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Предлагаем восстановить, заказать, купить диплом Вуза в любом городе России. Только настоящий бланк ГОЗНАК с гарантией.

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Веды и Ведическая РусьWho we are and where they come from? As the birthplace of the Russian Land? How they lived and what I believed our ancestors? Usually remember in this connection the words of the first Russian chronicler Christian time Nestor, who started the chronicle: "Behold Story time (past) years, where did the Russian Earth, who is in Kiev the beginning of the first of knyajichi, and where the Russian Land began to eat...”

Referring to these sources, we doom ourselves to the study of Russian history in the best case - since the founding of Kiev. And thus we see that the pre-Christian history and faith monks chroniclers described briefly and very reluctantly. But there were other, actually "Vedic” sources? Not lost if an ancient pre-Christian Slavic (or rather the Vedic tradition?

No. Now we can say for sure: not died. Tradition can die only together with all people. It is the basis of life itself, language, songs and folk tales, folk Orthodox holidays and rites.

And indeed the ancient faith of the Slavs and the ruses since ancient times, long before the baptism of Rus ' was called Orthodoxy. Russians called themselves Orthodox, because they glorified Rule followed the paths of the Government. It was called also Righteous by faith, for the Slavs knew the Truth, knew Great-Veda, the most ancient Vedas, the Holy tradition of the source Vedic faith, the former first faith almost all peoples of our planet.
In the books from the collection of the "Russian Veda” and, above all, "the Book of Veles”, says about twenty thousand years, during which burst, perished and again revived Russia. In these books it is told about ancient urheimat, on the land, where the Russians were born childbirth, the ancestors of different clans.
And now you want to talk about death, and about the revival of ancient traditions and faith, about the Russian Revival. Ancient faith never died, still many Slavic childbirth keep the Vedic tradition.
Work on the restoration of the Russian Vedic Culture began relatively recently, even in the very recent past, in the Soviet times it was impossible even to write about it.

Today, the public has such a bright confirmation of the existence of ancient Russian Vedic Culture and Faith as "the Book of Veles”, "the Word about Igor's regiment”, "the Story of time years” Nestor "bojan?w anthem”, other sources and all the folk epic legends, myths, legends, tales, Proverbs, etc... But still, all of this material is still insufficient to fully restore Russian Vedic Culture in full, and therefore it is possible and even necessary to study other books Vedic religions.
And first of all the Vedas of India as the best preserved and full sources of the ancient Knowledge today.

Veda Of India

Today, when searched for uniting the healthy forces of the society of Russian Idea, the appeal to the experience of generations, Russian national traditions is thought of as the only way for the salvation of the Fatherland. Mental health of the nation can be gained, having dropped only to the pure source of the national spirit, the prisoner in the great Russian, in songs and ballads, in the tradition of old, preserved in Russia. Can I rise up to heaven, without roots?
What is the Slavic tradition now?

The Vedism, or privatism is the oldest monotheistic faith, that is, faith in the existence of God, spiritual knowledge, which came to us in the Holy texts, in the form of national Orthodox traditions and oral traditions.
If we refer to the original meaning of the word FAITH contained in the ancient runic texts, will receive the following interpretation:

FAITH - modern sound of the old image, consisting of two runes:
1. Rune "VEDA” means to have understanding, the Conduct, that is, the ability to experience the divine Wisdom of God, and having become slaves for God, to tell it to others.
2. Rune "RA” - means the sun, the Light or the light of Truth of God.
Now, FAITH is the Radiance of Wisdom and the Light of Truth of God.
In our time over a revival of the Ancient Faith employs many people and many of our compatriots.
Now on the Path of Prav ' stand many. In modern Russia there are already hundreds of Vedic communities, reviving the ancient faith, ancient knowledge, ceremonies, martial arts.
So who is now among those who are committed to the revival of the ancient Vedic Culture and Vedic Knowledge? Today such people, United in a variety of community quite a lot. And every day in Russia they are becoming more and more.

