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Пророк Иезекиил, или пришельцы в БиблииThe prophet Ezekiel is among other somewhat apart. First, because, according to the story, this person is real, while a few others have doubts. The son of a priest was a priest at the temple of Yahweh (the name of God the father in the Bible) in Jerusalem. He was highly respected by the people; this is evidenced by the fact that for some time among his pupils was the great ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Pythagoras. Secondly, he is the only prophet who, according to his description, have seen... a space ship!

But let's all about.

The Prophet Ezekiel

When Ezekiel was still young, in the history of his people was an important event-the Jewish Jehoiakim the king decided to get rid of the yoke of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II. But the rebellion was unsuccessful; soon, Jerusalem was besieged, Joachim captured and executed. And Nebuchadnezzar had carried with them into exile 10 thousand people hostage. Among them was, and Ezekiel.

Taken captive were settled near a tributary of the Euphrates - Habour (or hovera) in Chaldea. In the fifth year of captivity, as told by the Bible, Iezekiil was called the prophets, after witnessing an unprecedented event, which will be discussed below.

In the book of the prophet Ezekiel, part of one of the parts of the old Testament, we read:

... And it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, when I was among the IDPs by the river Chebar, the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God...

And I saw: and behold, a stormy wind came out of the North, a great cloud and the fire spray, and a glow around him.

As of mid him like the light of a flame... And... there was the likeness of four living creatures, and what was the view them: their appearance was like that of a man;

And each had four faces, and every one had four wings.

And their feet - legs straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the soles of the bullock, and they sparkled like burnished brass..."

Of course, the future prophet shocked, he picks up the words, to somehow describe what he saw. With what to compare "the cart of God", but with a chariot?" But not simple, and flying... by the Way, as in the ancient Indian literature - the "Mahabharata", "Ramayana" - also discusses the "heavenly flying chariot".

But what is so picturesque descriptions?

This tried to get to the head of project Department, NASA, USA Joseph F. Blumrich. In the book "Space ships Ezekiel" he comes to the conclusion that "the divine chariot was rather spustenim lockstitch machine interplanetary spacecraft. Mass, according to calculations Blumrich, was about 63 tons, and the engine power - 70 thousand PS Options are not only quite possible from the technical point of view, but also very suitable constructively. Fantastic in this case, it seems only that this ship could be more than 2500 years ago!

What happened next is also quite good for a sci-Fi novel, even in our days. The messenger from the ship commanded Ezekiel to appear before him and started to instruct how to proceed. And so he better remember all the instructions, was Duden him a scroll, which "was written within and without, and written on it: and weeping, and mourning, and Woe.

After Ezekiel acquainted with him, the scroll was ordered to eat (obviously, for a better safety of a secret), and then a new prophet had to go to the house of Israel" and tell people what awaits them.

The prophet had said beforehand that listen to it no one will, but he will continue his instructions again and again. And when it does not help, then Ezekiel will proceed to punish the disobedient. And this is very peculiar way. Took a sharp knife and a razor, the prophet will have to cut their hair on the head and beard, weigh them, and divided into three parts. One part should be burned and the other with a knife to chop up into small pieces and, finally, the third is to scatter in the wind. And then the third part of the rebellious will burn in the fire, the other part will be cut to pieces with their swords and, finally, the third scattered around the world.

Well, because the prophet could not afford to undertake such punitive surgery itself, it will be given to the army, composed of the cherubim and the wheels on the modern language is, perhaps, military robots, land and air by armored vehicles.

And that happened. "And then the Glory of the Lord came down from his chariot, and stood at the threshold of the Church, tells Ezekiel, and the city went defilers, killing of apostates.

One of them took coals of the Mercaba, the heavenly Ark, and the handfuls of throwing them over the city. When it was over, the cherubim spread their wings, ofany - wheel, full living eyes, came in motion. Glory, carry out live chariot, left the defiled place."

It frightened and upset of the prophet: he did not know what will be with the people of Israel next. "Lord God, wilt Thou destroy the remnant of Israel?"

But then the prophet understood that now the true faith must follow invisible chariot of the Lord. And then people will assert themselves, restore destroyed and with it will be considered. Followed soon after this event justified his foreknowledge.

Indeed, today many of the once destroyed, deserted cities of Israel restored. This is the city of Cana, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nazareth, Jericho, and many others, and the population of the city is beer-Shiva rose to 1 million people.

Moreover, since in 1948, the Jews again become a nation, Israel has won five wars, each time against greatly superior forces. And all this confirms the words of God that he once said to the prophet Ezekiel.

The truth, then God told Ezekiel that when Israel returns as a nation, there will be another sign indicating the onset of the "last days". Is this a hint that the Arabs, sprawling on all sides, in the end fulfill their dreams and will crumple state that they hate?.. Attack them and in fact becoming more aggressive. But while the Israelis give a fitting rebuff to all who will dare to encroach...

As for the fate of the most Ezekiel, he prophesied relatively short time - with 592 in 570 year BC And by writing his book, in which the prophet predetermined the destiny of the whole nation, he could not (or did not want) to Dodge destiny. And soon after his work had been killed by the son of king of Judah, whom Ezekiel was accused of idolatry.

Stanislav N. Slavin
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