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Атлантида: очередной миф или новая реальность? More than two thousand years there is a fascinating legend about the mysterious country of Atlantis, where he lived a wise and happy people. However, he failed, unfortunately, testing a good life and sparked greed and passion for conquest. For that he was punished by the gods, and severely: in one day and disastrous night, as legend says, Atlantis with its beautiful capital city and many residents collapsed in the depths of the ocean. This tragic event happened though about 12 thousand years ago...

The legend about Atlantis told us, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristocles Plato (427-347 BC), and disputes about the fabulous country continues on to this day. Scientists do not give rest to the main question: where was located the legendary Atlantis? Plato pointed to the Atlantic ocean (Gerkulesovy pillars, i.e. in the Strait of Gibraltar). His views and many have long been challenging, appealing to the other meaning of Plato's geographical terms. For example, Pushkin's Sovremennik academician Abraham Norov believed that Plato actually meant Mediterranean sea. Where only not "settled" poor Atlantis scientists! And the Sands of the Sahara, and the Canary Islands, and Northern Europe, and even in Scandinavia!

New amazing version about the location of the mysterious country has put forward atenolol Rand of Flem-At. The starting point in his hypothesis was all the same assumption about the mismatch Plato geographical terminology current notation. This assumption has unleashed the researcher hands, and he did a little experiment. Off his usual school globe with axis and began to turn him away to the North. He stopped the globe in the moment before his eyes appeared Antarctica, i.e. in the centre of the world as would be the South pole. Having examined carefully opened on the globe picture, Rand of Flem-ATA made a number of interesting conclusions of direct relevance to the problem of Atlantis.

Map Aronia Of Tinea. 1531

The researcher took the original of Plato and re-read interesting for him: "he (that is, from the island of Atlantis) was easy to move to other Islands, and from there - on the whole opposite mainland, which frames the TRUE ocean. Because the sea on this side of the Strait of Gibraltar is only a Bay with a narrow passage in it."

Rand of Flem-ATA could not discourage the use of Plato word "Bay" in relation to the Mediterranean sea. Only one thing could serve as his excuse: so great was for Plato "true ocean"that Mediterranean sea seemed to be compared with him a small harbour! Unlikely to be the "true ocean could claim the Atlantic, as it is known, practically isolated from other oceans of the Earth's continents. But when you look at the "world" via the South pole of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans merge together, perhaps, forming the same "true ocean" Plato? Then and continents bordering him, with that look more expressive here than in the Atlantic!

Readers must have already guessed what was coming Rand of Flem-ATA: it places the legendary Atlantis... Antarctica! Such an option, it seems, no one has yet proposed. And interestingly, the researcher finds new arguments in favor of his amazing assumptions.

Plato says that Atlantis through the territory was larger than Libya and Asia combined." Under Libya philosopher meant North Africa, and Asia believed areas that we call the Middle East. Libya and Asia "together", according to Flam-ATA, slightly exceed the size of the current United States. Approximately the same ratio of the size of Antarctica (somewhat reduced due to the later formation) and the United States. Next Plato adds that Atlantis was a mountainous island and towered "high altitude". And in this respect the analogy of Antarctica full (she rises nearly 2000 m above sea level).

In 1665 the German Jesuit the physics engraving the Kircher has released the multipage document, including a reproduction of ancient Egypt map of Atlantis. Comparing the configuration of the island with the outline of Antarctica, as it was 12 000 years ago, shows how considers Flem-At, their striking similarity. Although Egyptian map Atlantis placed in the Atlantic ocean, Flem-At considers this an error, which allegedly fell and Plato.

Traditionally it was considered that Antarctica is covered by ice for at least 50-60 million years. However, in 1990 250 miles from the South pole geologists have found frozen in ice remains wood forest aged 2-3 million years! The famous map of the Turkish Admiral Piri Reis, founded in 1513, based on older maps Dating back to the IV century BC, depicted Antarctica without ice! On the map of Orontius of Phineus (Orante Finney), compiled in 1531, see mountain ranges and rivers in Antarctica where now only the glaciers. All this shows Maslennikova Antarctica in the memory of mankind, which in those times incomprehensible way, not having aviation and the more satellites were able to draw up maps of the southern continent with outlines, applied only in the XX century by the methods of seismic sounding of the sea ice cover!