Here we can cite only some refer to these directions:
ORTHODOXY is the glorification of "the GOVERNMENT” - the Spiritual World of the Supreme Ancestor and His children - light Slavic Gods and Goddesses.
RODNOVERIE - belonging to the Faith, and in all forms of its manifestation from God, in the image of Kind-Grandparent and bogorodyts, before earthly father and mother. Here is the notion that this Faith - native, not alien.
VAISHNAVISM - Vaishnava worship, praise and spiritual flock to God in the image of Vishnu (Visina) and Krishna Crisana).
ROSMETIZ movement anastasyev, followers Anastasia presented in books Vogra ancient Vedic roots of Slavic civilization.
AGNI-YOGA followers of Rerikh, by following the Vedic Knowledge, unveiled by the Roerichs in his writings.
VEDIC CULTURE - the combination of concepts "Veda”, "Cult”, i.e., the worship, the worship "RA”. I.e. this veneration, worship Shining Wisdom and the Light of Truth of God.
So, different communities call this Faith differently, but they all agree with the General definitions - "Vedic culture” and "the Vedas”, because they are contained in all of these names.
So is there in present conditions and in the present time, the need to clarify the differences and disputes about who has a right to the Truth and who is closer to God? And maybe still is the highest point in cooperation and uniting efforts for the revival of Vedic Culture and Vedic Knowledge in Russia? Isn't that wants us all God? Because so many people are in unbelief, ignorance and delusion. Because so much to do. Vedic religion, in the form of various branches of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, folk beliefs, now professes a quarter of humanity.


In India alone, where lives more than 1 billion people, or Vedic Hinduism religion based on ancient Vedas, now professed by more than 80% of the total population. In Nepal, until very recently the Vedic religion was the state. And we are talking not only about India and other Asian countries. In Europe, America, Australia there are various Eastern religious society based on Vedic philosophy, and covering up to a tenth of all believers. Hindus and Zoroastrians (gebrs and Parsa) is represented in the parliaments India and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Advanced kinds of the Vedic religion have spiritual Foundation of Indian Vedic and Iranian Zoroastrian (Avesta) literature, with thousands and millions of volumes of ancient writings and their modern interpretations.

The most known book of the Vedic religion of India - Vedas. Four of them. The rig-Veda - "Veda hymns”, Sama-Veda - "Veda hymns”, Yajur-Veda - "Veda sacrificial formulae” and the Atharva Veda - "Veda spell”

The most known book of the Vedic religion of India - Vedas. Four of them. The rig-Veda - "Veda hymns”, Sama-Veda - "Veda hymns”, Yajur-Veda - "Veda sacrificial formulae” and the Atharva Veda - "Veda spells”. Later the Vedas were written comments to them - hundreds of philosophical treatises: the Brahmans, Samhita, the Upanishads and the Aranyakas.
Additional Vedic literature of India is the Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Puranas. Heroic poem Mahabharata Indians revered as the fifth Veda, is the world's largest poem that includes a hundred thousand quatrains. In essence, the Mahabharata is a separate literature (famous Bhagavad Gita is the culmination part of the Mahabharata).
Ramayana is a poem about the ancient hero and king of India Frame, the incarnation of God. Puranas are a collection of stories about the incarnations of the God, about the life of the demigods.

Zoroastrian literature of Ancient Iran presented primarily Amestoy, which has four parts: the more clear ("worship”), Wispered ("all major chapters, Videvdat ("law against demons”) and Asti ("hymns”). Here were mentioned only Holy book now operating denominations, not less extensive literature give archaeological, ethnographic studies in different countries of the East. Also the later works based on that failed to reach up to us priestly books (for example, "Shah-Name” by the poet Ferdowsi).
And it would be wrong to believe that all of these texts are not related to the Russian Vedic tradition. On the contrary. In many of these texts relate about the lands lying North of India and Iran. This is the most important and ancient descriptions of the lands single Vedic Civilization that existed in ancient times, and which was respected and revered by the original homeland of the Aryans, the source of Vedic Faith and Hindus, Zoroastrians.

Attention should be given to the generality of the many texts, myths and stories in Russian and other Vedic traditions. You can put beside the texts of Russian folk songs, spiritual poems and similar texts of Indian and Iranian Vedic literature.

This comparison will inevitably lead to the conclusion that Russia remained knowledge and songs with the basis of the same roots of Vedic culture.
A great spiritual heritage of Russia Vedic can rightly be put next to the living Vedic tradition pan East.
Ancient songs and tales in oral traditions Rus well preserved. They are always available. Often Russian tradition outlines of ancient song, very favorite people and almost not distorted by time. You can call revered by believers "book of Doves”, "Animal book, "the Secret book”, "the Golden book” and many other popular books.
Complete set of Slavic folk songs, folk tales, fairy tales and legends, spiritual poems - thousands of volumes. And they contain the same reflection of the Original Vedas.
In addition thousand volumes of Slavic folklore Russian Vedic literature is represented by monuments of ancient literature. First of all - it "the Book of Veles”, then "bojan?w anthem” and "the Word about Igor's regiment”. Already now monuments enough to talk about the great Russian Vedic literature and writing culture.


