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Уничтожение историиFor thousands of years someone had carefully saved mankind from the accumulated knowledge, destroying all that at least indirectly could point people to the right path of development - the way that you can go, only perfecting their own force and the consciousness, but not with the help of crutches "technical progress".

As it is banal, but as a source of knowledge has always been a book. And the books, especially the most valuable their instances, systematically destroyed. Let us consider this sad process since ancient times.

When Caesar arrived in Alexandria, in the famous library were at least seven hundred thousand manuscripts. And some of them had inspired the invaders fear. In particular, this is the literary heritage of some Berossus, Babylonian priest, who fled in his time in Greece. The beros was a historian, astrologer and astronomer. He invented a semicircular sun dial and created the theory of addition of solar and lunar rays, anticipating the latest work by the interference of light. Besides, among his works the Beros left a story about meeting with... aliens - mysterious Apkallu themselves, creatures resembling fish; they lived in suits and gave people the first scientific knowledge, diligently recorded Babylonian priest.

"The history of the world" Berossus, in which he described his first contact with aliens, lost. All that remains are a few fragments.

In the same library contained the works of Demetrios Falernum, one of whom wore a strange title: "On a light beam in the sky, the first work about flying saucers. There were held and proceedings of the Phoenician historian Macusa, who is credited with the creation of the atomic theory.

Presumably, in the library of Alexandria was also the famous "Book of Thoth". According to ancient legend, He invented writing and was a chronicler of all meetings of the gods. The book was written by 78 Golden plates, and the authors of it was considered to be residents of Atlantis.

Knowledge piling up and destroyed...

"Book of Thoth" disclosed secrets of management of different worlds. She had also given power over the earth, ocean and sky. With its help it was possible to raise the dead, to affect other people at a distance, to master the unknown functions own body.

With the destruction of the library disappeared all of these works, including the gold plates of the book of Thoth". Written on papyrus copies systematically destroyed by the priests, and later by the Inquisition.

The Spirits Of John Dee

Fast forward to later times. In XV-XVI centuries an Abbot of Tricomi wrote a work entitled, "Steganography". The Foreword to the book reads as follows: "I will tell you about the ways that I can accurately and reliably transmit his will to anyone who can find the meaning of my science, how far away he was from me, even for a hundred miles. Even the prisoner, and under the vigilant guards, I am able to convey my thoughts".

What a discovery made the Abbe is unknown, but in 1616 the manuscript publicly burned. The same fate befell the works of the English mathematician, geographer and astronomer Dr. John Dee (1527-1609 years). Remained only a small part of his work entitled "the True and correct message about what happened in the years between Dr. J. Dee and some spirits." Spirits doctor called unearthly reasonable beings, according to him, repeatedly come in contact with.

The book contained mathematical knowledge, the level of which was much higher than existed in the days of John Dee. There have been rumours that the Earth is composed of many overlaid spheres, built along the other dimension. Among these areas there is a point, or rather the surface of contact. A large part of the manuscript was burned by the unknown who had plundered the archive of John Dee after his death.

The priceless ancient manuscripts were destroyed in the time of the Paris commune, and in the world. Many relics were burned at the National library in Sarajevo in the early 1990-ies. The destruction of knowledge continues.
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