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О Федеральной резервной системе США и отсрочке «конца света» на два дняThe Internet is rapidly disperses another version of the sensation, which until recently had the code name "21.12.12". Now this sensation went under the code name "23.12.12".

New version sensation about the "end of the world"

The media for several months actively exploiting the subject of the stop "printing press" Federal reserve system (fed), which is supposed to happen on December 21, 2012 Say, on this day must end with a 99-year lease agreement "printing press", which was concluded between private bankers and US authorities in late 1913. Next, draw the different scenarios of the "end of the world", which inevitably must come after December 21, 2012.

At the end of September I wrote about this in the article "About the "end of the world" and the Federal reserve", which showed that information about the "end of the world that is to come 21.12.12, regular information "duck". By the way, drew the attention of the authors of the "ducks"that 99 years since the signing of the Law on the Federal reserve is not on the 21st, and on December 23. After that, the authors ducks several reconstructed, the code name sensation was changed to "23.12.12".

A month before the expected mystically minded citizens events, namely on November 23, 2012 on the site of "War and peace" appeared a sensational article "on December 23, 2012 - what is the intrigue, indeed?". Just note that the author M. Zhukov correctly says that the U.S. Congress for its Law on the Federal reserve provided a "printing press" private bankers in rent for the term of 20 years (strictly legally speaking for a license of a private Corporation on the right emission of money), that is, until the end of 1933, and in 1927, the U.S. Congress made to the law amendment, according to which the license becomes indefinite. However, under certain conditions, the Congress has the right of this license be revoked. By the way, earlier I wrote that these conditions has come long ago, and that U.S. lawmakers not only have the right, but even required a license be revoked, without waiting for the mystical date.

About the Memorandum of Association, the fed

Quote Zhukov: "Like any private institution, the fed created the Foundation agreement. And this contract, being a public document, should be kept readily available at the Library of Congress. The question of questions: he's there? It is available? Why nowhere else in the network is not scan or citation? Not included it in the blog LiveJournal Andrei Filatov, where the last detail quoted almost all of the officialdom, protecting the financial system of the USA with passion, and what the U.S. will not often meet" (reference: Andrey Filatov, our former citizen who has long moved to the USA, lives in Florida and leads in Russian LiveJournal, which is devoted exclusively to the subject of the fed - VK). Note that the lack of access not only ordinary citizens, but even the American legislators to the Foundation agreement, the fed becomes a "breeding ground" for various conspiracy theories, conjectures and fantasies.

Did not avoid this temptation and Meukow. He insists that "the end of the world" can indeed occur, although stipulates: "may come", but not necessarily come. "May come" for the reason that the specified period of 99 years supposedly laid down in the founding document on creation of the fed. Like that. Our author Memorandum't seen it, but figure out that the contract should stand specified period. The author explains this rather strange way: because the founders had to bring in the authorized capital of the Corporation's contributions in the form of gold. But, then in the world was the gold standard, so the issue of paper currency without gold reserve was impossible. It's right. But why gold was supposed to be provided for a period of 99 years? Here's why: "what is the term could be granted to the Golden share capital for cash emission in the fed? It is clear that not 100 years, and the very 99, as is customary in the practice of business". I dug through the mass of literature, but I have never found evidence that it was "accepted in the practice of business turnover"".

About the Golden share capital and shareholders of the fed

But subsequent statements made by the author in General from the category of fiction: "...for the formation of the Golden share capital the fed had to find investors. And they were found, as were the first (1791-1811 years.), and for the second (1816-1834 years.) of the Central banks in the US. Sources gold backing in these two last known banks - Royal families of Europe, including the Royal family of great Britain". In fact, in any textbook for the money you can read about how you formed the Federal reserve system of the USA. It is known, originally consisted of 12 Federal reserve Bank (FRB), the authorized capital of which was formed due to commercial banks, which became members of the fed. Were they made in the capital of the Federal reserve Bank and a portion of its gold. I do not exclude that in the capital of the fed participated and continue to participate) members of the Royal families of Britain and other European countries, but not directly, but only indirectly, through participation in the capital of those commercial banks, which became part of the fed. Let me remind you that the law allows to participate in the equity of the fed and private persons, but the share of participation may not exceed 25 thousand dollars, this person has no right to participate in decisions of the Corporation.

In 1913, Congress gave America in eternal debt slavery private Federal reserve system, giving it the right to print money and control the American economic system. It was originally released 203,053 shares of the Federal reserve, of which about 65% are owned by foreigners, and the remaining 35% (about 72 000 shares) were distributed between American banks:

1. National City Bank = 30,000 shares;

2. Chase National Bank (later - the Chase Manhattan Bank) = 6,000 shares;

3. National Bank of Commerce (later the Morgan Guaranty Trust) = 21,000 shares;

4. First National Bank = 15,000 shares.

The number of shares owned by the Rockefellers (the first two of the above mentioned banks was approximately equal to the number of shares owned by Morgana (these two banks, i.e. by 36 000 shares.

Among major foreign shareholders were: London and Berlin banks Rothschild; Paris Bank "Brothers Lazare" (Lazard Brothers); Italian banks belonging to the Israel Moses to Sifu (Israel Moses Sieff); Hamburg Warburg Bank (Warburg).

