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Звезда Апокалипсиса (Тифон) и три дня темнотыAccording to the prophecies, the reason for the three days of darkness will star (Typhon), which will approach our planet in the near future. From the book "star of the Apocalypse": "on the Basis of information contained in the ancient sources, the star is accompanied by a vast cloud of gas and dust. When approaching the stars from our planet, the Earth would be included in its dust cloud and plunged in profound darkness.

Probably the three days of darkness, which is spoken by the prophets, will be the most terrible disaster for the whole world. What threatens the whole of humanity? And how to escape from this terrible misfortune? As is known, space gases consist primarily of hydrogen and oxygen, helium and nitrogen. Currently in space discovered about 20 species of simple organic substances, clouds of ethanol, methane, etc. in Addition to the gas nebulae are dozens of various substances that are useful for health will not name. In outer space and comets ' tails fixed a variety of cyanide - hydrogen cyanide, ciaramicoli, lanceren. Detected the presence of potassium cyanide, which is the strongest poison suffocating actions. Potassium cyanide instantly causes paralysis of the respiratory organs. At hit of this substance in the Earth's atmosphere from the dust cloud stars and exceeding of MPC (maximum permissible concentration - 0,0003 mg/l), the consequences will be disastrous. What substance gets into the atmosphere of our planet, is unknown, but all the seers unanimously recommend tight (tight) close all Windows and doors and not to leave the house.

Vision Johann Frida (1204-1257), the Austrian monk of the order of St. John Johann mentions unusual cosmic cloud that its shape will resemble the Bear: "Nebula Great Bear appears in the immediate vicinity of the Earth, and fill the space on the horizon of five hundred suns (probably mean angular dimensions gas-dust nebulae in the sky - Prims). It is a few days more and more will override the light of the Sun. The night will not glow of the Moon, and the Orion constellation, which from the light of Jupiter will emit light and send it on the Big Bear. This constellation will cover the nebula its radiance".
Three days of darkness: "By this time, humanity will suffer from terror. Birds will like reptiles, and will not use his wings. Terrestrial animals in fear and anxiety would make such a noise that he will make the human heart to tremble. People will run in their homes, not to see a strange phenomenon. And, finally, will be full of darkness, which will last three days and three nights.
During this time, people deprived of light, into a sleepy state, from which many will not work. Especially those who have no spark of spiritual life. When the Sun will rise again, the earth will be covered with a layer of ash like snow in winter. In addition, the ashes will have a color sulfur, crude fog will rise over the earth, volcanic gases.
Dead people will be more than those killed in all wars. In the mansions of priests will read the book "Apocalypse" (John the theologian - Approx. of the author.), in the churches will have to wait for the approach of a large comet. On the seventh day after returning light, the earth will absorb the ashes and will be bountiful harvests, which I never had before."
From the constellation of Orion will fall beam of light to the Earth, to show the path to the location of the greatest and most prominent person that ever lived on Earth. Surviving in this world will proclaim his ancient teaching. And there will be a Millennium announced the Messiah in the light of true brotherly love to the glory of the Creator and happiness of all mankind."

