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Империя солнца The cradle of mankind was not in the middle East, according to biblical teaching, and not in East Africa, as suggested by modern science. She was on the now-lost continent in the Pacific ocean. The name of this vast Land - Mu, which means "Rodina". This is the version of the origin of our civilization, which defended the English Colonel James Churchward and adheres in our time, a number of researchers. Surveys Churchward interesting and convincing. With them and we start the story about the mysterious homeland of all people.

At the end of the XIX century, the Colonel had served in India. There he made friends with an old Hindu priest who helped him to decipher the tables of stone, centuries were kept in the far corner of the temple. Ancient writings told about a forgotten civilization, which appeared bloomed and disappeared in the waters of the Pacific ocean before repeating the fate of Atlantis.

The search for survivors testimonies lost civilization Churchward has devoted the rest of his life. After India was waiting for him Burma and Arizona, South sea and Alaska, Australia, and Mexico. The Colonel was to study the history of the Maya and Uighurs, Geology and ancient religion, symbolism Greek letters and a swastika and to write an alternative history of our world is too awesome to most people could believe it...

But will give a word to Churchward. Here is what he wrote: "I found that the civilization of the ancient Greeks, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, and Indians appeared due pratsivilizatsii called Mu. Continuing his research, I found that this lost continent was located in the Pacific ocean and stretched from present about Hawaii to Fiji Islands and Easter; here was the ancestral home of the person. I learned that in this beautiful country lived people, kolonoterapii the whole earth, and that this fruitful land was ravaged by a terrible earthquake and plunged into the ocean about 12 thousand years ago."

Churchward reconstructed religion of the country Mu - first religion of humanity, simple and sublime. He reconstructed the history of the earth during the time of Mu and after her disappearance. He traced in all cultures of the earth traces of sorrow for the Homeland-mother, who was killed in the period of its prosperity. His theory Churchward outlined in 1926-1931, in the book "the lost continent of Mu". All the materials are based on the Indian plates, as well as extensive (more than 2500 copies) collection of stone tablets found in Mexico. It turned out that both series of plates have a common origin, as are excerpts from the Scriptures Mu.

According to him, the lost continent was a huge hilly country, stretching from Hawaii in the North to the Easter Islands and Fiji in the South. The length of Mu was more than 5000 miles from West to East and more than 3,000 miles from North to South. The continent consisted of three land masses, separated from each other by narrow Straits or seas.

Mu was lowland tropical country, lush pastures and cultivated fields, and "land of low hills" was hidden in the lush thickets of tropical plants. Smooth, soft horizon of this earthly Paradise was not violated by any hills or mountain ranges: the bowels of the planet has not yet brought any mountains. Vast and plentiful plain traversed many wide and peaceful rivers. Lush vegetation enveloped the entire continent. Along ocean shores and river banks rose shady palm groves, stretching for many miles inland, huge ferns covered the earth with my like feathers leaves. In the valleys of the river widened and formed a small lake, over the glittering surface of the water bloomed myriad sacred Lotus flowers.

"This huge continent was full of bright colors and life, the highest form of which were 64 million human beings, continued Churchward. - In all directions, as if the thread web, went wide level road, lined with smooth stones, finely adjusted to each other so tightly that the grass could not break between them. At the time in question, 64 million people were divided into 10 tribes, subordinated to the General government. For many generations before people chose a king, and was added to his name prefix RA. He became the high priest and the Emperor by the name of RA-Mu. The very Empire was called Empire of the Sun.

On the continent was a single religion. The people all believed in the immortality of the soul returning after death to the great source from which it came.

In that era residents Mu were highly civilized and enlightened. On the land of Mu was dominated by the white race; it was amazingly beautiful people with clean white or olive skin, large, soft and dark eyes and straight black hair. In addition to the white race there were other people with yellow, brown and black leather. However, they were not very many. The ancients of Mu were excellent seamen: their ships went around the world - from the East to the oceans, from the Northern to the southern seas... They were wonderful architects and built of huge stone temples and palaces. They created a huge monument monoliths".

In the country Mu was seven main cities - centers of religion, science and education. Mu was the birthplace and the center of human civilization, education and trade; all other countries on earth were its colonies. The town were decorated with huge temples carved stone with no roofs, - they called transparent temples. The roof was missing, so that the rays of the RA, the symbol of appreciation of the divine, could easily penetrate into the temple to illuminate the head praying.

In this period of prosperity and did the first devastating cataclysm. Southern districts Mu would shake rattle coming from the very depths of the planet, followed by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Along the southern coast of the continent giant waves had hidden under themselves of the earth, and many of the beautiful city were destroyed.

Volcanoes spew fire, smoke and lava. Because the country was flat, lava not spread over the surface of the earth, and accumulated in place eruptions, forming cones, which later turned into the mountains of volcanic origin, which can still be seen on some of the southern Islands. Over time, the volcanic activity ceased.

