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Как «ходили» каменные истуканы Easter island has long been considered one of the most mysterious places on Earth. Who was the prototype of a huge stone idols with a strange long faces? How could the islanders without the aid of any equipment to move multi-ton statue on very long distances? Maybe, as some researchers suggest that this mysterious island was once visited by aliens from outer space?

Easter island - a small piece of land in the vast ocean length is 22 and a width of 11 km - long attracted the attention of scientists and researchers of anomalous phenomena, because it is several hundreds of mysterious stone sculptures weighing from 12 to 80 tons Are amazing island monuments of one of the proofs of paloviita of aliens from outer space, or they show the existence in ancient times not known to us developed the earth? These questions with any degree of credibility meet Erich von d?niken, Jacques Bergier, Ludwig sou?ek and less well-known authors fantastic hypotheses.

Unfortunately, many of those who use Easter island as evidence of his "sensational" hypotheses, operate only external, the most striking features of its monuments. Most researchers pay attention to the strange appearance of the statues and their enormous weight, cutting out unnecessary details operated by scientists-professionals. And so they begin the stone idols to soar in the air, moved only by thought, or become portraits of aliens of Lemuria, Atlantis... bitter wrote Thor Heyerdahl, who conducted on Easter island serious research, the same Erich von d?niken was on the island in just a moment, but it has not prevented him to do very sensational assumptions.

In April 1722, at Easter, three Dutch frigate approached were not previously known to Europeans island, which Admiral Roggeveen, flotilla commander, called Easter island in honour of the Holy day. The Dutch were amazed by what they saw on the shores of giant stone statues, some of which by that time was already felled.

In the following years on the island increasingly began to enter the ship. Visits sailors usually ended for its residents epidemics of disease, violence, and other misfortunes. The real tragedy in the history of the island happened on 12 December 1862, when six ships to the island was raided by the Peruvian slave traders. They captured more than a thousand people, and many were killed. In slavery were last scientists of the island and the leader of Murata with the family.

Giant statues of Easter island

RAID slavers were not only deprived of the island's most healthy men and women, its consequences were much more tragic. After public protests captured islanders decided to return to the island, but by the time survived only a hundred people, many of them were ill with smallpox. As a result, after the epidemic of the five thousand inhabitants survived only 600 people! Dead took with him to the grave, and the solution to many of the mysteries of the island.

The main secret of Easter island is the origin of its inhabitants, as the island is a huge extinct volcano, rising from the bottom of the Pacific ocean. He cannot be a fragment of a sunken continent, because the bottom show no signs of continental deposits, so its inhabitants cannot be considered descendants of the survivors of the representatives of any of the disappeared when cataclysm civilization.

Admiral Raghavan wrote in his time that among black islanders have met people that look like Europeans. This evidence points to the fact that colonization of the island came from different places.

One time considered, that it occupied only the Polynesians, as in the cultures of Easter island and the Islands of Polynesia lot in common. However, the known Norwegian archaeologist and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl paid attention to the similarity of the stone idols with some of the ancient sculptures of South America. In addition, the scientist has found direct evidence of contact of the island with the mainland - the presence of sweet Andean potato and cane talota that grows on lake Titicaca in the Andes. To prove the possibility of colonization of Easter island inhabitants of South America, Thor Heyerdahl has made a now legendary sailing on a raft "Kon-Tiki from Peru to the archipelago of Tuamoto.

However still, despite its unprecedented swimming and other solid evidence, hypothesis famous Norwegian some scientists have not yet accepted. However, many researchers believe that the colonization of the island was held in two stages. First, there moved donkovski inhabitants of Peru, who made a stone giants. The second stage of colonization began with the arrival of the Polynesians, who defeated former inhabitants of the island who constructed stone "moai".

