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До конца света остались считанные дниThe Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012. On this day there will be a parade of planets will happen disasters and the image of our planet will change. Many expect the Apocalypse, the complete destruction of the Earth or rebirth of humanity. Is there scientific evidence for these predictions?

Supporters of the theory that on December 21, the world will end or the rebirth of mankind, guided by the Mayan calendar, which actually does not end. The researchers of the Mayan civilization argue that the end of one phase calendar and another begins. End of the 13th Baktun (unit of time, Maya, which is equal to the cycle in 5125 years - approx.) and begin a new era - the 14th Baktun, which is denoted Proponents of this theory are trying to link to this date the parade of the planets when the Sun, the Earth and the center of the milky way will be on the same axis.

Many researchers of the Mayan civilization believe that the ancient inhabitants of the Yucatan Peninsula managed to decipher the code of civilizations. This code resembles the computer binary system, it is possible to program our universe and even human DNA. The use of such a system, consisting of 1 and 0, helped to create the exact astronomical calendar and map. They were able to calculate the date of galactic parade of planets, which occurs only once every 26 thousand years, the date of the winter solstice, and to count when the Sun crosses the galactic equator.

The ancient Chinese source of the I Ching or Book of Changes also specifies the date December 21, 2012 is the day when everything will be new. It is important to note that the method of divination by the Book of Changes is also based on the binary system using 1's and 0's. The I Ching or Zhou And dates back to the third or second century BC and is one of the oldest ways of predicting the future. Many believe that the I Ching was used as a calendar.

In Christianity, too, there are a large number of interpretations and predictions about the end of the world, but there is no common opinion on exact date of its occurrence. Many followers of the code of the Torah or Bible code, which helps to decipher encrypted messages of the Bible, agree that the exact date of the end of the world are still unable to find.

Anthology who use the Bible to predict the end of the world, and many Christians point to signs foretelling the end of the world, which are described in the Apocalypse or the book of Revelation.

There are also followers of predictions American Terence camp McKenna and his ideas about "Zero wave of time" (Timewave Zero). He brought a mathematical formula, which could calculate the correlation of historical events and the time of their Commission. In particular, he calculated that the world would end shortly before December 21, 2012. But then said that the Mayan calendar is more accurate in the calculations.

On this day, we predict, and other events: a giant black hole will devour the Earth, our planet will face a mythical planet Nibiru, the pilgrim on the Solar system, we will live in four-dimensional space and connect with the cosmic mind that the Earth's poles have changed places, and it will break the planet.

In addition, there is the opinion that there will be a parade of planets, the Sun will be in the middle of the Galaxy, will happen in a strong magnetic radiation, which shall burn all life on the planet. There will also be a fifth element in the current Collider that will destroy the Earth. People will be able to travel in time, and so on.

But all these speculations have no scientific basis, we should not take them too seriously. What can you advise to do on December 21, 2012 at 11 hours 11 minutes and 11 seconds? Take a day off, read a book, call family and friends, make a plan on December 22, watch good movies and to go to a good restaurant. Who knows, maybe this will be the last trip to the restaurant?
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