New generation, and, when the described events were ancient history, everything was repeated in an even more horrific scale. The whole continent, recounts Churchward written on tablets, stood up and swayed like in the ocean. The earth shook and trembled; the temples and palaces, monuments and statues were overthrown. The city turned into the mountain ruins. From volcanoes escaped the fire, a thick cover of black smoke covered the whole continent. Huge waves were rolling on the coast and flooded plains.

During the night all the land broke into pieces. The doomed continent sank into the ocean with thunderous roar. In flames, deeper, deeper and deeper down it into the very jaws of hell. Then from all sides rushed like hills waves and completed the disaster.

Colony Mu some time kept the cultural achievements of their mother country, but in the absence of support gradually fell into decay and died and their ruins there were new civilization.

According to other researchers, Mu or Lemuria) should be sought in the Indian ocean. On the exact same location still argue. However, most scholars are of the opinion of Professor Reshetova, who in his book, written in 1966, claimed that the Lemuria should be sought in the area Median ridge of the Indian ocean, including the archipelagos, as well as Madagascar, Ceylon, the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian sea shelf. This hypothesis has many explanations. According to geographical research and analysis of the bottom topography of the Indian ocean, the continent of Lemuria really existed, but dropped in the process of melting snow in the end of the ice age.

According to anthropologists, if to assume, that in the Indian ocean, there was another continent, then it is resolved all the inconsistencies in the theory of settlement of the first people. It is through the Lemuria people penetrated into the Indian subcontinent and Africa. This distance can be overcome only on land, but not on primitive rafts. While Lemuria slowly sank under the water, residents remaining in its place the island chains have moved to other continents.

Most scientists believe that a favourable development of human civilization necessary warm climate and development of the different working skills. According to Darwin's theory, the improvement of the functions of the hand made from the APE man. However, quite a large percentage of scientists believes that the civilization of intelligent beings could be developed in close connection with nature without destroying it, and being in harmony with it. She could go in two different ways. Those that left the trees began to use fire and to eat meat of large mammals were men, while others, having developed the hand not worse relatives and possessing not less intelligence, remained to live on the trees. But, in fact, a way of life does not play a big role in the development of intelligence and civilization can build and society, not knowing the fire. The more that the warm climate of Lemuria beckoned.

Eventually rational being split into two branches. Our ancestors have left the forest and began to develop the land, another branch still lived on the trees in humah tropical forests. Their settlements they built a mixture of tree crowns. Food was abundant, it was not necessary to produce by hard work. However, externally, the lemurs were very different from man. Their limbs were more suited for driving not on earth, but in the jungle, there were other and grasping function. The pupils of the eyes become more advanced, because the light in the dense crowns of the jungle is much less. Skin color I was still pale, and in certain light seemed even greenish. In addition, the lemurs were small growth, in order to move freely through the vines from tree to tree.

The result is intelligent life on Earth went in two different ways: technological and natural, that is confirmed by archaeological finds in Madagascar.

If people were on the way to the conquest of nature, the lemurs learned to live, not standing out of the overall habitat and not tailoring it to suit your needs, as did man. Naturally, the path of development of their civilization was different from ours. It is very likely that lemurs had a number of unique knowledge about nature, and perhaps some of his natural magic. Not by chance the theme of Lemuria worried many secret societies, representatives of various mystical tendencies, such as theosophy.

With the melting of glaciers and sea-level rise is a vast continent of Lemuria slowly began to sink under the water, turning into a chain of small Islands. And what happened to its inhabitants - people and lemurs? Both races began to migrate to other lands. But people had a much greater ability to adapt to new living conditions. Man is able to live on plains and in the forests, in warm and cold climates. Moreover do not forget that people then were able to produce the clothing and make a fire. But life lemurs was associated with a tropical forest, it was necessary humidity and a particular food. Therefore, only a few of them managed to adapt to new environmental conditions. However, after the death of homeland Lariska civilization still existed.

Numerous reasons can be found in ancient Chronicles: the "rig Veda" and the poem "Ramayana". On Lariska continent places and food was scarce and people and lemurs. However, Hindustan both races had to fight with each other over land as described in detail in "Ramayana". So, king Rama waged a long war with short, dark-skinned people, the representatives of which he at first took for a reasonable monkeys. According to the description they are very similar to the inhabitants Lemuria. It is also interesting that the word "lemur" in its initial value signified monkey-man. That the Frame fought with lemurs, and confirms the fact of their arrival in India with Sri Lanka, one of the Islands, remaining after the flooding of Lemuria. According to the "Ramayana", that Sri Lanka was the capital of their Kingdom, and there dwelt the ruler. Of course, people were physically stronger and had a more powerful weapon than lemurs. In Ramayana says the victory they won Frame. It is very likely that in the end most lemurs were destroyed and the rest were scattered throughout the Land.
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