Italian peasant Maria Taigi (1769-1857), which according to press reports appeared in 1835 a vision of Jesus Christ, told the world: God will arrange two of punishment for people living on the earth one in the form of wars, revolutions and other disasters, the other will be sent from heaven. I see above the earth is full of darkness, which will last three days and three nights. Nothing will be clear and the air is filled with the world ulcer, which will take almost everyone and not only the enemies of religion. During these three days artificial light to light will not be possible. Only the sacred candle will Shine and give light. During this disaster believers must remain in their homes and to read prayers. He who out of curiosity, will open its window or go out, fall dead on the spot.
During this plague many of wicked people, the enemies of His Church, as well as their God will be killed by the divine scourge. Their corpses in the vicinity of Rome will be as numerous as fish, which after recent flooding of the Tiber was in the city. All the enemies of the Church and secret will die on Earth during this universal darkness, except for a small part, which shall believe in God. The air is filled with demons, which will appear in the form of various disgusting form.
Fragment of the prophecies that was found in the archives of the German aristocratic family Passau (19th century): "the winter will Come, and darkness will descend all around for three days, 'd roar, the sparkle of lightning, and the earth will begin to crack.... Fatal breath fills the night darkness toxic dust. Bubonic plague, a fierce battle between people...".
Prediction Franz Kugelberg. The events of the coming he saw in a dream and awake like color pictures of the movie. The vision of a future recorded by pastor Allerhochstem in 1922.
"Three days and three nights long darkness. It will begin after the terrible thunder, or earthquakes. No fire does not burn. You can neither eat nor sleep, and just pray. Only the Holy candle will burn. He who Peeps out with curiosity the window, you will meet death. Lightning penetrate into the house, you can hear the terrible curse of devils. The earthquake, thunder, sea noise. One part of people will be calling the virgin Mary and Christ, while others will swear. In vain they beg for extension of their life. Sulfur vapor and the stench fills the air, as if hell on earth.
A cross appears in the sky. This is the end of the darkness, the land is a field of dead bodies, like the desert. People come out of their houses quiet and scared. The corpses are collected in vans and buried in mass graves. Neither Railways nor the ships do not function, no car, as in earlier times. The factory does not work because there are no people to maintain the machines. The quick pace of former times stopped
The remaining people as saints. God invites new priests as Christ, his apostles, you can hear the praise of God and the song of the saints. The earth is Paradise. The Liturgy is celebrated just as in the days of the apostles. The total communion. The prophet hears some parts of prayer in German and also the words of consecration. In the evening comes a thanksgiving prayer.
Angels will help people in the Council and the action, if necessary. People pray for 8 days more than ever before in a single year. At the sound of bells all leave work and go to Church.
Retained goods in a new way will be distributed between the survived people. In the great migration of the peoples of the people will go where they are needed. Mountain districts with Alpine meadows will be used as a community. People come down from the mountains to the plains, where labour is not so hard...".

Maria Julia Gahinet (1850-1900) was born in a small village close to blaine (in southern Brittany, France). In March 1891 Maria predicted "three days of darkness" and other disasters that have to go through all mankind: "Three days of darkness will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On the day of the Holy sacraments, the cross and the virgin... Three days less than one nights.
"There will be three days of darkness in the world. For three days the world will not, and will come continuous night. All should light the candles. One candle will burn three days. Lightning fall into these homes, but they will not extinguish the light of candles. Neither wind nor storm, nor in the earthquake will not destroy lit candles. But in the homes of the godless, and those who have not found God, through all of this will be suffering... Red clouds, like blood, will sail across the sky. The sky will crack, and the thunder hits the Ground. Incredible lightning, which had never seen, I will smite the city. The earth is shaken to its foundations. Foamy water oceans will rolled the shore. And the whole Earth will become a graveyard. Then will begin the great famine. All vegetation is destroyed and die three quarters of humanity".

The French nun Maria de Feudis predicted this cataclysm in 1819: "the time will come three days of continuous darkness. In this terrible darkness only candles that blessed will burn. One candle will burn three days, but in the house of the wicked, they will not Shine. During these three days will receive the demons in the most terrible forms and will sound an awful blasphemies. The air will become nauseous. Flash rays will hit the streets in this strange time of year. The earth will turn over and okutama foamy waves of the seas. Indeed, our planet will become one vast cemetery. Corpses of the wicked and the righteous, will cover the ground. The hunger that will follow it, will be enormous. All the vegetation of the globe will be destroyed and perish three quarters of humanity. The catastrophe will come suddenly and disaster will be the world".
Maria mentions the displacement of the axis of rotation of our planet: "the Earth will turn over and okutama foamy waves of the seas".

