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The origin of the phenomenon is not established. In areas ranging from McKinney and ending White Rock Lake, and all that is on the way to the South, Houston, reported a bright flash in the morning sky on Friday.

In the earliest information was said that most likely it is a meteorite. However, the national weather service in Houston said that it probably was debris from a Russian Satellite, Kosmos 2251, who returned to the atmosphere. In 2009, satellite Cosmos 2251 out of order, when faced with Iridium 33, satellite communication of the United States, in 2009, during their rotation around the Earth over Siberia. Meanwhile, bill cook, who heads the office of the Meteorite environment NASA, said that the object actually was a meteor, and was probably the size of a basketball. But researchers continue to search for the source of the outbreak, and sightings are still coming from the entire state of Texas.

One woman, Machina, said that he saw something like a comet band in the sky and the bright flashes at 6:42 am close to the heart Stonebridge Shopping. Justin Wagoner, who lives in White Rock Lake, said that he saw the green tracks and heard strong "sonic booms" around the same time. Others said they had seen a white and orange flashes of light. The spectacle lasted only a few seconds before disappearing in the sky.

According to Dr. James Roberts, astronomer from the University of North Texas, a mysterious object in the sky, probably burned meteor. Meteorologist from Houston said it was probably a fragment of the flow Geminids that should appear later in December. However, Mike outfit, the operational Manager of the American society for the study of Meteors, said he believes that glow in the sky caused ball lightning, meteors appear brighter than Venus, and the phenomenon cannot be part Geminids. "For those not familiar with meteors and fireballs, ball lightning is a meteorite, which is more than usual," he read a lecture on the Internet site of the American society Mike outfit. "The most meteors are the size of small pebbles. Meteor the size of a softball can produce for a brief instant, the light that is equivalent to the glow of the full moon.

The reason for this is the extremely high speed at which these objects hit in the atmosphere. "While the car is actually quite common worldwide phenomenon, they occur every night. But if you managed to see him once in your life, then consider yourself very lucky".

"A loud explosion can be heard when splits large fireball," says Mike outfit
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