught some deadly virus. In the vicinity is not found by any of the spacecraft or its wreckage, and this means that some of these creatures could survive off the Land.

Scientists do not hurry up with the announcement of the coordinates of the cemetery aliens, rightly fearing the crowds of adventurers.

We note parenthetically that unusual human remains archeologists find quite often, but the anomalies in the majority of cases are explained by genetic malformation. And so about the alien origin of the skeletons found in Rwanda, to speak while early.
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