St. Giovanni Rotondo, a monk of the order of friars minor Capuchins (1918-1968). on September 5, 1918 in prayer before his crucifixion Chrysethat he had the stigmata on his side, feet and hands. He alleged that on 15 January 1957 he received a Message from the Lord Jesus Christ about the future: "I will come to this overloaded sin globe howling Gromov. Come winter frost at night. The rapidly growing wind will forerun the great confusion on earth, which tremble with strong shocks. Lightning and thunderstorms from the fiery clouds will burn and turn to ashes all that had contact with sin and all that once they come into contact. All this will be destroyed. The air is saturated with smoke from the burning gases. Choking smoke and wind gusts will all be swept away and destroyed. Beautiful building will turn into ruins.
The hour of My coming close. Before coming will be the Mercy and both hard and terrible punishment. My Angels aimed to perform this task, will be armed with swords. Their attention, first of all, will be directed against those who do not believe and mocks the message of God. From the clouds will have a lot of falling throughout all the Land of fire jets. Storm, storm, storm, flood, earthquake will occur in different countries, one after the other. Tirelessly will go a rain of fire. It will begin in the very frosty night. It, first of all, is proof of God's existence.
So you prepared for this, I will give you signs: the night will be very frosty, will be noisy wind, and after a while you hear the thunder. Then close the doors and Windows, do not talk to anyone except those who are in the house. At that time, when will the earthquake, not vykladyvaete out, for the wrath of My Father which is worthy of respect. Who will not hear this advice, it instantly die, because his heart is not endure the sight.
In the third night of the fire will cease, cease and earthquakes, and the next day will be Sunny. In human form on earth, the Angels come down and bring the spirit world.
Kara, which will come down, cannot be compared with any of the other what God has allowed from the beginning of creation. The third part of the people will perish.
The short time it is hard to use, not to give in to evil, nor to give him. Your task and duty is to be an indication of impending danger, then no excuses, don't say you didn't know about it. The sky long waits and warns, but people neglect this".

Pope Pius X on the forthcoming days of darkness. In the world - Giuseppe Sarto Melchiorre (1835 - 1914) was born in Rize, in the province of Treviso to Venice. In 1850, he received a scholarship Seminary in Padua, where he In 1858 he was ordained and became a chaplain. In November 1884, he was appointed Bishop of Mantua. Elected Pope in 1903
Prediction: "Look at the Sun, the moon and the stars in the sky. When they overly disturbed and volatile, know that this day is not far off! The Judgment of God, like a bolt of lightning! Hurricanes fire will descend from the clouds and spread throughout the earth. Storm, storm, lightning and earthquakes will cover the Earth in two days. Shed a continuous rain of fire! It will start on a very cold night...
This disaster will come upon the earth, like a flash of lightning. At some point the light of the morning sun is replaced by the black darkness! No one shall leave the house or looking out of the window from this moment".

