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Мы встретим конец света азартно и с улыбкойWith the approach of the mysterious and frightening date 21.12.2012 people are increasingly thinking about how to spend the end of the world better: at least it is good to walk, as a maximum - to escape. That's residents pearl of the sea, nice and Sunny Odessa already figured out how to do it with inherent for themselves color.

On the eve of the day of judgment, December 20, according to the unfortunate calendar ancient Mayan Odessa citizens will organize a flash mob. Until that day, almost a month, and preparations are already underway in all, according to the organizers of the unusual events.

Participants will need to walk from the monument to Duke until Opera and ballet along Primorsky Boulevard, dressed in the costumes of stalkers and with a promising posters "end of the world is close!". When he reached the theatre, "flesmobs" rassredotochit on Deribasovskaya, in a hurry to meet the music of the end of the world.

The organizers noticed that the offer is exclusively humorous, if someone doubts, thus urge everyone not to be afraid of armaggedon, Apocalypse or whatever it is called. According to the latest data, the desire to take part in the event have already expressed over four hundred Odessa.

And the time to prepare for the end of the world is not indifferent to only the lazy: some people rush to capitalize on the universal madness, others are looking for ways to escape, and still others see in the coming date occasion relax. So, bookmakers worldwide are taking bets, offering investors to bet on the most likely kind of Apocalypse, in the proposed variants: attack of extraterrestrial civilizations, man-made, natural, cosmic catastrophe. Since the end of the world in about a month unlikely, sweepstakes offer very overstated odds of winning: 2012, 666, and even in the amount of one million, and agile balmary not propose to set no end of the world, but assortments cataclysms more than in the menu enviable Moscow restaurant dishes.

Some earn, while others are really trying to escape. So, in the Altai mountains of Russia in Uimon valley that has already been called "natural Ark because of the fact that the valley on the map form of the ark and placed it in a thousand metres above sea level, all was fantastic and almost mass migration of peoples. The matter is that because of its location valley, in sluchae flooding remains dry, well if the water will still arrive and then, there is the Holy Belukha mountain, the height of which 4506 meters. There certainly can be spustiti probably consider arriving from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, who rushed to the area to purchase a house or to build a luxury am depicting a Domina. As writes "KP", houses appeared here in just a couple of months, some for five. Many of the men threw his way of life and you came to this place, which, for the moment, a lot of psychics and clairvoyants "seen" as a survivor during mass accidents and deaths.

Houses were expensive - from 300 thousand rubles for the shack, 600-700 thousand chopped "pyatistenok" with a plot of land in one hectare, and more decent housing was built over 2.5 million, the richest of the local newcomers residents of the end of the world already "turned" into penny - 8 million rubles for luxury housing.

Those who can't afford new housing, but ardently wants to escape the dangers of the coming Apocalypse local construction company and greedy on hand dealers offer shelter in the barracks with isolated rooms small size is 3 to 4 meters. They give up 7 thousand a month with the room.

While in Siberia, they build houses in the Ukrainian Simferopol courses on the subject of how to behave correctly, if the end of the world will still break out. First, as advised by the organizer courses Alexander, in no event it is impossible to panic. Secondly, you need to be, drinking water, matches and candles, because electricity will not (with what he did, is not explained). Also enterprising Ukrainian advises to apologize and pay the debts.

Whatever it was, and people are gradually listen to all sorts of tips and, as they say, "for emergencies" buy in advance preserves, cereals, water and matches. Little did, suddenly the ancient Mayans were right, once you have finished your calendar on the date 21.12.2012.

Author: Ekaterina Kravchuk-Rudometkin
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