American cartographer Charles Hapgood found that map Piri Flight contains at least 24 points, adjusted with an accuracy of half a degree. But the Europeans were not able to reach such accuracy to the famous voyages of captain cook in the second half of the XVIII century Hapgood many years developing unrecognized by official science the idea of periodic shifts of the earth's crust (lithosphere), "floating" on more viscous layer (asthenosphere), which is based on a solid mantle (thick layer between the earth's crust and the core of the Earth). And along with the bark of the "travel" and pools oceans! His idea was enthusiastically accepted albert Einstein and even wrote the Preface to the first edition of the book Hapgood "Displacement of the earth's crust".

Hypothesis Hapgood is directly related to the problem of Atlantis, for the displacements of the earth's crust due to sharp climatic changes on the planet without the need to prevent a "swinging" of the earth's axis, that is "wandering" of the poles. On Hapgood, poles remain in place, and under them simply changing panorama. By the analysis of climatic changes due to the displacement of the earth's crust, the author comes to the conclusion about the past warm climate in Antarctica. And this circumstance he gets his "Antarctic" version of the location of Atlantis.

Finally, Hapgood refers to the Japanese Emperor ancient times the Darker, which in 681 ad ordered my Guild chroniclers to gather the old myths of the Country of the rising sun. In the end, there was a book of myths, and one of them mentioned a time when the Earth was "very young" and the first inhabited the country was called "Negorozhina". And it was situated... not far from the pole. Hapgood is convinced: near the South pole!
Stone riddles Bimini

Only one-quarter mile from the Paradise resort Paradise point that is located on the Islands of Bimini (Bahamas), in the deep sea lies unknown stone structure, which for decades disturbing the local residents, scientists, mystics and psychics. Over the years, the works inquisitive researchers not only solved the mystery facilities-phenomenon, but even her even more confused.

This semi-mystical building is considered expensive Bimini (under the name of Islands comprising the Bahamas). According to the skeptics, it is a result of active work and the vagaries of nature and is simply a fancy rocks and reefs. According to the romantics-optimists, this road leads not just anywhere, but to the place where once stood the unknown city, island or continent of Atlantis.

The road Bimini is really two parallel, paved with stone slabs track. Some of these plates reach six-meter length. The road Bimini is at a depth of three to nine meters, but due to its perfectly clear waters perfectly seen from the surface of the sea. Its length is 500 m and the width - 90.

Not far from it stretches sleeve J-shaped form, which was laid out of the same material. In the same area under water found many other strange designs - concentric circles and sites.

The world learned about the existence of the road Bimini only in 1968 as local residents, they always treated to an amazing phenomenon, as something self-evident: "Here God blesses people to life," they say.

It so happened that in 1968, one American, returning his own plane home from vacation to the States, found from height of the bird's flight strange underwater construction and reported it to the journalists. Pilot-lover was familiar with the works of his countryman, psychic and seer, Edgar Cayce, who in 1936 he predicted that the Islands of Bimini in 1968-1969 will be discovered ruins of ancient Atlantis.

After the discovery, made by the American, to the Islands of Bimini rushed scientists, psychics and mystics, the treasure seekers and simply adventurers. Among them was American geologist, zoologist and paleontologist and the diver Mason Valentine. When one of dives to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean at a depth of three meters, he found hundreds of stone slabs clear square and rectangular, square pad, paved roads and the dolmens - unusual patterns of stone: multiple columns, topped with a stove. It is difficult to imagine that such construction work was carried out only withEloy nature, on their own, without participation of people or any other intelligent beings. In the same year Valentine stunned the world one more news: he found at the bottom of the Atlantic, the ruins of the temple. Archaeologists assumed that their age is 10-14 thousand years, and was hoping to find tangible traces of Atlantis. However, it should be clarified that not all experts converge in opinion, though Valentine discovered exactly the remains of the temple.

According to Plato, Atlantis disappeared from the face of the Earth in one day and one night just 12 thousand years ago. The reason for her disappearance was some kind of natural or other disaster, perhaps the earthquake, in which Atlantis sank to the bottom of the ocean.

