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Mars One: Марс ждет своих первых жителейIn the Netherlands creates unusual research project, which aims to sending humans to Mars. Although their Martian ambitions already announced a dozen countries, the peculiarity of the project Mars One is that its participants are ordinary people, and will fly to the Red planet they are free, because their flight will pay investors, to live on Mars, they will also be free. Tempting? Probably, Yes. However, the peculiarity of the project is that marconato will not return ticket and if something goes wrong, Mars will be their last refuge.

However, the project developers say that in any case the names of the first earth men, who will be supported on some other planet, will certainly go down in history and their name in large letters will be entered in the books along with the names of Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Valentina Tereshkova and other space pioneers.

On the website Mars One says that the project "in 2023 will bring people to Mars in order to establish a permanent settlement - it will allow us to learn, grow and succeed in their future activities. Before landing the first crew Mars One will create a convenient and suitable for permanent living, the settlement, calculated on the arrival of the new astronauts every two years. To achieve this, the project Mars One has developed a rigorous and realistic plan based exclusively on existing technologies. He absolutely will fulfill both economic and logistic sense, this can be achieved by uniting the efforts of the leading contemporary experts space exploration and providers of space programs.

As the initiative of the Mars One was launched in the summer of this year and to date managed to get more sponsors and received the support of several commercial companies. The project organizers say they get thousands of letters, among which there are applications from potential marconato. As told in Mars One, just recently, the project has received the support of a group of astronauts from NASA, Nobel laureate in physics, and a large group free of consultants from the space industry a number of countries.

Mars One intends early next year to begin the procedure of selection of astronauts who will make the next new tiny step for a man, and a huge leap for mankind on Mars". It is reported that the candidates in the project can be citizens of any age, sex and nationality. "All of them in the future have to go through a competitive selection procedure, to eventually become representatives of the Land on Mars."

Recall that the United States is also going to implement on Mars own base of permanent stay, but the American program starts at 7 years later in 2030. Also Martian program while it is true only in theory, develop China, India and Europe. Announced Martian initiatives in Russia, although there are also too few specifics.
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