Padre PIO (1887-1968), priest of the Capuchins, which was stigmata on the body for 50 years. He predicted many events of the future. Canonized 16 June 2002. The prediction of the three days of darkness: "Keep your Windows sealed. Don't go out. Light a blessed candle, which will be enough for many days. Pray the rosary. Read spiritual books. Take an act of spiritual communication, and love. Pray with open arms or to prostrate to the ground, that many souls may be saved. Not are outside the house. Provide them with sufficient food. The forces of nature will run amok and rain of fire will cause to tremble people from fear. Keep fearlessness. I am among you" (January 28, 1950).
"Take care of animals these days. I am a guardian of animals as well as people. I will give you some indication, after which you should post as much food before them. I will keep the property elected, including animals, because then they will need food. Let no one goes through the yard to feed the animals. Who will come out will die. Close your window carefully. My elect shall not see My wrath. Keep your trust in Me and I'll protection.
Hurricanes fire would erupt out of the clouds and spread throughout the earth. Storm, storm, lightning and earthquakes shake the Ground for two days. Go continuous rain of fire. It will begin during a very cold night. All this to prove that God exists. Those who hope for me, and believe in my words, nothing to fear. Because I will not leave them, nor those who spread My message. No harm will come to those in a state of grace and seeking the protection of the mother of God.
You can prepare for this test. I will give you the following characteristics and indications: the night is very cold, the wind is roaring. After the lightning strike will be heard, close all Windows and doors. Don't talk to anyone outside the home. Kneel down before the crucifix, regret your sins and ask for the protection of the mother of God. Not vykladyvaete from the Windows during the earthquake, because it's the wrath of a Holy God. Jesus does not want us to beheld the wrath of God, because His anger must be considered with fear and trembling.
Those who ignore my advice, you will die instantly. The wind will contain a poisonous gas, which will spread throughout the Earth. Those who will suffer and die innocently, will be with me in My Kingdom. Satan will prevail! But after three nights of the earthquake and the fire will stop. The next day, the Sun again will Shine, the angels will descend from heaven and will spread the spirit of peace on Earth. With a sense of immeasurable gratitude will take into their possession those who survived the ordeal, the most terrible punishment which God sent to Earth from the moment of its creation.
I chose the soul and in other countries, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, who have received these revelations to other countries too can be prepared. Pray, pray well, so that your prayers can reach the heavens. Soon the terrible catastrophe will come to the whole world, which no one had witnessed, and no-one has experienced.
As indifferent people to these problems, which will soon come, contrary to all expectations. How indifferent they are preparing to these unprecedented events, through which they will need in the near future. The weight of divine wrath reached Earth. The wrath of my Father will be poured out over the whole world. I again warn the world through your assistance, as I often did until now.
This disaster will come upon the Earth, like a flash of lightning. At some point the light of the morning Sun will be replaced by black darkness! Since that time, no one has the right to leave the house or looking out the window. I will come to you among the thunder and lightning. Sinners will see my divine appearance. Then there will be great confusion because of this absolute darkness, which will envelop the whole Earth, and many will die from fear and despair...
Again and again I warn people and give them the opportunity to return to the right path. But now the evil has reached its highest point and the punishment can be postponed. Tell everyone that it was time for retribution" (February 7, 1950).

Elena Aiello (1895-1961) was born April 10, 1895 in Montalto (Italy). At the age of 25 he became a nun. Elena has repeatedly stigmata on the body. Because of these unusual phenomena, popularly called "Holy". Received from Jesus and our lady of many revelations, including some predictions about the future destiny of the Church and the world. The prophecy of the three days of darkness: "When the sky will see a large sign, you know people that's inevitable the punishment of the world. Fire will come and will cleanse the earth from the wicked..., mankind will come the fire, blood, disease, famine, earthquake, disaster and war. Some people will be cleared, while the other will disappear completely. Italy will be punished and cleared the great revolution.
This will destroy all that has been done by man. Luminous cloud of fire will appear in the sky, a storm of fire reaches of the world. A terrible disaster that never before seen in human history, would last seventy hours. The wicked will be in the dust and many will suffer for his sins. Then you will see the power of light over darkness".
"It will be even worst punishment ever seen in human history. When an unusual sign will appear in the sky, then the people know that punished the world.
I want you to know, disasters next. Fire will come down to earth and a large part of humanity will be destroyed... the one who will remain under my protection, the mercy of God, and those who do not want to repent of sin will perish in flames!... Russia is almost completely burned. Other countries will disappear. Only preserved part of Italy...".
"...if people will not return to God, it will be a great war of terror and death, and finally, the cleansing fire will fall from heaven like snowflakes on all Nations and a large part of humanity will be destroyed."

