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NASA сообщает, что магнитные порталы всё-таки существуют!Stargate, magnetic portals, vortices in space: science-fiction writers give all sorts of unusual names holes in space/time, to explain how travelers from distant regions of space, time, or both, arrive at the Earth orbit. But, this is just a trick of science fiction, a reason to tell a good story, right?

It turns out that they do exist, although the discovery, as they say, is at an early stage. A researcher at the University of Iowa funded by NASA suggested, how to find them. However, some believe that this is old news in "advanced civilization" chosen people who already visited on Mars and beyond. Even more skeptical believe that although these amazing facts only now promulgated by the government, it has long been known about portals, they are used already for many years, perhaps using the provided information and assistance from friendly aliens.

However, let's look at the news just published NASA confirming that all of us, "dreamers from science fiction", not such and visionaries in the end.

"We call them X-points or areas of e-diffusion", explains plasma physicist Jack Scudder from the University of Iowa. - "They are where the Earth's magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the Sun, creating a continuous path length of 93 million miles from our own planet to the sun's atmosphere".

The report NASA: "the Monitoring of the spacecraft NASA's THEMIS and the European Cluster probes suggest that magnetic data portals opened and closed dozens of times a day. They are usually located in several tens of thousands of miles from Earth, where the geomagnetic field resists the pressure of the solar wind. Most portals are small and short-lived, but some - expanding, huge and sustainable. Tons of high-energy particles can fly through the holes, warming the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere, causing geomagnetic storms and bright lights Northern lights".

"In 2014, NASA plans to launch a mission called "MMS" (Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission to study this phenomenon. Four spacecraft MMS, bristling with energy detectors of particles and magnetic sensors, to be located in different points of the Earth's magnetosphere and will surround portals for the monitoring of their activity".

Only one problem: how to find them? Magnetic portals invisible, fragile and elusive. They are opened and closed without warning, and there is no "pointers to sign in to them", says Scudder. But in fact, the signs are, and Scudder found them.

Portals are formed in the process of Pertamina magnetic lines. Mingling, magnetic lines of force of the Sun and Earth parasuicide crosswise and create holes. "X-point" are formed at the "crossroads". Sudden Pertamina magnetic fields can result in the movement of streams of charged particles from X-point, creating an area of "e-diffusion".

To learn how to localize these events, Scudder researched data space probe which was on the Ground for more than 10 years ago. "In the late 1990's, the spacecraft NASA Polar spent several years in the magnetosphere of the Earth," explains Scudder, "and has registered many X-point during their mission".

"Analyzing the data Polar, we found five simple combinations of magnetic fields and parameters of high-energy particles that tell us that we are faced with X-point or area of diffusion of electrons. Only one spacecraft, properly equipped, can carry out these measurements," says Scudder.

"This means that one of the devices is the mission of MMS using the diagnostics can find the portal to inform the others. When planning for the mission first, it was assumed that MMS will have to spend a year or so learning the search portals, before you can research. The work of the Scudder reducing the process, enabling MMS immediately down to business", - the report says NASA.

What does it mean? Simply, our good friends - magnetic portals of science fiction offer themselves as the shortest ways to the unknown worlds and new civilizations, to boldly go ....

It is high time for us to find these Stargates in real life, and it seems that we (well, albeit only doctor Scudder) found! And with index", is described in this article, they really opens us, shimmering and wavy, amazing magnetic field of the Earth.

And the Earth's magnetic field in reality morphic with your own consciousness? About this next time!
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