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 Мозг и Вселенная Researchers of paranormal phenomena do not doubt that the mysterious sudden disappearance of people, cars, planes, ships, like UFO, connected with the transition from our world to the other, parallel (or in a parallel Universe). With this transition is the mystery of the large number of "paranormal mysteries.

The official science tend to ignore this explanation, as in the existing physical models of the Earth and the Universe does not fit the parallel existence of several independent worlds. But the research of human brain suddenly gave a stunning results...

For centuries it was believed that the human brain functions as a single entity, which loses its ability in the event of any violation of its structure. Later it turned out that, if necessary, some parts of the brain take over the functions of the damaged sites. But this did not cause any revolutionary changes in views on the functioning of our Central nervous system. But the big surprise was the discovery that in some cases people can live, even if atrophy or delete epiphysis (pineal gland): it turns out that part of our brain is a kind of "brain in the brain."

But a real shock happened when it has been experimentally proved that a break in the link between the left and right hemisphere of the brain had virtually no effect on mental and functional ability, as in the case of this method may even cure epilepsy. Nobody so far not managed to find a clear explanation of this phenomenon.

Neuroscientists Roger Sperry and Michael Gazzaniga studied the reaction of people who have ever for the treatment of epilepsy has been artificially disturbed communication between the hemispheres of the brain. These studies gave them the idea to separately study the reactions of each hemisphere on the perception of visual images. They used the fact that the nerve fibers that carry out signals from the eye to the brain, arranged so that the signal from the right eye is to the left hemisphere, and from the left eye is to the right hemisphere of the brain.

The people with whom they conducted an experiment that demonstrated the images on the screen: first left, then right. At some point, instead of the frame appeared image-the inscription: "Who are you?" The right half responded: "Peter Samson." Left when the label was shown on the right side, it confirmed. The next question sounded so: "Whom would you like to be?" The right hemisphere formulated the answer: "the driver". And the left replied..."draftsman"!

Scientists were stunned. Further research showed that, without a doubt, each of the hemispheres is a separate personality. This person has it's own dreams, memories, knowledge and emotions. In and out, holistic functioning of the human brain consists of two separate equal "worlds" - that is, as might happen in the Universe...

This discovery two neurophysiologists accidentally confirmed the hypothesis, which has long expressed some physicists, mathematicians and astronomers, who built its own model of the Universe, and only for researchers of paranormal phenomena that thought for a long time already is fundamental. In short, it became clear that in the brain there are at least two parallel worlds.

Neuroscientist Paul McLean argues in his works that the human brain consists of three independent areas, "attached" to each other, like a Russian doll, each of them live on their own "watch". Their role is played by the group of nerve cells located deep in the brain, which is called "kernel crossed". The electrical impulses in this place showing a surprising regularity. Neuroscientist Colin Blakemore says they remind him of ticking. But how do these hours, without interfering with each other and "ticking" at my own pace? Alas, Blackmore coyly recognizes that can not say anything definite. But nobody will be surprised if one day there will be scientifically established that each of these independent "brain" is an independent body... parallel to the existing in our body! And it doesn't matter - the physical, corporal body, or mental, disembodied. And in this case, the possibility of self-travel - for example, in a dream - one of these bodies in other worlds will become a scientific fact.

Another mystery of the human brain is associated with the possibility of non-rational cognition - the so-called intuition. "Instinct told me that I had to do so-and-so, but something kept me". Almost every one of us had to hear such words: people once again did not listen to intuition, trust wicked the voice of reason, and once again were trapped...

What is intuition? This mysterious inner voice constantly intervenes in our actions. The voice prompts: do so, it will be the best option. The voice whispers: trust this man. Or Vice versa, the voice warns: be careful!

Intuitive knowledge has nothing to do with the laws of logic. Logical thinking is based on the collection of information, analysis of the facts, to establish a causal connection between them and the formulation of conclusions. But intuition suggests a ready answer, appearing as if from "nowhere".

"The first thought is the most correct." This situation has long been an indisputable folk wisdom, included in the sayings and Proverbs. This is the "most correct first thought" is actually a flash of intuition, pointing in the right direction.

What people long since learned empirically and adopted that called for the army, recently begins confirmed by scientific experiments. It is established that people who have developed intuition, able to quickly Orient themselves in the most difficult situations and immediately making accurate decisions. In some experiments the groups of subjects were asked to perform advanced tasks with numbers, words, images, each of which contained some information gap. The test it was necessary to "repair" this gap. The results showed that those who took the "logical" way, invariably failed. Some have tried to solve the task "at random", at random. And only a few come to a correct result intuition!

Scientists link intuitive thinking with the activity of the right hemisphere of the brain. This should indicate that left handed (right hemisphere of the brain "in charge" of the left side of the body, and Vice versa) should have better-developed intuition. And indeed! In numerous tests on intuition left handed always show better results than "right-wing majority. Until recently "lewisism" was considered a defect that tried to fix with the help of medicine, and children - young left - seriously "brought up" in the right-hand traditions: parents worried that they grow "defective" children. Meanwhile, the great Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed, and it has not prevented him to write "La Gioconda".

We live in a civilization "right". To the right hand adapted all surrounding objects. The system of training and education designed from childhood to develop in us the left half of the brain - that is the logic and rational thinking. "Only without speculation, please refer to the details" - this dry phrase, sort of a slogan of the "right" of civilization, refrain is in life. And intuitive thinking is removed on the fringes of consciousness...

Why so? After all, human nature includes both rational and spiritual beginning. And the method of spiritual knowledge, to develop which call all the religions of the world, and is called intuition. And rational thinking - this is pure materialism, a way of being in "this world". Nobody denies the necessity of it. But "My Kingdom is not of this world..." Remember, whose words?

Therefore, intuition, as a method of spiritual knowledge, is immeasurably higher logic, higher than rational thinking. But, alas, century work on the expulsion of the spiritual nature of human life has led to the fact that rationalism prevailed in the public consciousness and became the only official method of cognition. Since that time, human civilization has gone to the impasse in which it resides to this day. Problems of rational civilization so blatantly and discord in minds caused by them, is so great that many seriously believe that the only outcome of this deadlock will become the proverbial "end of the world". These fears are understandable: it is clear that one-sided, "right", the harmonious development is not, and eventually leads to imbalance in everything - in the minds, souls, hearts, in mass behavior in Outlook.

Third Millennium, obviously, greatly complicate the task facing humanity, and will bring new forces to resolve them. It is clear that with rationalism, built into the cult, these tasks cannot be solved. Fortunately, recently have started to acknowledge the fact that human development is impossible without the harmonious development of all incorporated in the person of creative possibilities. Judge for yourself: " man is remarkably symmetrical creation. Is it normal, when in the active creation actually involved only the right half?

By the way, some of the culture of ancient and middle ages, in particular, early, were "oberorke" - people could equally to possess the right and left hand, and both hemispheres of the brain played an equally important role. And intuition, and mind - each in its own area well served people in the knowledge of the infinitely complex world. God was given to the gods, but unto Caesar what is Caesar's.

Remember, withhow many times have we heard the call to explore, to discover, to realize their latent abilities. Where are they hiding, these opportunities? Yes in the right half of the brain that is responsible for the left side of the body! This is the source of intuition, as well as clairvoyance, sneznaya and all those phenomena that are in our right-hand civilization called "paranormal".

So, no matter how much frightened us by the end of the world reserves of humanity still huge. And are they in the field of intuition - the area that leads to spiritual knowledge. To the knowledge of God...
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