But how many of the secrets of an ancient culture yet to be revealed over time? And how many ancient books currently not available to us?
Part of them, apparently, is in closed state storehouses of Russia. The part in the beginning of XIX century was taken out for limits of the Russian Empire, mainly in Austria. Now these manuscripts sprayed on private archives and libraries of Europe and America and honored cryptography.
So not in the restoration of whether the ancient Vedic Culture hid the key to the soul of a Russian man? And the path to the revival of Russia?

The Vedas in the Russian North

Russian North... Its forests and the fields are not trampled hordes of conquerors, it's free and proud people mostly did not know serfdom oppression, and have been preserved here in purity and sanctity of the ancient traditions, rituals and tales, songs and tales Russia.
It is here, in the opinion of many researchers, there is still archaic parts of culture, conformable and recorded in the Vedas, the most ancient monument of the culture of all Indo-European peoples. This is not surprising, as the Aryans (ingorance) in areas of India and Iran for many thousands of years ago inhabited, including, and the Northern Eurasia earth, and before that it is possible and the legendary land of Hyperborea.

So the Soviet linguist B. C. Hornung believed that the ancestors of the Ariev (ingorance) at the end of III Millennium B.C. lived in the North-East of Europe and was somewhere around the middle Volga, and the French Explorer P. Girshman stressed that "the mention of the Volga river, has become something of a mythical tradition, is among the most ancient memories of the Indo-Aryans and the Iranians as in Avesta, and in the rig Veda".

Another Russian linguist Century Abaev wrote: "Through the centuries has carried arias memory of his homeland and the great Volga river". In 20-ies of our century academician A. I. Sobolevsky talked about the fact that the vast fields of European Russia, up to the coast of the White and Barents seas, dominated by geographical names, which are based on some of the ancient Indo-European language, which he called Scythian.

I must say that even in 1903 in Bombay, he published the book the great Indian scholar and public figure B. G. Tilak called "Arctic homeland in the Vedas", where it is the result of many years of analysis of ancient texts came to the conclusion that the homeland of ancestors of the Indians and Iranians (i.e. Ariev) was including in the North of Europe, somewhere near the Arctic circle, about which narrate the ancient texts of the sacred books of the Ariev - rig Veda, the Mahabharata, the Avesta.

Flying ships ancestors

For us, the people of the XXI century, much of what was told these sacred books, it may seem incredible. But, nevertheless, to all appearances, the knowledge of our ancestors were such that we are fit only to be surprised. So, describing "Northern country of light is", ascetic and sage Narada (note, by the way, what exactly is called the highest peak of the sub-polar Urals - mount Narada) reports that live here "great sages, who captured the heavens" and flying on the "great chariots". Another of the illustrious Aryan sages - Halawa describes flight "divine bird". He says that the body of this bird "movement seems dressed in shining as tysiacheletie the sun at dawn". Hearing sage "deafened by the roar of the great vortex"it "does not feel his body, 't see, hear". Galawa shocked that "'t see no sun, no parties, no space"it "sees only the darkness", and, not discerning nothing, sees only outgoing from the body to the flames".
Another hero of the epic - Arjuna is told about how he ascended to heaven on "marvelous, skilfully made" chariot and flew there, "where there shone, neither fire, nor the moon, nor the sun", and the stars "Shine by their own light".

It should be noted that in the traditions of Viking tells of fire flying ships that they saw in the polar latitudes. A. A. Gorbovsky writes in this regard that such devices "could float, hanging in the air, and move on huge distances "in the twinkling of an eye", "the speed of thought". The last comparison belongs to Homer, who mentioned about the people who lived in the North and moved on these amazing vehicles...

About the people, allegedly knew the secret flights in the air, writing and other Greek authors. Lived a people Hyperborea, in the North, and the Sun was rising over them only once a year". A. A. Gorbovsky emphasizes that arias owned "information about the aircraft, which we find in Sanskrit sources".

It refers to the ancient Indian epos "Ramayana", which says that the heavenly chariot "glowed like fire Midsummer night", was, "like a comet in the sky", "blazed like red fire", "was, as a guiding light, moving in space"that "it resulted in the movement winged zip", "the whole sky was lit up when she passed by him", "proceeded two streams of flame".