In the mid 1950s, Swedish scientists have raised the soil samples from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean (from a depth of 3.5 km) and subjected them to a thorough analysis. It turned out that in the soil contained the remains of mainland plants and river shells. This allowed to conclude that some areas of the bottom modern Atlantic ocean once was a dry land, and therefore, the hypothesis for the destruction of Atlantis in the ocean is quite real. Well, along with Casey predictions, the findings of a pilot-lover and Dr. Valentine this fact has caused a worldwide sensation.

In the early 1970s, the teacher of English language and literature of the Academy of military-air forces of the USA and great lover of archaeology David Zinc flew to the Bahamas to study Bimini road and the ruins of an ancient temple. In dives participated professional divers from the U.S. Navy, which was directed to certain areas of the bottom of scientists and psychics. Taken from the sea bottom samples of stone slabs ruins of the temple and the road Bimini sent to the laboratory for analysis. The result of his cast of scientists in confusion. It was argued that the age of the sample is 28 thousand years. But here it should be clarified that Zinc more than scientists, trusted psychics, and therefore soon wrote three books, in which stunned all new, even more grandiose version of the origin of underwater constructions. However, Zinc, few people so wholeheartedly believed. In short: the temple found Valentine, was built by the inhabitants of Atlantis, and "subcontractor" this grandiose construction projects were aliens from the Pleiades star cluster.

As for the skeptics, they are not distinguished by originality in their assumptions regarding the road Bimini. In addition to its natural origin, they put forward the version that the stones of which was the remains of the temple and the road is cleared from sea ships ballast. Stone slabs were actually used in the Navy in the Middle ages as a burden, but is surprised by their concentration in one place and clever, neat "landing" on the bottom of the sea so that formed a straight line, like a road.

The government of the Bahamas does not stint on the investment of the resort and research center near the capital city of Nassau. There attracts divers from all over the world. One task: to find Atlantis.
Tiahuanaco waiting for researchers

20 years devoted to search of Atlantis and English cartographer Jim Allen, until they saw the legendary Kingdom in... Bolivia. On the satellite image was clear very long canal, which was connected with round the harbour. Everything seems to be consistent with the description of Plato. According to Allen, from lake Titicaca, located along the rivers and canals it was possible to move on the Atlantic coast.

We had left on the ground to verify the discovery, made at the Desk. Alas, in reality, the channel completely resembled a man-made structure, most likely, it was an ordinary hollow along geographical fault. As with round harbour generally it was a complete embarrassment. The harbour was the largest in Bolivia opencast for opencast mining of gold ore... Although the works of Allen and had no success, he did not despair and continued his search for aerial and space images. As we shall see later, the view from a height could become a prologue to the sensation.

Why not be considered a famous Atlantis Kingdom Tiahuanaco in Bolivia? Magnificent architecture, mysterious Gates of the Sun, pyramid, massive columns, bas-reliefs, statues and numerous channels - all this speaks of a powerful ancient civilization. According to the latest data, the population of Tiahuanaco reached 300 thousand people.

Curiously enough, one of the ancient legends, the Indians Tiahuanaco something very much angered the gods, and they seized them: during a strong earthquake, the main city of the Kingdom was plunged into the water. Well, all right according to Plato! Recently during underwater filming at the bottom of lake Titicaca were found the ruins of temples and palaces. Unfortunately, the role of Atlantis Kingdom Tiahuanaco to claim unlikely, since flourished it much later, although some researchers believe that this civilization was born 10 thousand years ago. But it may be worthwhile to look for Atlantis in neighboring Brazil?
Lost cities of Colonel fausett

In 1906-1909, Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett by order of the government of Bolivia has conducted extensive reconnaissance of the area near the border with Brazil. Indians are the guides who accompanied Colonel in his campaigns, often talked to him about lost in the jungle mysterious cities. In 1911, the whole world went around the sensational news about the opening in the Andes magnificent city of the Incas - Machu Picchu. It has appeared, South America still keeps many secrets to reveal who tried Percy Fawcett.

Colonel managed to find the message that in 1753 in the jungle were found the ruins of a magnificent stone town. While searching for the legendary mines, Muribeca (Portuguese, who managed to open the richest deposits of gold and silver) colonists after long walks in the jungle suddenly came to the mountains. Having risen on a deep cleft to the top of one of them, they saw the mountain ridge in the plain of the huge city. Making sure that he has long been abandoned, travelers carefully descended to his ruins, hoping that there keep valuable items.