The Abbe Bartholomew in his book "De Vermis Mysteriis", edition 1932, tells us about the appearance of unusual stars next to our planet: "Like drops of poison on the teeth Viper news that will be soon. When will Shine star in the firmament of the heaven, which had never seen before, will rise to strong winds and will be a great tempest in the sea. And the night would see the light, but not for long for him to Shine, because he would be arrested impenetrable darkness, and the moon will be as the emerald covered corpse spots. Ancient manuscripts say that from the moon to earth to sink many creatures, and shall devour the fruit in the womb. Also rises from the waters of the ancient temples, buried at the bottom of the seaom, and women who walked into the water, will suffer from inhabitants of depths and will get from them. Great magicians, buried in the sea will come ashore to conquer and kill mortals, and to deride them.
Sinama Ackeren mentions the Great Jellyfish from the Southern Ice and bloody glow in the sky.
Perhaps the whole earth will be covered high forests and swamps and monstrous creatures extinct long ago, the horror of the past centuries, rising, will walk around in it.
People will disappear from the face of the earth or to become a mindless cattle".
Then the Abbot Bartholomew leads ominous signs of the coming cataclysms: "Behold the signs of their proximity: When the skies become blood-red, and from the depths hear the unknown voice; When the stones and rocks begin to rot, spreading the stench, and around the sun visible misty rings, and the lunar disk color its like rotting flesh, Then they come, and bring to earth the horror that never was and never will be, for he is beyond time. The horrors no name.
And will be sought revenge.
The great Worm, tearing open the Cocoon, it will go out to devour the stars of heaven. And arise Ancient.
Misty ring around the sun, the number of not less than three, and the Moon seems to be covered with blue fire.
Stones and rocks rot, exuding the smell.
From the bowels of the earth can hear voices Velikaya terrible calls.
The pillars of bright white light, descending from heaven or rising out of the ground. The letters of the damned Scriptures appear through the sacrificial blood, shed on them. From the cracks in the leaves swirling smoke, killing all life.
Also vortices that bottom - thinner hair, and above - a huge, and hide half the sky. Wriggling them running with the swiftness unsaddled horse.
Clouds quickly approaching on the different parties to the line, having a form of a straight line and then disappearing behind it".

Bavarian laticastelli Alois Irlmaier, from Freilassing (Bayern), describes in detail the future of the battle of the Third world war, which will begin after the cataclysms committed terrible star. Vision for the future he watched in the cinema. Predicted his own death in July 1957. Shortly before his death, Irlmaier said, "I'm glad I live now, because I don't have to experience what I see".
In its predictions mentioned about the three days of darkness: "I See three lines - may be 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months - 't know exactly, but it will last long. The island will sink because the sea will revolt. See big holes on the sea, which will be filled when large waves will bounce back. A beautiful town located near the sea are almost completely drown in the sea, mud and sand. Other countries located by the sea to be at serious risk, the sea is calm, and the waves as high as a house, will foam, as if something is being cooked underground. The island will disappear, and climate change. January will be so warm, that as much mosquitoes will dance. Maybe it will be a transition to another climate zone. Then there will be no normal winters such, what we know now.
Come darkness, which will last 72 hours. During the day is as dark falls castle, will be lightning and thunder, earthquakes will make the planet to twitch. At this time, don't leave home, only burn candles. Who will breathe dust, he will fall into convulsions and died. Dim Windows and not open them. Water and food that will not be closed tightly, will become infected, and which will be stored in a glass container. Everywhere death caused by dust, many people will die. 72 hours is all over, but I repeat: don't leave home, only burn candles and pray. That night will die more people than in the two world wars. Do not open Windows within 72 hours. In the rivers is so little water that they easily can move. The cattle will die, grass turn yellow and dry up human bodies will become black or yellow. Then the wind will send the clouds to the East".

The famous Grigory Rasputin about the three days of darkness: "For three days the sun will disappear from heaven and on thirty days fog of smoke and pain will cover the earth grey. People will be like a mad dog, to rush through this sea of suffering, his life will be the agony and his only hope is death... In these times of grief will connect with the person and their Union is born of desperation, such despair, since there's never been on earth. And in these times even the seasons will change and rose will bloom in December and in June will be snow."