Weapons of mass destruction

In the epic Mahabharata is told about the whole flying the city Subha that hung over the earth at an altitude of 4 km, and from there to the earth flew "boom, similar to a blazing fire".
Or that battle scene from the same epic created in the depths of millennia ancestors of ingorance. "We have noticed in the sky something that resembled a flaming cloud-like tongues of fire. From it emerged a huge, black Vimana (celestial chariot), which brought down many shining (shining) shells. The roar produced by them, was like thunder from thousands of drums. Vimana approach the earth with incredible speed and have released a set of shells, glittering like gold, thousands of lightning. This was followed by violent explosions and hundreds fire vortices... Army was routed, and the terrible Vimana pursued him until he destroyed the".

Describe the different kinds of lethal weapons in the Mahabharata so realistic that there is nothing surprising in the fact that during the first test of an atomic bomb R. Oppenheimer was reading the lines in this epic, describing the effect of space weapons of the gods:
"... breaking his running streams, darkened sun was beginning to the West, and not inferior
the flame of the sun, the planet is the brainchild of the Pit (God of death), in its curve orbit rose high in the sky... Split the sky, utopila earth, suddenly blew fierce winds, the parties of light they blew and burst into flames. Oceans excited and bellowed, many mountains with groves on them hesitated, the hosts of beings suddenly experienced an unprecedented flour... Not to distinguish it was destinations, all heaven has grasped the darkness, the earth trembled, fell from the sky flame flushed comet".

Compare two text

Here I would like to cite two passages of various texts.
The first is "on Hearing the hiss advisors fled. And struck by the great tribulation, they saw a wondrous snake... rushing through the air, leaving the sky band colors of Lotus, like parting. Then they left in fear Palace, fire, born from the venom of the serpent, and fled in all directions. And he fell down, as if struck by lightning".
And the second: "On the sky has played such a picture, as if he was getting closer to each other two... snake, dismissing a huge silver-scaly tails. When the snake clashed heads, then faster flew away, and the second head has fallen off from the tail and began to fall, oblizyvaet the flames break into the Smoking and burning lumps. Where fell the largest piece, flashed fire, explosion slammed and shot up above the ground dirty-brown cloud, gradually acquiring the form of a huge mushroom grew over the steppe".
It would seem that these texts written at the same time and about the same event. However, the first of them is an excerpt from the epic Mahabharata, which tells about a bad experience with "serpent", held in the summer 3005 BC, and the second - story General designer of missile systems, Lieutenant-General Century, Kisunko about the first test of Russian missiles to destroy moving targets (in this case bomber TU-4) in April 1953

So in the creation of weapons of mass destruction, the court around, we are not the first. Our ancestors have already passed this way, and the results of their experience were terrible.
According to Mahabharata, in the battle of Kurukshetra perished "billion six hundred sixty million, and twenty thousand, and the remaining twenty four thousand one hundred sixty". In order to do all it needed was a huge knowledge. And the evidence for them is the ancient Aryan texts.

The units of the ancient

Knowledge of the ancient Indians were astonished to hear Aburaihan Biruni in the X century.
He wrote that on the Indian view, day "universal soul" equal 62208x109 earth years, the day of the first cause, or "point" - Kha - equals 864 K earth years, and "the day of Shiva" equal CH earth years".
In Aryan texts meet the terms of truce"equal 0,3375 seconds, and "Kosta"equal 1/300 000 000 of a second. "Our civilization to such small-long segments came only recently, just in recent years. In particular, the "Kosta" was very close to the period of life of some of mesons and hyperons.
"One of two things: either they invented the term, for which nothing was, and came up with the units, which could not use, or left to assume that these terms have come into Sanskrit texts from those times, when they stood still alive content, that is, "the tinder" and "Kosta" could be measured, and this was the need" - writes A. A. Gorbovsky.
There is a basis to assume that such knowledge and views about the possibility of space flights, about the structure and appearance of aircraft Arya had and on the East-European North, and more specifically in the Subpolar zone. Here it is worth noting that one of the heroes of Plutarch, who visited the Hyperboreans, where the six-day and half the night (i.e. close to the North pole), received here "such great knowledge in astronomy, to what it takes someone who studies the geometry".

Humanity more than 1.9 billion years

Often we face in the texts of the Mahabharata with information, knowledge of which ancient seems almost incredible. When we speak of the time of existence of the mankind, the Vedas describe the period of time known as "Manvantara" or periods of the Board of the first human ancestors - Manu. The first Manvantara corresponds 1,986 billion years ago. The question arises - is it possible existence of civilization in the infinitely distant from us?
But one of the interesting facts. In 1972 in the village Zone (at a uranium mine Manana) in Gabon in the thickness of uranium ore was found rod fully identical to the currently used for nuclear reactors operating in U-235. In the opinion of French specialists, who studied it, reactor, which worked this core, went out about 1.7 billion years ago (i.e. at the end of the middle Proterozoic).