"People were under the arches, writes Fawcett, and stepped on a wide street, dotted with the ruins of columns and stone blocks, plastered plants parasites tropics. On both sides of the street stood a two-storey house, built of large stone blocks, not bonded with lime, but adjusted to each other with incredible precision. Porticos, narrowing upwards and wide at the bottom, were decorated with intricate carvings depicting demons".

In the city centre of attention of the colonists were attracted by the huge column of black rock, crowned with a well-preserved statue of a man, one whose hand rested on his thigh and the other stretched forward, pointed to the North. Besides this monument in the Central square of the city were covered with carvings and partially destroyed the obelisks of the black stone, and majestic Palace square with a powerful columns. Over the main entrance of the Palace remained a carved image of the young men with a sash and a shield in his hand. Curiously, his head was something like a Laurel wreath, and under portrait carved clearly visible inscription, typography which resembled ancient Greek. Opposite the Palace was located well-preserved temple, the stone walls of which are covered erased from time carvings depicting people, animals and birds.

The mysterious city was destroyed by an earthquake. Everywhere in the pavement gaped deep cracks in some places, the rows of houses were completely swallowed up by the earth. One of the travelers found in the ruins of a gold coin with the image of the kneeling men, onions, crowns and some musical instrument. Most likely, the colonists were able to detect and other treasures, as evidenced by the vague hints in the records. In the mountains near the city, the Portuguese found abandoned silver mines. As mentioned Percy Fawcett, in such a city managed to visit in 1913, the British Consul in Rio de Janeiro. There was also a statue in a big black pedestal. Unfortunately, rainfall and flooding forced the Consul and his guides to quickly leave the ruins of the city.

According to fausett, in addition to these two lost in the jungle of the cities there were others. Mentioned by the Indians, and about them there are records in the documents of the Jesuits. Colonel in their search also relied on the opinion of one of the prominent Brazilian scientist who came to the following conclusion: "In the most remote century, the indigenous population of America existed in a more civilized conditions than now. For many reasons this civilization has dwindled and disappeared, and in Brazil as of times you can find traces of it. It is possible that in our unexplored forests can be preserved ruins of ancient cities".

The famous English writer rider haggard, the author of the novel "king Solomon's Mines", gave Focette mysterious figurine of black basalt, once acquired in Brazil. Statuette height of about 35 cm was a human figure, which was held on the breast plate, covered with hieroglyphs. The same letters were cut the ribbon wrapped around his ankles person. Colonel showed a statuette of experts from the British Museum, but they could not explain its origin. Then Fawcett addressed well-known clairvoyant, who, looking at the statue, I saw the picture of the past. According to him, from the African coast almost to the South America stretched huge, irregular continent. There were thick forests, mountains, villages, cities, majestic temples. Then there have been a terrible accident. After violent volcanic eruptions and earthquakes Central part of the continent sank into the sea. Most people died, but some people managed to escape by boat, it is with them-surviving Atlanta - figurine and gone to South America.
The mystery of the Bolivian alitalano

Because modern Geology absolutely confident that the vast continent cannot go under water and disappear during the day (and at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, there are no traces of the "dream land), it is clear that Ellen was wrong in their conclusions.

Actually lost continent is now there, where it was always, "opposite the Pillars of Hercules" (the Strait of Gibraltar). Only now we call it South America.

There is no doubt, because modern satellite cartography (which became available in the last 20-30 years) recorded that in South America there is actually a completely flat rectangular plain - the so-called Bolivian Altiplano.

Plato wrote that the plains surrounding the city, was "far above sea level, and from all sides surrounded by mountains. In the mountains found gold, silver, copper, tin and mysterious "orichalcum" - natural alloy of gold and copper, which Atlanteans used as a building material on the walls of the city. About Atlantis existed hot and cold springs, and some of the buildings have been completely built of red and black stones dug in the center of the island.

In Altiplano the above description is ideal region, adjacent to the lake Poopo (southern part of Bolivia). However, the Greek uses the term "sea". But, most likely, in those times the sea was considered any significant body of water.