Egor Kuhlen, the hermit who lived on the Bank of the Yenisei river, on the border of Krasnoyarsk region and Tuva ASSR. Believer warns you about the evil that shall appear from heaven: "...come darkness from heaven, wrapped in smoke and fire, from the womb of the earth will come out of the darkness of demons, and when they shall go toward each other, will not live neither strong nor weak, neither poor nor rich nor the free bird or beast in the cage. Such a terrible invasion Yegor Kuhlin predicts, when "the Sun will be closed three Moons, and on the earth will come the cold and darkness for three hours".

Famous American forecaster Jean Dixon (1918-1997), said that in the future century on earth will begin a global catastrophe, after which will begin war. Many predictions of providity already filled. Mentions she and the three days of darkness, "where now the water, the land, and where the earth today, there vortices will rush raging streams, destroying everything in its path"; "we are All witnesses of the shadow of the cross, a shaking of the earth and the three days of darkness".

The phenomenon of the virgin Mary 55-year-old Spaniard Amparo Cuevas (1980). Virgin said: "Soon will come a great punishment for mankind, whom nobody had seen.
Dad will be tortured, and that the Church would collapse. St. Peter and St. Paul intervenes to elect a new Pope. God the Father will send two terrible punishment. One of them: the revolution, drought, famine, disease. God will allow Satan to sow discord between the rulers, in society and the family. Another punishment will come from heaven, devastating earthquake in different countries and the onset of absolute darkness for three days. Nothing will be seen in these days when the air is malicious and will be lit only blessed candles. You should stay at home to pray and ask for God's mercy.
The punishment will begin when the star will collide with the Earth, and will fall great clouds that would burn the earth. You will hear the deafening noise of the authority, and many of the houses will fly through the air. During the three days of darkness, the Lord will send a team of angels. All His enemies, and the Church is dead, all sinful people will perish with the exception of those that will turn in the final minutes. The punishment will destroy two thirds of humanity, and the earth will be like a desert.
A warning about punishment will appear in the sky, to see everything. The star, burning the ground, apparently, the world is on fire will burn for 20 minutes. Many will die of grief, but those who are with God and the Virgin shall be delighted. After the prevention and the punishment will be a miracle.
Virgin said Amparo: "Mankind refuses to listen to our messages and warnings that appear in many places. Don't believe in them that the world is given a prophecy about the disaster, people have closed their ears...".

Prediction Mexican Franciscan monk David Lopez (1987) of the three days of darkness, which will come at the time of the appearance in the sky of the red cross, probably neutron star: "First of all, our lady called on not to worry about all those who are internally asks about salvation and who lives according to the dictates of our lady. About these coming events they will be warned inside your heart for 3 to 7 days before they start. She encouraged and reassured those who are struggling with their heavy sins, those who did not give up and continue struggle. The Lord takes into account their efforts.
Three days of darkness will survive adherents of any religion, as well as people, not belonging to any concessions, unless their conscience will be clean, and if they took God in the sanctuary of his heart.
Shortly before these events on the blue sky is visible to the red cross. This will all men. There will be some martyrs selected by God directly, which will kill, but their souls the angels immediately ascend to Heaven.
Within three days of darkness, which will last 72 hours, the time it will be possible to count only on the clock and will be so dark that people can't even see my hands before his eyes. These days there is no demon who would stay in hell, because they will be on Earth.
Those people, who have no purity in heart and mercy, will see demons and die from fright.
The hardest thing to endure three days of darkness will be lonely people as demons will call their votes loved ones and friends. So keep in mind that this will not be your favorite, and devils, and in no event it is impossible to open the door and leaving your home, as there are likely to be included in the claws of the devil. Doors and Windows of the house should be tightly closed and all family should be together.
We must learn to pray earnestly now and teach them to their children, because prayer children these days will have a miraculous power. The main thing to do is to renounce their sins and to live, trusting in the mercy of the Lord.
Pray, read the Bible and take Communion.
Bless their homes, and may this icon of the Heart of Jesus ' is an icon-lamp or candle - this and your other cases will help You to be able clear heart.
God wants people to return to Him voluntarily, not because of fear of punishment, otherwise people will perish.
Someone who does not know, it is necessary to tell about these very important things: about sin, about a mortal sin, about repentance and the forgiveness of sins.
People should learn to accept death like it is: they need to know that after death there is a judgment, and then hell, heaven or purgatory, depending on the lives lived by people.
Priests, pastors and pastors need to prepare not only themselves but also their entire community.
They must be the main interpreters referred to future events and explain what will happen. They will have to help people to return to God and to start a new life filled with purity. Their task is to convey the news of the three days of darkness as many spiritual people, because of the coming events notified many Holy men, and, therefore, not to lose time. Pastors must teach that money, fame, things and work not have those values which need to worry and to put them in first place. They should teach people to turn to the Holy Spirit and pray to Him."