Cosmic cycles ancient

About the high level of development of the old Aryan knowledge say, and other data on time, which can be used to measure cosmic cycles.
So in "Vishnu the Dharma container":
age of Brahma is 3,CH years,
age of Ore - 2,32x1028 years,
age of Ishvara - 2,41x1037 years,
age Sadashiva - 7,49x1047 years,
age Shakti - 4,658x1058 years,
age of Shiva - 5,h let.
Modern man is very difficult to enter this system of measurements, as currently the biggest value is the lifetime of the proton, which exceeds 6,CH years. But, nevertheless, in ancient times these values was considered to be the real and practically used.

The birth of the material Universe

In the texts of the ancient Aryans the appearance of the material Universe is described as follows:
"In this world, when it without light was surrounded on all sides by darkness, appeared in the beginning... as the primary cause one huge egg, eternal as the seed of all living creatures, which are called Mahadevia".
This clot in the future, and the universe was created. According to the Puranas (ancient texts) initial diameter "World egg" was 500 million Yojana, or 8 billion km, and the end reached a value of 9,513609x1016 km Circumference of this facility amounted to 18712080864 million Yojana, or 2,h km. Thus, there is a process of growth "World egg".
The significant difference of the ancient knowledge from modern theories are not only clearly specified sizes clot in maximum compression and before disintegration into separate parts, but the time of its existence as a whole, and on the stages of evolution.

The author and the Manager of creation

According to the Vedic tradition, in the international egg appeared Brahma (old Slavic - Brahma or Svarog) - the Creator or the Creator of all material manifestations. Hence, the Russian word "Bang out" - Svarog-Brahma created the world. In the Mahabharata and the Ramayana testified that Brahma was born on a Lotus, grown from the navel Vishnu (old Slavic - Wishing, the Higher or Highest).

Then Brahma, inspired and guided by the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna (old Slavic - Kryshen, and Kryshen and Wishing there are one), creates the material world and is the Vedas. Created world remains unchanged for one day of Brahma, after which it is destroyed by fire. Survive only divine sages, the demigods.
The next day Brahma resumes his creation, and this process is the end of creation and destruction lasts 100 years of Brahma, after which, equivalent to "the great deployment", it "the great collapse" (mahapralaya) of the universe, its grandiose death, the return of the entire cosmos to chaos, lasting as much as "the life of Brahma".
Then the birth of the new Brahma, chaos was reorganized into space, and begins a new cycle of creation.
More surprising given in the Vedas, the life expectancy of Brahma, which constitutes just one breath and sigh another huge universe being of the Maha Vishnu or Vishnu (Visina), which is the one with the essence and the full manifestation of the Original Supreme Lord Krishna-Crisana.
Thus, the universe as a series of periodic creations and destructions in the world (more precisely worlds - Loka) is considered as having neither beginning nor end.
This process "creation of the world" is not only the Author, initial and higher cause, but Manager", or of the perpetrator - the Creator of the cosmic process, ensuring "временн?е space" actions "law of karma".

In General, the entire Vedic the hierarchy of the Universe, which includes High God and many subordinate demigods (more than 33 million) can be compared with a huge organization, where there are heads of different departments (Agni, Indra, and others), there is a control (Brahma-Svarog), there is the President (Vishnu-Wishing), and is also the principal owner and Creator (Krishna-Kryshen).

The day and the life of Brahma

According to the Vedic terms of time, one day of Brahma equal Calpe or 2 000 MAAWG, i.e. 4 320 000 * 2 000 = 8 640 000 000 earth years.
Brahma lives its 100 years, consisting of 360 days or 360 eons. So Mach-Calpe (the duration of life of Brahma) is: 311 040 000 000 000 earth years.
After this period Brahma himself, all the gods and sages perish together with the whole universe, which is decomposed into its main elements.
This period is a time of existence of a bunch of the Universe, or "World egg" - Mahadevi.