It turns out that the only island city - Atlantis sank into the sea, not a continent, as was thought Plato, and the city was on the rectangular Altiplano near the lake Poopo. Himself a Greek argued that Atlantis has fallen below sea level, and because of the huge amount of mud and silt to reach it is impossible now, and it will unlikely be found sometime in the future.

By the way, in Bolivia, in the folklore of the local Indians, there is a similar story. The legend of Desaguadero says the sinking of the gods of the great city, whose inhabitants were punished for the sins and disobedience. On the basis of this legend remains of an ancient center of civilization should be sought on Altiplano, among the sites relevant to the description of Plato is a small island surrounded by three circles of the water and the two lands. And the perimeter of the "sea" of the wall, which could be used to protect against rising of water in the lake during the flood with a radius of 50 stages, typical of the volcanic formations.

While scientists were able to identify four such area. First - volcano of Quemado, located on the Western side of the plain, on the border with Chile. This volcano consists of the Central cone (or "island"), located within the crater and forms of earthen ring. To it, in turn, is adjoined by the outer crater. Thus, Quemado perfectly fits the description of Plato. Central island is surrounded by two circles of the earth, which is probably a natural feature of Altiplano. Quemado still an active volcano. Last eruption was about two or three thousand years ago, and in the nearby surroundings you can still discover pieces of hardened lava and crushed rock.

However, Quemado too removed from lake Poopo and its height is far superior to the height of the plains. Besides disordered form craters of the volcano makes it unlikely that the version about the location of it sometime in the city.

Another suitable site - Kollum - is located to the North from the center of the rectangular plain. Round the ring of the earth correct diameter and width allowed him to be external ring of the city's land of Atlantis. The kollum has all the signs of a "low mountains", which was described by Plato, or "mountain, which was low from all sides", as mentioned in other sources. However, the plot is also located too far from the lake (although lake changes in the shape and size after flooding), and, according to local geologists, ring the earth was formed from material that is formed by the eruption of a gas bubble.

The third phase - the Santuario Sillakas - directly adjacent to the lake and meets the required Plato distance of fifty stages (five miles) from the water surface. There is oblique cone diameter 21 stage (2,1 miles) with a low embankment in the center and two peaks in the South. The remains of the round crater belong to the tertiary period. The original ring was destroyed by a strong explosion or earthquake, like the history of the Hellenic philosopher.

In the centre of the mound there is a village whose inhabitants use water from nearby hot and cold springs. Everywhere there are many black and red stones, of which made even the pillars of the Church in the village center with the addition of white lime mortar, which makes it very similar to the building of the disappeared of Atlantis.

In the language of the people Aymara this place is called "ruins", and in the language of the Incas Chihuahua - "volcano, where something is missing". The presence of the village and highway makes it available for tourists wishing eyes to contemplate looked like Atlantis is on the sea shore, surrounded by plain - until it was destroyed by earthquakes and flooding waters of the lake.

But the ideal all under the story of Plato's ideal area called Pampa-Aliagas. It is located at a distance of 50 stages (5 miles) from the edge of the sea (lake Pupo). Everywhere you can see a red, black and white stones. Part Pampa-Allagash really was flooded after earthquakes. For flood control around the lake could be constructed round the wall. If you climb to the top of the mountain, you can see that if the mysterious city of Atlantis really existed here, he would be the ideal centre of a variety of routes on the plain and should connect with lake channel. Thus, the construction materials could be delivered from the distant lake Titicaca in Poopo, and in the direction of the Atlantic ocean through the valley of the Rio Aquas Calientes and the river Parana - Atlanta, probably, had furnished the ships full of gold and silver.
Several hypotheses

Mankind, as we remember, learned about Atlantis from the dialogues of Plato Timaeus and "Crete". Well, Plato himself seems to have got the information from the ancient Egyptian priests.

According to Plato, thousands of years ago in the Central part of the Atlantic ocean was a large island (or even a whole archipelago). On its territory there are a developed country with a multimillion population, beautiful and unapproachable cities-fortresses. Powerful Navy (1200 ships!) and a huge land army securely guarded Atlanteans against encroachments neighbors.

Convenient geographical location allowed without problems to feed the population (every year collected 2-3 harvest). Forest that covered the island, was an inexhaustible source of fuel and raw materials. Developed metallurgy, mines and quarries gave the opportunity Atlanta not only to build palaces and fortresses, but also create a powerful combat vehicles, aircraft, and even missiles!

