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Так все-таки конец света или его начало?Today is the day of the winter solstice, which means that in the Northern hemisphere - the shortest day of the year. As for the southern hemisphere, in this day, the Sun in its annual motion along the Ecliptic reaches the most southern point on the celestial sphere, that is, it appears above the tropic of Capricorn (23,5° Yu. sh).

It is in the winter solstice our main heavenly body passes through the Zenith over the Southern tropic. In other words, the sun's rays fall strictly perpendicular to the surface. This significant event is celebrated on the latitude only once a year. By the way, in temperate latitudes, the Sun is not able to be at the Zenith of even one single time in a year!

So, on December 21, at exactly 15 hours 12 minutes Moscow time the Sun will be at the greatest possible distance from our Northern latitudes. The duration of the day at the latitude of Moscow will be only 7 hours. By the way, the winter solstice marks the beginning of a special winter - winter astronomical, which will last until the day of spring equinox!

Meanwhile, after the shortest day of the year - the Sun, as if to think better of it, go back to the longing for its heat to the residents of the Northern hemisphere. So the light day will gradually increase and by the beginning of the third decade of March will be equal night. However, this is still very far away.

This year, the winter solstice has attracted widespread attention because it coincides with the "end of the world", which clearly predicts the Mayan calendar. Although, perhaps, remains indisputable is the fact that today, if and where there comes slowly the end of the world is in the southern hemisphere, because of the subsequent six months of daylight there will be shortened, and the night to grow.

This total darkness in the end, only those of South latitude, which are located beyond the polar circle. We, inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere, from tomorrow, the day will start, on the contrary, to add some bright moments, and the end will come darkness, and not light!

And the ancient Mayan ought not to scare modern people so scary predictions! After all, their civilization was located in Middle America, where now are the southern States of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. All of these are at latitudes North of 13o n but to the South the North of the tropic (23,5° n). And, as you know, in these latitudes throughout the year daylight hours are long. Even during the winter solstice the Sun is above the horizon at least 10 hours and 40 minutes! Therefore, in respect to the end of the world, to the people Mayan there is no trust!
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