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Every winged creature has a symbolic meaning. The birds always friendly, because due to the connection with the element of air are the messengers of the upper world.
Using birds as a symbol of the soul is found in the folklore of the peoples of the world. Usually birds are in the function magic assistant or messenger, and represent spirits or angels, supernatural assistance thoughts and flights of fancy.
Birds, and fish, were originally phallic symbol, endowed with creative power. In folklore this quality has led to the emergence of a large number of stories about talking birds that can reveal the secrets, to enchant heroes, immersing them in a magic dream, and, conversely, remove the magic.

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Sometimes a bird seen as a metaphor of a lover.
In myths and folklore birds are perceived as intelligent assistants heroes. They stem from the huge birds-demiurge of the ancient peoples, media heavenly messages and creators of the lower world. Here and further the value of birds as messengers.
Special color birds is the factor that determines their second value. They represent a symbol of the impossible
In alchemy bird represents the forces that are active in the movement, here is the exact meaning you can install on finding birds: gaining altitude, it expresses evaporation or sublimation, diving to the ground, bird expresses the rain and condensation.
In other words, birds, like the angels, are symbols of thought, imagination and speed of spiritual processes and relations.
They refer to the element of air and, as indicated in the case of eagle point to the "hill" and, accordingly, the "lowland" spirit.
Some birds like the company of people, among them swallow, others prefer the solitude and privacy
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