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Кем был Барнашка? Необычная история бурятского прорицателяBaikal has given the world not only the most clean water, but also a special energy. She and different ages have different effect on the condition of the surrounding peoples. One Genghis Khan - say, a native of Transbaikalia for something. But it was, it appears, at Buryat people and no less memorable prophet - grandfather Barashka, resident of the village of Solute.

Outstanding visionary Baltakhinova, according to some versions of his last name Bitahai or Butukhanov, Agency have thought and local Nostradamus. In the world it was called simply Barnasha, Russian - Burnaska. He lived at the turn of XIX-XX centuries: approximately 1830-1925 years. Entries similar to the quatrains of Nostradamus, Buryat seer did not, but in anticipation of future Buryat, Russia and the planet in General, predicted many of the significant events of the past century - the revolution of 1917, the Great Patriotic war, difficult years of perestroika and other difficulties of this life. About appearance of electricity, radio, cars, care Buryats from the shores of lake Baikal, the great "flame war" and the subsequent global cataclysms he spoke a century ago.

Moreover, in the Buryat language and quite vividly. It poorly understood relatives. And the villagers are not all meant what he told them. But over time, the content of his predictions have been passed down from generation to generation orally, often enriched and updated folk storytellers. But certainly passed down from father to son, from my grandmother grandson.

The story of the shaman Valentin Khagdaev, my grandfather Barnoski had two granddaughters:

- Senior - Dende lived their lives, and the younger AIHA nursed lived to ancient times prophetic elder: prepared him and nursed old soothsayer. He talked about the fact that there will come another time, and AIHA live exactly the same as he, himself, is 94 years. In the early twentieth century, he was already an old man, who returned home after his wanderings, he went around the whole Buryatia, had lived in the Buddhist datsans. And only now trying to remember and pass grandchildren, to whom and when he walked. His father was Butoh. He's from the subgenus Hamne. The descendants of his family live in the village Anga, Elanco.

After a night in a welcoming Valentina Hagdaev, the morning started off. To the village Anga I walked seven kilometers. Galina Protasova Korgueva, nee Mikhailov, a descendant of Santa Barnoski, wife of an elderly shaman Ignat Frantsevich. That's what she told me:

- AIHA had six children. Senior Valya lives in Ulan-Ude, I second of daughters. Earlier in the ulus Soluti big river flowed down from the mountain, the water was clean. But then it dried up. To live there became uncomfortable without drinking water. Parents Barnoski were simple peasants, he's in the family had one son. At school studied. Told mostly in the Buryat language. And when visited Buryatia - something heard in datsans, he remembered, and all kept in mind. But his friend was three classes of Church schools graduated from and the basics of knowledge is passed to it.

At the roadside of the Buryat Yurt, now staklenih only for trade and tourists, got into conversation with an elderly Buryats. He, of course, also heard about all the predictions grandfather Barnoski, but to tell them passer-by, and even more to talk about a family and relatives Barnoski, did not dare. More talkative was a young Stanislav Greshilov, employee Olkhon administration:

- The fact that each of the Buryats have to know our lineage back to the seventh generation. My uncle told that my grandfather Burnaska in fact, our kinsman. Through Soboleva Michael - grandson of father Aphogee - we are relatives.

What grandfather Burnaska prophesied, you know already all children: what will be birds to fly iron that everything will be entangled by wires and iron. Talked about what will and carts without a horse. That communication will not directly, but through the drawers. Burnaska was of average height. Rather puny than fat, more blonde than the main Buryat population. To predict it started after twenty years, in the middle of the XIX century. Just went home and told about the future: they said a lot, at times non-stop. Usually began to prophesy with her eyes closed, leaning against a wall. They say that he could make contact with beings parallel and the higher worlds. At first he thought a fool, then he put especially esteemed.

Buryat shaman. Most likely Barashka at the end of life looked like that. Photo: "Irkutsk lobby"

Burnaska really was not of this world. The wanderer and conductor of the Supreme will, he did not live as everything, in the fullness and abundance. Another strange thing about that Soviet power has not dealt with it as a foreign body. This can only be explained extreme poverty grandfather. What were buried grandfather Bernasco by Mongol tradition, known from relatives Greshilova. Stas says, that the burial ceremony was attended by his own grandfather, who was born in 1913. He was a horse, carrying the remains of Barnoski for burial.

But where exactly is buried himself legendary grandfather, nobody knows. There is another version predictions that all the subsequent history of Buryat people recorded on the right shoulder blade ancient prophet. But the secret of the tomb does not answer all the questions that arise every year new generations. Dying, he said, that his body was not buried in the ground, and left on the platform, as over 100 years, his bones had to be displayed, and those predictions that he spoke in life, and new. In 1950-ies of scientists headed by academician A.P. see economy of Northern peoples was looking for the grave of the prophet, but the locals refused to help them.

And in the ulus of Solute, where he lived Barashka, has long been the home of a soothsayer. He probably would have survived to our days, if the daughter-in-law, the wife of the son, has not taken place on logs in the area Anga, where he was burnt. The woman went blind, the local population is considered punishment for violation of the death of the Covenant Burnski - not to transfer the house and not to give his body the earth. Grateful descendants as a sign of deep respect in the late twentieth century in the countryside of Solute where was born Barashka, built Yurt and sacred tethering posts - booga Serge. The initiator of the revival of this unique place is the Century, Berdaliev, native of the village Buguldeika.

Now, with the words of the living, the legendary Burnaska had predicted, no less, that will leave the Buryat people from the shores of lake Baikal to Mongolia. In three of the stream. A sure sign that it's time to fold up stakes generic seats, according to the forecast of the mystical grandfather, will start construction of a railway bridge across the river Sarma. If the outcome will not take place, the local people will see on the shores of the sacred lake of military men in blue helmets. Now it is the hallmark of NATO armed forces. Their appearance grandfather Burnaska explained simply: then will extract oil from the bottom of the now-protected Baikal.

Many dedicated deny the outcome of the Buryat people of Siberia. As well as questioning the question of a possible "forty-day war". But anyway, all other predictions mystical Barnoski has come true. I want to believe that a renewed consciousness of the people will avoid ethnic migrations. And there are still 14 years before the discovery of the relics Barnoski.

Mikhail Jurowski
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