The appearance of the virgin Mary on August 28, 1988 and 1990 sixteen-year-old Patricia Talbot (Cuenca, Ecuador): "on March 17, 1989, the mother of God said: "Times of trouble has started. The sorrow over your faith, but the trouble will come later, beginning of days of darkness. The darkness of faith, but the true darkness will be after...".
may 18, 1989, the mother said: "When will be three days of darkness you must not leave their homes to you prayed constantly, because at that time there will be false prophets, who are trying to deceive you. You know them, because they are on the right hand the number of the beast".
on may 19 Heavenly mother declared: "the time Is at hand. Before the days of these events will be signs in the heaven and on the Sun... Then will come the Kingdom of God and his justice. Will begin earthquakes, hurricanes, will fall from the sky rain of fire. All this will of the Father, Son, and Holy spirit. In those days men will be destroyed its nuclear objects that you've created for your own destruction. You don't know, they feel pain, warn about natural disasters, which are created by man. You are one step away...".

The prophecy American clairvoyant Veronica Lueken of the three days of darkness, "I say to you, as night follows day, the great darkness on humanity. When an alert that will come down from heaven, will not cause doubts, those who have sold themselves to Satan, will see it, but they will not believe" (28 September 1973).
"... I see people who hold chairs in their homes. All swinging. Rocking the very foundations of the houses. They all got scared. Many of them run on the street. Other close window...but they don't go outside. They should not go out. I see great fog spanning the sky is a huge fog... It consists of falling dust.
People who are outside, as if petrified. Something happens to them. They sway like a drunken man. Now that I see, two of them fell. They fell, but trying to get up. They fall down on their faces and no longer moving. Now I can see the darkness is great, a huge cloud of mist. And then I see a darkness addictive moon. And now there is no moon, no light. The moon is completely closed. I don't see it."
A vision from 14.07. 73, "Now I see... it seems that becomes very dark. When it gets dark, they get a hold hands around her throat. They fall down on their faces. I see the faces of people looking out of the Windows. People scatter in different directions. They don't seem to know where to run. I see the doors, and people are knocking at them. Closed doors... And I see people lying outside of the door. They seem to fall. Somewhere in the air there's something that catches their breath, because the Windows, but they grab them and close my eyes. Oh, they can't watch. The sky is very red dust. There is a very large explosion. Explosion - it's almost like a bomb... it's a whirling ball of fire approaches the globe. Behind a long tail. He gas. I know he's gas, because I feel horrible smell. This smell (Veronica cough)".
"Coming the last days of our era. To the earth close fireball similar to the sun. All will see him in heaven for two weeks. Then will come three days of darkness. Before this explosion will occur on the Sun, and the sky will become pink ... In Asia and Africa will be war. People are in panic. Those who still remain alive, will run through the streets like crazy. Smoke and dust will close all. And a voice says to me, three days... three days... three days...".
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