In the period between the First and Second world wars among the major shareholders of the fed appeared such banks wall street, as Kuhn, Loeb" (Kuhn Loeb); "Lehman brothers" (Lehman Brothers); "Goldman Sachs" (Goldman Sachs).

One of the most profound researchers fed the American Eustace of Mullins in his main book "Secrets of the private Federal reserve system (Eustace Mullins "Secrets of the Privately Owned Federal Reserve") gave the following layout of the main shareholders of the Federal reserve, which includes both the family and individual banks (as of 1970-ies): 1) the Rothschild; 2) Lazard Freres (Eugene Meyer); 3) Israel Sieff; 4) the Bank of Kuhn, Loeb"; 5) the Warburg Bank; 6) the Bank "Lehman brothers"; 7) Bank Goldman Sachs; 8) collection of the Rockefellers and Morgana. Mullins concludes that the share capital of the fed is not sprayed, as is in the hands of a very small group of family clans. The first place he puts Rothschild, the second - by the Rockefellers. The modern researcher of the financial system of the USA Nicolas Jagger gives a somewhat different "layout" shareholders: it in the first place are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds - the second (see: Nicholas Hagger. The syndicate. The history of the creation of the secret world government and methods of its impact on world politics and economy. Lane. from English. - M: The Capital-Print, 2007).

Sensation: "Russian trace" in the Federal reserve

As we can see, the statement Jukova that the monarchs of Europe were gold shareholders of the fed is pure fantasy. However, our author went even further. "Nail" of its publication in the following: the main gold contribution to the capital of the fed did, it turns out that Russian Tsar Nicholas the Second. I have often had to deal with this kind of "ducks". In his book, "the Gold in the economy and politics of Russia" (M: Izd-vo "Ankil", 2009) I had to do debunking various myths about the "Royal gold", including the myth of the "gold premium" Nicholas II in the Federal reserve. And that "Royal gold" of the safes, the fed moved to the gold reserves of the IMF, etc. etc. unfortunately, this kind of "duck" is still periodically flock out from the pages of books V.A. Sirotkin. By the way, the family of the king really was some personal gold (about 5.5 tons) abroad - the Bank of England of Beringov. It is known that it was there until 1917. Information about the further fate of this gold is very contradictory. Do not exclude that some part of this gold moves in mysterious ways indeed could be in the vaults of the banks in the fed.

Apparently, the story of the gold that Nicholas II allegedly contributed to the Charter capital of the fed, M. Zhukov borrowed Century Sirotkina, but he still "calculated" "successors" our king, which he considers, for today belong untold wealth Federal reserve is an amount dabout 2 trillion dollars).

The author writes: "...in statement USRLE (Unified state register of legal entities of the Russian Federation - VK) - several legal persons, whose total share capital exceeds several times and consolidated budget of Russia, and its GDP, i.e. we are talking about trillions of dollars." Our quick "Internet community" has already managed to identify one of such legal persons within hours of publication M. Zhukova). This Charitable Foundation "international Institute for Christian Studies of State and Law named P. A. Stolypin". The Foundation is a citizen, Dolgoruky-symansky. Surname very loud, monarchist, but the person itself is quite shocking. Can lead full title, which refers to itself specified citizen: Archimandrite George the Great Prince, Prince George Fifth Dolgoruky-symansky, (Bulls) Rurikovich, Monomakh, From August Caesar kinship, 40-Pokolenie...the Sovereign - Prince of Ukraine (Ruthenia) and Rus, Grand Prince of Kyiv and Chernihiv King Galitsky, Vladimiro-Volyn Prince Crimean and Ruler of Pskov Grand Prince of Smolensk, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Muromsky, Lviv, Seversky, Tmutarakanskoe Hetman and Patron of the Don and Kuban Cossacks, the Defender of Orthodoxy and Defender of Islam in Russia.

Dolgoruky-Simansky there are many different companies with interesting names. Shocking citizen Dolgoruky-Simansky is manifested not only in the lush titles, but in the fact that the authorized capitals of the established funds and companies run into hundreds of billions of rubles. This does not mean that he is the second Rothschild, quietly living in Russia. It seems, megalomania, and the fact that Russian law allows enough frivolous to evaluate the property contributed to the Charter capital. You can, for example, three chairs to evaluate a billion rubles. But this is another topic, leading us away from the fed. According to Zhukov, the owners of the fed by the end of 2012 are thinking only of how to avoid the return of gold and other assets citizens type Dolgoruky-Symansky. I think that the author is wrong, and care of the owners of the fed is quite another.

The Federal reserve is really outside of the law

According to the report on recent audit found that the fed has distributed over the recent crisis largest banks loans worth more than $ 16 trillion. In this part of the loans (at more than $ 3 trillion. dollars) was secretly provided by foreign banks without approval by the U.S. Congress, which is prohibited under U.S. law. Not one cent of loans at the time of the audit the Federal reserve banks was not returned. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke still (soon there will be held a year and a half since the publication of the report on the audit) and failed to give a clear explanation of all of these outrages neither the President nor the Congress nor the American people. Isn't it a reason to cover up a private firm under the name of the fed, not waiting mystical date 23.12.12?

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