However, if to proceed from the preserved legends, the picture is different. One legend claims that the island was once inhabited by long-eared people, earlobes which due to heavy ornaments pulled to the shoulder. Subordinated long-eared - local ruling elite, were short-eared, which were made of stone idols. The island's population has grown, trees ruthlessly cut down (they were used for transportation and installation of the giant statues), the earth could feed all flourished cannibalism. It ended that short-eared rebelled and killed almost all long-eared. There is an opinion that the climactic battle of this civil war occurred in 1680 Some researchers believe that long-eared were natives of South America, and short-eared - from Polynesia, in other words, the colonists who settled on the island from completely different places, quite a long time lived side by side. Probably first got here Polynesians. Why they were in subordination of the long-eared Peruvians who arrived later? This could play a role is the factor that helped Spain win the whole of South America: the Polynesians have adopted long-eared be gods! According to the testimony of Thor Heyerdahl, in the initial period of settlement of the island's inhabitants were made statues with a round head, small ears and almond-shaped eyes. These statues were typical of other Polynesian Islands. Only then began sculpting statues with long faces, which are no longer anywhere in the world. Perhaps something radically changed the life on the island, such as the arrival on the island of newcomers, but not from space, considered by some to be the creators of "sensations"and from South America. Not resemble whether the stone idols statuette of ancient Peru - the same elongated skull, direct long noses?! The ancient Peruvians practiced artificial cranial deformation. The head of the newborn gradually pulled hoops, giving it unnaturally elongated shape. If we compare this elongated shape of the skull and direct long noses Peruvians, we will get those strange "aliens", which was made mysterious stone giants of Easter island.

It is not surprising that arrived on the island Peruvians, who had such a strange form of heads, unusual jewelry and clothing and more developed mentally, were adopted by the islanders to be gods, so the aliens from South America has been for a long time to seize power.

It is not excluded that on Easter island profit Peruvians from the Peninsula of Paracas, which by then had reached the big successes in the deformed skulls and manufacture of fine fabrics. Perhaps, on this Peninsula, scientists will be able to find the key to the mystery of the strange hats stone idols. Here was once customary to wear a head of the strip material in several meters long and about 3 m wide, which was wrapped around the head, making something like a turban. Can such turbans and served as the prototype of headwear statues? Although the islanders call a round plate on the heads of the statues "Puka", meaning "hair", they are more like hats. Probably, the first colonists arrived from Peru, wore similar dresses, but on Easter island fabrics are produced, so over time on turbans forgot.

As noted by Thor Heyerdahl, on Easter island "there is nothing that would not be a labor of its people culturally form a single whole with the nearest Polynesian region". The fruits of this labour marked, according to the scientist, in a certain South American influence. But how were made of stone giants, which confuse the minds of the fans of sensations?

The islanders were hewed statues made of volcanic tuff quarry on the slopes of the Rano Raraku volcano, where scientists have discovered not only thousands of stone axes and axes, but also unfinished statues that until the very last moment his back was connected with the mountain rock. Thor Heyerdahl as an experiment hired several islanders, who has outlined statues and began carved its stone axes, basting occasionally breed water to soften. After three days from the rock stood out quite clear silhouette, and the scientist was able to estimate the time required for the manufacture of stone giants. According to his calculations, "any statue of Easter island, two groups of masons of ten people could connect in less than a year". So, to manufacturing, transportation and installation of the statues aliens are not involved. Everything was much simpler. During the experiment, at the request of Thor Heyerdahl 150 islanders on wooden skids without problems transported onnow statue. For larger images, respectively, required only a greater number of people in his time on the island was missing.

The islanders told researchers that the statue went myselfand the magic of the priests. Apparently, these statements and has adopted the supporters of the hypothesis of transportation of the statues with the help of psychic energy. However, to keep the statue could no exotics. Engineer P. Paul suggested that manipulate with the help of ropes upright statue much better than to drag her on the ground. In 1982, he and his friends did an experiment on cannoy model of the statue. By manipulating the ropes, 17 people were able to make a statue to walk upright antiretrovi steps, each of which took about 25 seconds. Of course, this required the concerted actions, which certainly led priests.

Quite managed to Thor Heyerdahl and experiment on the rise statues. 12 islanders using two poles as several levers and ropes and enclosing under slightly shifted onnow statue stones, was able to install it for 18 days.

Another courageous Explorer cook said: "it is Hard to comprehend how people here, completely innocent of any powerful lifting mechanisms, managed to raise such huge statues, and then put them on the heads of huge stone cylinders... the Only way that I can imagine is gradually raise the upper part of the statue, backing her on all sides by a pile of rocks until it forms a kind of inclined plane on which you can roll the stone cylinder head sculptures, after which all the stones retreat." Thor Heyerdahl experimentally confirmed rightness of the great Navigator. So all the wonders of the island it is earth, that in no way detracts from their splendor.
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