The lifetime of the Universe

Absolutely amazing, but in the Vedas contain precise information about the time of existence of the material universe, and of our current vremennogo in it, since the manifestations of the material Universe.
Day of Brahma contains 14 Manvantaras. One of the Manvantara consists of approximately 71 Divya-South.
We live on the first day of the second half life of Brahma (51 year of his life), the 28th of Divya-South seventh Manvantara.
Since the beginning of Maha-Kalpa (or since the creation of our Universe) at the beginning of the current age, Kali Yuga passed:
Half Maha-Kalpa
311 040 000 000 000 : 2 =
155 520 000 000 000 +
6 the Manvantara 71 320 x 4 000 years =
1 840 320,000 +
27 Divya-South 320 x 4 000 years =
116 640 000 +
1 728 000 (Satya-Yuga) +
1 296 000 (Treta-Yuga) +
864 000 (Dwapara Yuga)
155 539 608 480 000 years
Who wants to calculate more precisely, here is the data from the Vedas that the present age of Kali Yuga began February 20, 3102 B.C. according to the Gregorian calendar in 2:27 in India.

Era - cycles of Mankind

According to Vedas, our planet and the whole universe in its development are defined cycles of development. "All that is born will die" is true not only for animate objects, but for inanimate.
All that once emerged - mandatory once destroyed.
And our planet, the universe goes through certain stages partial destruction, when something comes complete its destruction.
Now, on Earth, according to the Vedas, is a cyclic shift of four epochs: the Satya-Yuga, Treta-Yuga, Dvapara-Yuga and the Kali Yuga.
Accordingly, these periods are referred to as gold, silver, bronze and iron ages. Also these age by level of spiritual development of the population in them compared to spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Satya-Yuga lasts 1 728 000 years, Treta-Yuga - 1 296 000 years, Dvapara-Yuga - 864 000 years,
Kali Yuga - 432 000 years. I must say that we are at the very beginning of Kali-Yuga, which began more than 5000 years ago.

Vinomaterialy world

As pointed out by the Vedic Scriptures, not the whole of creation has been destroyed. There is also vinomaterialy world - Spiritual, of which the various Scriptures mention as about the Kingdom of God. Moreover, the Spiritual world is three quarters of the whole Universe, that is, its major part, because the material world is only one quarter of the Universe.
And if in the Spiritual world is inhabited by 90 % of all living beings, then in material only on 10 %, that is quite a small part.

In the Spiritual world, or the Kingdom of God is all that exists in the material world: the planet, town, family, and everything else, but they differ only for its pure nature and beauty. There's always happy and there evils, death, suffering and lies.

Detailed information about the Spiritual world can be obtained from the Vedic literature, for example from such major works as the Bhagavad Gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam.
It is reliable and sometimes the only sources of such information as tools of modern Sciencesand limited and does not allow to receive the full information even about our material universe (continuously emerging new theory).

Such sources of knowledge, as the Vedic always been sacred, and therefore were hidden and not open to everyone.
That's the way they have been protected for a long time from demonic-minded personalities, able to harm Humanity.
But now this secret knowledge may know each because that's the plan All the Above and more and more of the influence of the Golden Century of our era.
This vinomaterialov the world - Spiritual and send the Vedas people wanting to get rid of the process of rebirth and suffering and who wish to obtain eternal life, full of knowledge and happiness, and not marred by constant "end of the world".

Five essences

Speaking about the structuring of the material Universe in the Mahabharata, it notes the existence of "five essences" or elements: earth, air, space, water and fire. When the external simplicity of this collection constitute the Universe of items or essences, it is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.

Here's how to interpret their values Mahabharata: "the Wind is a movement, akasha-space, heat - fire, and water - yield, earth is the density of the five essences (is) the body".
Note that the main property of fluidity (and current) - direction, fire - giving energy. Thus, the wind in the Mahabharata - movement work; fire - energy; water - vector (vector magnitude); land - density; akasha - space distance; darkness (Tamas) - not only void (vacuum), but as a physical phenomenon. From the text of the Mahabharata follows that in the beginning there was a space with time coordinate.

The deepest base of existence

But although the basis of matter, in the Mahabharata, are derivatives of space-time, however, the deeper the basis of the existence of matter is, as is clear from the texts, thought or word of God, most high, which gave the impetus for the transition to non-being to being, and the materialization of the Universe.

Going back to the idea of primordial material Universe, then the Mahabharata calls her eternal Beginning, or "those who have hidden and elusive cause real and unreal".
In old Slavic world Outlook remained responses of these representations. So in "the Word of the creature and dnei recomm week" XII-XIII centuries, States that the Slavs devote seventh day of the week - Sunday - God, Family, which is the Great Parent of all mankind.
Indeed, everything new is just the well-forgotten old!
But as well that the time has come, and we still remember.
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