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Летающие змеи обнаружены в джунглях Юго-Восточной АзииIn Southeast Asia have discovered a new species of snakes, who can fly. Unique 80-centimeter reptiles are able to fly from tree to tree, planning through the air. On earth they are returned by using the jump, which would have killed any other snake or lizard.

Snakes species Paradisi Chrysopelea found in the jungles of Southeast Asia, American biologist Jake Plow. He argues that the flying reptiles are using an original technique and unique movement to travel long distances by air. "These tree snakes quietly jumped down from a 15-metre trunks, landing without a single injury. This is absolutely amazing," said a Plough. Aerodynamic characteristics of flying snakes allow them to pick up the airflow.

To better understand peculiarities of the snake of biodynamics, a scientist using high-speed cameras has made detailed video jumps Paradisi Chrysopelea. In these videos show how reptiles, ready to jump and drop continue to make rapid movement. Looking up from the branches, the snake does lightning shot through the reduction of all muscles. After such a "shot" reptile flies to several meters. And already in flight serpent is located at an angle of about 25 degrees relative to the airflow. The front part of the body varies in the horizontal plane, and long tail makes vertical movement.

"These snakes create all conditions for good planning. Surprisingly, if you put all the physical forces acting on the body of the reptiles, we will see a slight advantage in the direction of lifting force," said Jake Plow. The scientist believes that snakes have much to learn. For example, in the future, on the basis of bionics reptiles engineers could develop aircraft with movable wings. "Flight of the snake is not similar to the planning paper airplane. From the point of view of aerodynamics here everything is much more complicated. In the air pogonistes body represents a wing with a constant reconfiguration, and snake extremely fast guided in space by changing the parameters of movement", - said the biologist.
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