Whatever it was, but one day the Atlantis did not. What happened to the island? A lot of science fiction and researchers broke the head, trying to answer this question. So, according to the famous writer Alexander Belyaev, Atlantis was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano, dormant on the island.

However, some researchers are inclined to blame for the destruction of Atlantis... the moon. According to one of the models of celestial mechanics proposed by the German astronomer K. Gerstenkorn, in the distant past had no Land of the satellite, the Moon was independent of the heavenly body. About 12 thousand years ago she came to the Earth and became dependent from the gravitational attraction of the planet.

For such astronomical process was accompanied by gigantic gravitational perturbations, causing great tidal waves up to 1 km, Significantly intensified and volcanic activity on Earth. All this, taken together, and caused the death of Atlantis.

By the way, many Nations have preserved the legend, according to which before the Flood moon was not, and at the approach of the moon to the Earth there was a giant ocean waves.

UFO researcher D. Onishchenko 10 years ago has put forward a different hypothesis. Atlantis was closed little world distinct civilization. From time to time its representatives traveled to other countries. Once, when expedition of Atlantis returned from Africa, it was found that they had brought, among other things, a previously unknown disease - causing virus. Because of the crowding of the population HIV-infection spread quickly among the Atlanteans. Civilization was on the verge of extinction. In order not to infect the rest of the population of the Earth, Atlanta decided to blow up your island and die together with him.

I must say, this assumption is not unfounded. As is known, the Spanish brought to the New world cholera and black smallpox, and there has awarded syphilis. So the exchange of diseases for representatives of various formations are quite real.

According to another version epidemiological version, the disease could get to Atlanta from space. Today already for anybody not a secret, that on meteorites often detect the spores of the bacteria. Perhaps Atlanta simply unlucky, microbe on the heavenly stone, failed hard on the island was tenacious and malicious.

And Moskvich Century Alekseev, thinking over the question, what should be the energy of motion of a giant meteorite to push through the earth's crust, came to the conclusion that when the mass of the meteorite about 2 billion tonnes its density must match the density of iron. It turns out that the object was not a natural cosmic body, and metal... the alien craft! Moreover, these ships could be even two. They say they started quarrel among themselves and in the heat of battle did not notice that was dangerously close to our planet. Oh and hit it.<br />
However, most researchers unknown believe that an unknown celestial body somewhat metal, but of natural origin. Among meteorites are quite common and iron. According to the Polish astronomer Jan Gadomsky, giant meteorite weighing about 2 billion tons could break through the crust of the earth, relatively thin in the area of the Atlantic. The emergence of such holes led to vypleskami hot magma and its connection to oceanic waters. Was followed by a powerful explosion emitting energy equivalent, according to some estimates, explosion a few thousand thermonuclear bombs.

Formed as a result of explosion of a giant wave height few kilometers literally destroyed the Earth's most ancient civilizations. Miraculously surviving eyewitnesses cataclysm by word of mouth passed horror stories about befallen the world catastrophe. Apparently, so there were legends about the flood.

And what about Atlantis? Escaped magma sharply lowered the pressure under the thin (15-20 km) bottom of the Atlantic, in particular under the archipelago of Atlantis. Continental plates consequently lost stability and moved, creating, in turn, a chain of the most powerful earthquakes. And archipelago went under the water, as if torpedoed the ship. He was drowning, according to the calculations, the speed of 4-5 cm/sec! In this case, perhaps, the Egyptian priests and Plato were right when you said that Atlantis sank beneath the sea "immediately".

And finally, another version of the asteroid hypothesis from engineer Vadim Pikul from Samara. In his view, the impact of the heavenly messenger on Earth was double. Before falling on our planet uninvited guest is split into two parts, as happened with the asteroid that fell to Earth in the Gulf of Mexico and possibly killed the dinosaurs. "Cataclysm was accompanied by a terrible earthquake, writes the author, is awakened many volcanoes, giant tsunami struck the coast around the world. The island of Atlantis simply drowned, unable to bear the double blow..." So now, if you believe the Pikul is the case for small - to find a meteorite craters on the ocean floor.
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