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2014 - год предсказанный ранее...According to the Mayan calendar, in 2012 ended the era Fifth Sun, and the world was going to cease to exist. However, as we see, this did not happen. According to some researchers, it remained to exist only two years...

The earth will dilute acid mist

About the disaster that in the very near future should befall humanity, reported the American Observatory Chandra. In 2010 it is found in space giant cloud of acid mist. Astronomers call it havoc. The amount of 16 million kilometres, this cloud destroys everything in its path: stars, planets, asteroids. Now it is the speed of light moves in the direction of the Solar system.

According to the conclusions of astrophysicists, the cloud has created a supermassive black hole at the center of our Galaxy. Hole this is too far away to-swallow" the Solar system. But as it turns out, is still able to give us trouble. Black holes can create disturbances in the surrounding space and "spit" on huge distances something like protuberances or huge clouds of dust and gas.

- The effect from such clouds on our planet and the Solar system will be like, as if shed on the handwritten ink text water, - says albert Shervinsky, an astrophysicist from the University of Cambridge. - Water will dilute the text and make it into a mess. About this mess will turn and the planet with the Sun.

According to calculations, havoc will reach the Earth in July 2014. Shervinsky claims that NASA does not disclose all data of this sinister object, not to cause a panic. Leave answers in the American government, saying that the situation is unclear and requires further study.

Wake up volcanoes

It seems that the Earth is entering a period of high seismic activity, the peak of which will have just to 2014.
- An earthquake in Japan and the eruption of the Icelandic volcanoes in 2011 is only the first cycle of the General increase of seismic activity, warns President of the International Association of earthquake forecasting Elchin Khalilov.

- Volcanic eruptions the Eyjafjallajoekull and Gr?msv?tn that brought so much trouble to air carriers, the prelude to the other eruptions of volcanoes, and not only in Iceland - echoes volcanologist, University of Edinburgh trade Tordarson.

Scientists have developed a schedule of Icelandic volcanoes eruptions over 1100 years and revealed the 140-year period, during which increases and decreases their activity. Relatively quiet phase, observed in the last fifty years, comes to an end. In the near future is expected eruption of the largest Icelandic volcano - Catli. In the area of his ten-kilometer crater constantly felt the tremors. Only in November 2011 them recorded over five hundred.

Iceland is located in the area of the Mid-Atlantic ridge and is included in the Atlantic zone of volcanoes. So it is possible that awakened Icelandic volcanoes provoked the most powerful eruption underwater volcano near Hierro island of the Canary archipelago in the Atlantic ocean. It lasts, is gradually increasing, month over month. Scientists fear that is caused by the eruption of the earthquake will shift the tectonic plate, a region which is in the area of the volcano. This shift will inevitably cause a giant tsunami that will flock to the shores of North America.

In recent months began to show increased activity and volcanoes on the other side of the globe. In Indonesia suddenly exploded volcano Gamalama, "spitting out" on a two-kilometer height tons of ash. Hawaii erupted volcano Kilauea. Specialists with alarm monitors the status of the volcano of Santa Elena in the Western United States. Sensing found beneath it a huge cavity filled with molten rock. Worst of all, from this cavity stretch for many kilometers underground channels, is also filled with lava. All this canal system includes not only the cavity under relatively small volcanoes, but cavity under largest in the world the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO. If you start an eruption of some of them, you can follow a chain reaction. And the simultaneous explosion of dozens of volcanoes, including Yellowstone, will lead to disaster with millions of human victims and change the entire ecosystem of the planet.

Breaks out of the solar storms

As believed by experts of the International Association of earthquake forecasting, in 2012 was observed bursts of seismic activity in June and October. The most dangerous is expected in January 2013. Soon you will start to "Wake up" the Alpine-Himalayan volcanic zone: here we are talking above all about the Italian Vesuvius and Etna. No less dangerous are Fuji in Japan and Krakatau in Indonesia.

Especially alarming projections for 2013. The earth several solar maxima: 11-year cycle, 22-year-old, 90-100 years and 300 years old. All of this indicates that we are on the threshold of the most powerful solar storms. Now their approach is indirectly confirmed by a number of natural disturbances, in particular to a sharp increase in the rate of drift of magnetic poles. This, in turn, means that intensified the Earth's core (this is confirmed by special scientific studies NASA). Therefore, intensified and the flow of magma, provoking volcanic eruptions and changes in the tectonic plates.

According to the experts, including the above E. Khalilov, in 2013 there will be a series of powerful earthquakes and destructive phenomena in the atmosphere that may lead to numerous victims among the population, the flooding of vast areas, as well as to the failure of the satellite communication systems. The peak of volcanic and seismic activity must fall on the year 2014, which is fraught with catastrophe of planetary scale: the " nuclear winter " and the changing composition of the atmosphere due to the huge number of ejected volcanic ash, which will lead to the deaths of many in the world of plant and animal species.

The Antichrist is coming

There is a warning of some kind of disaster 2014, reaching us from the depths of time. It was made in the XII century Irish priest Malachi O'Merger, when life is glorified by the prophecies and miracles after death canonized.

From all the works of St. Malachi until our time was reached only the manuscript known as "the prophecy of the Roman popes". In it the Holy lists all the popes who will take the papal throne after ruled in his time of innocent II. As was the custom in ancient times, the Holy Malachi describes his foresight in allegorical form. Without naming dad by name, he characterizes every two or three words. All these pontiffs should be 112. The latter's rule will end in 2014, when the world will end.

According to legend, Prophecy was written by Malachi in Rome, where Pope innocent II consecrated him a Bishop. In 1595 ancient manuscript found in the Roman archives and published by the Benedictine monks Arnold de Villon. Around the predictions of Saint Malachi for more than a century of debate. Many accuse de Villon of falsification, indicating that the characteristics of the popes, who occupied the papal throne until 1595, rather than the characteristics of the next. Other researchers believe that and characteristics subsequent popes though vague, but still close enough to the truth.

Most of all in the "Prophecy" of Saint Malachi surprise date "last year and the number of PAP - 112. Suffice it to say that now Vatican Ecumenical throne is 111-th dad!

Earlier, 110-th Pope, Saint Malachi characterized by the words "De Labore Solis", that in translation from Latin means "the labor of the sun". Pope John Paul II occupied the throne from 1978 to 2005, was born on the day of the solar Eclipse of may 18, 1920. Solar Eclipse was observed in the day of his funeral. It is also possible, Saint Malachi meant that the Pope, who loved to travel, will bypass and will Shine like the sun, the earth.

The current Pope, Benedict XVI, called Holy Malachi "De Gloria olivae" -"the glory of the olive". This feature is not yet entirely clear. The olive tree is a symbol of peace, and may the prophet thus indicates a constant appeals of the Pope to the world, which is especially important in our troubled times, when they collapse entire States in the middle East.

Last, the 112-th Pope, the Holy calls "Petrus, Romanus" - "Peter the Roman" - and pays the days of his reign few short phrases. In his words, "a terrible judge will judge the people, and Rome - "the City of Seven Hills will be destroyed. Researchers unambiguously interpret this as an indication of the coming of the Antichrist and the end of the world.

We can only hope that the current Pope safely live up to 2015 and already one that will refute the ancient prophecy. And at the same time will not take place and the natural disasters that some scientists predict.

Igor Voloznev Mysteries of the twentieth century, № 48, 2012
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